Jumping for Theresa Nanigian…

April 2, 2012

Jumping for Theresa Nanigian…

In autumn 2012 the Artist Theresa Nanigian will exhibit her work in our first floor Gallery space. Her current visual arts practice concentrates on identities of young adults. For this exhibition she has taken numerous large scale photographs of young adult’s bedrooms. On one tall wall in the gallery space, along side these photographs, will run about 70 reproductions of her “I am” surveys, which have been anonymously filled in by people aged 13-24years from around Ireland for the last year or more. They were filled in by respondents repeatedly completing the sentence I am..., for example  “I am often irritated by other peoples opinions” and so on for about 25 sentences. For a third element of the exhibition, Theresa came to D15 Youth Theatre with a request to take photographs of our members Jumping. The idea being that a person’s jump could represent their personality…..   

....and because we have such a brilliant youth theatre, full of fabulous personalities- we obviously did a brilliant job!


Keep an eye out for this exhibition later in the year.   

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Sun shine and Rain sticks!

March 29, 2012

Sun shine and Rain sticks!

The last Saturday’s Family Day did not have the turn out as big as usual, but we can’t complain, because everyone likes when the sun shines, we hope you were busy making sand sculptures at the beach, making stick collage in the park or just reading in the rare March sunshine.


We still had plenty of talented people here… they just made art in a more quiet environment then usual!

If you missed it, maybe you’d like to make it at home: So, here is a quick run down of what we did. If you would like more indepth instructions please contact me (sarah@draiocht.ie). We used toilet rolls (thanks to all the lovely arts workers in the office for that!), bird seed (because it has different size seeds but rice, chick peas or whatever will do), (masking) tape, glue (sticks) and a trick, with that ever versatile wonder, that is tin foil. 

I found the tin foil trick on this ridiculously inventive website instructables (warning: this website is addictive!). Lot of scraps of paper, feathers, markers or other odds and ends to decorate.


Tape about 4-5 toilet rolls together, to make one large stick:


Grab a length (about 1.5times the length of your stick) of tin foil and twist it to make it look like a length of rope, before coiling it around (you could used the leg of a chair if this is hard to do) to make it look like a spring. Make two tin foil coils like this.


 Then coil these two tin foil “springs” around each other. Push the double coil into the toilet rolls and tape them to each end of the tube.


Now, seal up one end of the stick with paper, before pouring a couple of hand fulls of seeds into the tube.

Seal up that end. Give it a shake- does it need more? Less? Try different seeds, there is no wrong noise, so have an experiment until you like the sound of your RainStick.


To finish decorate the outside of your Rain Stick by gluing on strips of different coloured paper- old wrapping paper and magazines will work really well.


Now turn it slowly up and down, letting the contents fall from one end to the other- does it sound like rain? Enjoy your rain sticks- if clouds form and start to look like this….


 ......hide it and deny everything!

Next family day will be on Sat 19th May 2012 to celebrate National Drawing Day. We’ll create some magic by drawing some optical illusions.

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Hipsters, Jumping, Music and Blogging by Heather:

March 29, 2012

Hipsters, Jumping, Music and Blogging by Heather:

On the nicest day we’re probably going to get in Ireland, the group did some pretty interesting character work. We tried to stand as our characters would, this varied from strong Lord Capulet, to shy teenagers, leading from every point of the body. After doing a walk that Tyra Banks would be proud of, we explored different spaces that the characters would be in.

With plenty of in-character teenagers in the space, we were all given the task of introducing ourselves to each other. There were some very impolite people, some shy people, Shakespearian people and some rather nice characters about.

Personally, I learned that my character (Lady Capulet) does love her husband, but she is afraid of him, that’s why I don’t rush to help Juliet (Played by the lovely and fabulous Shauna) the second time. She feels the most comfortable in a party in her own house, because she can pretend to be whoever she wants. She feels uncomfortable near her angry husband (My partner in crime Conor plays Lord Capulet)

During breaks and/or lapses of concentration, some of us started singing. We started off with Hakuna-Matata and then got onto the deeper depths of musical fantabulousness. It’s a personal mission of mine to spread good music and try to stop less than great music from taking over the world. (No music is terrible, it’s just… Not perfect)

Since this is my time to shout and rant, I don’t care so shut up and listen!

Because I play a million and one instruments, I think music is very important. The ever-growing list of instruments include: Piano (poorly), Kalimba (Well-enough), Banjo (If I needed to)  Bodhrán (Very well), Ukulele, Harmonica and Guitar. So if anyone wants a musical conversation, come find me.


