Culture Night at Draiocht 2017

September 12, 2017

All Events are Free but Ticketed
Pre-booking tel 01-8852622 or Register On The Day/Night

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1PM-2PM  Lunchtime Studio Talk (bring your sandwiches!)
As part of our Artist in Resident Michael’s practice, he records audio conversations between groups of people who are connected through clubs, associations or community activities. Come along and hear how his work is going in Mulhuddart.

FREE SCREENING: Shorts for Wee Ones  
4.30PM / Dur 45 mins
These magical tales will delight children age 3+ and are a colourful introduction to the cinema experience. There’s a little mouse, a thrilling high-speed chase on tricycles, a reindeer battling endless avalanches and some pitch-perfect piggies go the whole hog.

FREE SCREENING: Shorts for Middle Ones  
6PM / Dur 55 mins
An exquisite selection of short film stories for ages 8+.
We meet a little boy whose lifelong dream is to live in the sea with his fishy friends. There’s a cautionary tale for anyone who has moments of uncertainty, usually beginning with “Have I got my keys? Did I turn the cooker off? Plus we learn why taking selfies whilst visiting a new planet isn’t always a good idea …

7PM-8PM   Ages 14-18 Yrs
D15 Youth Theatre members welcome you into their world … bring a friend, introduce them to Draíocht and dip your toe into the waters of a fun Youth Theatre Workshop.

FREE SCREENING: The Farthest  
8PM / Dur 121 mins
In this powerful, poetic and cinematic feature documentary, The Farthest celebrates the spaceship Voyager and others like it, the men and women who built them and the vision that propelled them  farther than anyone could ever have hoped.

All Events are Free but Ticketed
Pre-booking tel 01-8852622 or Register On The Day/Night

New Cinema Equipment
Draíocht is delighted to launch its newly installed Cinema Equipment with our first screenings on Culture Night. Funded by The Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, through their Arts and Culture Capital Scheme 2016-2018.

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Your Say, Your Way - Young People Shared Their Thoughts about the Arts with Us

September 9, 2017

Your Say, Your Way
A Collaboration between Draíocht and Creative Ireland
took place on Saturday 2nd September 2017.

What a brilliant day of Free Workshops for Young People aged 13-18 yrs to share their thoughts about the arts with us!
With introductions from Emer McGowan, Draiocht;  Michael O'Reilly, Creative Ireland;  Eithne Mallin, Creative Fingal; and  Mags Walsh, Arts Council Ireland, our young participants then launched themselves into a series of fun warm up games with facilitator Anna Galligan and soon we were all sharing our views in a relaxed atmosphere.

Then our young participants chose their Free Workshops:
Spoken Word with Colm Keegan
Stop Motion Lego With Kevin from Create School
Dance With Ella Clarke
Cartoon / Comic Book Creation with Alan Nolan

And then we all came together again to chat through our hopes and vision for the future of arts and creativity for young people in Ireland.

Huge thanks to everyone who came on the day.

Enjoy some photos below and Video by Create School & D15 Youth Theatre Members.

'Your Say, Your Way' was a collaboration between Draíocht and Creative Ireland, on 2nd September 2017.
The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire country to get involved in something truly inspirational. This culture-based programme is designed to promote individual, community and national wellbeing by enabling creativity for all citizens. 

To find out more, please email


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Early Bird New Season Offers - Book Before 09 September 2017

August 18, 2017

Be an early bird and book before 09 September for these New Season shows and get these great discounts!

Barbara Dickson
Full price: €30 / Early Bird: €25

This Beach - Brokentalkers
Full price: €18 / Early Bird: €15

Close to the Sun - Corps Ensemble
FRI 24-SAT 25 NOV  8PM  
Full price: €18 / Early Bird: €15

The Woman is Present:
Women’s Stories of WW2

Full price: €16 / Early Bird: €14

Christmas with the Dublin Gospel Choir  
Full price: €20 / Early Bird: €15


Tickets must be paid in full before 09 September to avail of these Early Bird Offers.
A maximum of 6 tickets can be bought at these prices per person.
Not applicable to group bookings.

BOX OFFICE 01 885 2622
or Book Online

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Your Say, Your Way - 2nd Sept 2017 - Free Workshops for Young People aged 13-18 yrs

July 31, 2017

Your Say, Your Way - Free Workshops for Young People aged 13-18 yrs
A Collaboration between Draíocht and Creative Ireland

SAT 02 SEPTEMBER 2017  // 10.30AM-4.30PM // FREE

Are you aged 13-18 Years?
Come to Draíocht Blanchardstown on Saturday 2nd September 2017 and try a FREE workshop of your choice to share YOUR thoughts about the arts with us!
Young people have something important to say and we want to hear it!