“What does the music we listen to say about ourselves?”-My boring teacher 2012

I have over 10,000 songs on my iTunes, 1,425 on my iPod, dozens of CDs and far too much time on my hands. There are playlists for when I’m happy, sad, when the world seems to be coming to an end and for when I’m supposed to be studying. I’ve now decided that our taste in music does not reflect who we are but how we’re feeling.

Thanks to our insane moods, music is deathly important, it can make me happy when skies are grey, Dance with spiders from mars (or even Lucy in the sky with diamonds), Think we’re rock stars or fireworks, little monsters or Dirty little freaks, we can reach for the stars and even over the rainbow. Sometimes we can even be so excited for Friday that we gotta get down on Friday. (FunFunFunFun)

I now feel the need to tell you some artists/ songs that everyone should hear (and possibly even some reasons! Oh the excitement!)

Lelia Broussard: Hipster Bitch/ Satellite (because you’re probably a hipster/ this one is very cute)

Tegan and Sara (Just in general they rock, Listen to them and you’re on the list of people I love forever)

Sara Bareilles: Uncharted

Rise against

Mayday Parade

And loads more, but I have music to listen to so I must finish up. Come talk to me about music, I implore you.

Jumping, Shouting, Scene rehearsal, Character work and some (fabulous but not asked for) singing. Another great day in the youth theatre. I honestly love you all, thank you for existing and making my weeks very entertaining!

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Walking Man comes to Draiocht for Easter Holidays

March 27, 2012

Join us next week during the Easter Holidays for the very lovely 'Walking Man' from Graffiti Theatre Company from Cork.

Walking Man tells the tale of a man who has spent his whole life in pursuit of success. He has always rushed headlong through life, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps to the best job on the top floor of the tallest building in the whole city. And when he has done all that, with Walking Woman and little Walking Baby at his side, something doesn’t feel quite right. Walking Man must go on an entirely new journey, which takes him far from his way back home ... more ... 

WED 4 APRIL   //  12 NOON & 2PM 
Draíocht Studio // All tickets €5 // Dur: 60 mins (no interval) // for ages 6-9 years

BOOKING: TEL: 01-8852622  OR ONLINE ... HERE
(there is a 1 euro charge per ticket extra for online booking)

relaxing during rehearsals ...

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More D15 Blog….. by Shauna

March 26, 2012

More D15 Blog….. by Shauna

So this week at Youth Theatre, we did more work with our scripts.

As a warm-up and to get us thinking and acting as our character, Eimear had us play a game where we take it in turns to say things our character has done during the week as our character would say them.

Then we split into our groups and ran our lines.....

I’m in a scene from the Shakespearian classic Romeo & Juliet with Conor, Heather and Katie and I’m lucky enough to be playing Juliet herself. Conor and Heather are playing Capulet & Lady Capulet, my parents, respectively and Katie is the Nurse.

Although the play is over 400 years old, this scene is very relatable to teens today. In this scene, I am hiding pain and love from my parents, and arguing with them about my future and what I want. Many teenagers nowadays have the same struggles and arguments with their parents, and so in the scene I find it easy to tap into my own experiences to portray Juliet and how she’s feeling.

We’re setting the scene in a modern teenage girl’s bedroom, an interesting angle and setting for the Shakespearian scene. I’m really looking forward to acting it in the showcase later in the year.


 This past year a lot has changed for me, I’ve had a lot of great new experiences and met some amazing people, and a lot of that is down to my involvement with the D15 Youth Theatre. I’ve never felt so comfortable around a group of people in my life. Everyone in the group is friends, we get on so well we even joke and say that we’re a family. Being so comfortable around my fellow group members allows me to express myself, blossom and be creative and this in turn helps me to develop as an actress and writer all the time. Having such a supportive and constructive creative environment available is fantastic, and does wonders for your confidence and self esteem.

When you show up to a workshop on a Tuesday night having had a crap day or week you know you’re going to leave with a smile on your face because the chemistry and energy in the group is amazing, it just lifts your spirits immediately when you step into the same room as them.


What we have in our group is really special, the dynamic is unbeatable and because we’re a newly established Youth Theatre there’s a certain excitement and buzz in the air as we can feel ourselves starting to take flight. The next couple of years will be exciting for us as we’ll have our first couple of shows together and we’ll all be able to say that we helped to build what will hopefully in a few years be a Youth Theatre big and bold enough to rival Dublin Youth Theatre from the ground up, and that really is special.

I’m truly honoured to be a part of the group, and I love everybody in it with all my heart.

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