You can choose from one of these 4 Workshops:
Spoken Word with Colm Keegan
Stop Motion Lego With Create School
Dance With Philippa Donnellan
Cartoon / Comic Book Creation with Alan Nolan

Free Lunch Provided

Fill in a Participation Form now and return to Draíocht by Wednesday 30th August 2017.

This event is a collaboration between Draíocht and Creative Ireland. The Creative Ireland Programme is an invitation to the entire country to get involved in something truly inspirational. This culture-based programme is designed to promote individual, community and national wellbeing by enabling creativity for all citizens. We want YOU to share YOUR THOUGHTS about the arts and what you would like to see happen WITHIN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY by taking part in a FUN, FREE WORKSHOP OF YOUR CHOICE on 2ND September here in Draíocht. So please fill in and return a Participation Form by 30th August and come on the day with an open mind and your own opinion.

To find out more, please email

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Des Kenny Reviews Group Show, Curated by Aoife Dunne

July 26, 2017

28 July 2017 - Our Arty Blogger is back! Des Kenny Reviews our First Floor Gallery Exhibition, Curated by Aoife Dunne, as part of Draíocht@Night ...

Aoife Dunne has drawn together a number of contemporary artists in the First Floor Gallery and curates a show which seeks to broaden the cultural narrative of concepts similar to her own practice. They are connected by a mutual interest in Manga comics, video games, fashion magazines and how our new virtual generation connects or disconnects with society.

Sadbh O’Brien
utilises collage as a creative tool to manipulate found imagery from fashion magazines and the internet, exploring topics on sexuality, feminism and the legacy of gender imbalance. Collage was used by Braque and Picasso to create visual puns in their engagement with cubism. It was further expanded to include political ideas and unlocking the dream worlds of the Dadaist and surrealists movements. Sadbh O’Brien follows in the footsteps of Hannah Hoch, Eileen Agar and Nancy Spero in employing collage as a medium to herald feminine politics and History. In Torn Colgate Smile With Apples,  a disjointed photographic lipstick smile rests between folded arms that touch coyly a pair of apples. Advertisers use the female body in all its guises to sell products like toothpaste that can guarantee a perfect smile, instil confidence and promoting the bewitching promise of romance. On another level the artist may be referencing Eve in the garden of paradise and gleefully celebrates her part in the fall of man. 

A laughing mouth with protruding tongue placed in the centre of a pleated skirt, greets the viewer daringly in Cunning Kowtow. Arms cocked in a sparring pose act as legs while on top of this strange body a leg protrudes ready to confront conformity. This sense of defiance is continued in Lollipop as a female figure lifts her skirt alluringly as a two fingered rebellious salute bulges starkly upon her shoulders. The sculpture Pseudo Science catches the viewer by surprise as they move away from the flat imagery of collage into the inanimate sculptural reality of three dimensions. The pieces of sheer plastic hang loosely like flayed skin on a silver clothes rail. The roughly sewn edges describe a human form and the head droops alarmingly like Munch’s famous painting of the scream. This work deliberates on the desperate craving to preserve youth and beauty through the illusion of plastic surgery.

Martina Menegon
’s video investigates the physical and psychological motivation that exists in trying to monitor and project a visual persona that is accepted by the self and society. The video screen reveals a young woman behind a veil staring anxiously at her limpid reflection. The face begins to distort beneath the veil while tremulous hands outside the guarded veil try to prevent the disfiguration. It becomes a redundant enterprise as other transformations take place away from the restraining hands, as her face shimmers beyond constraint into further contortions. The hopeless striving of the hands attempting to prevent the locomated distortion of the young woman’s veiled face declare an insurmountable expectation to create the perfect air brushed image that fashionable society will approve.

Ciaran Gallen
introduces the viewer to the iconic character filled world of Manga comics. Fantastical figures are caught in the maelstrom of an uncontrollable destiny. In a large painting called ‘Uzumaki Size’ a demon mask is surrounded by laughing and snarling creatures that appear to watch over oncoming doom with cartoonish relish and indifference. Blues, purples, green and orange swirl, clash and collide, increasing the tension across the painted surface as the mysterious melodrama unfolds.

In another work two large faces with enlarged blood shot eyes glare purposefully, trying to hypnotize the onlooker and introduce them into their horrifying pitiless underworld. Another painting reveals a decapitated figure surrounded by creatures who watch over the scene with unceremonious glee. The frantic mark-making across the paint surface mirrors the delirious situations contained in each painting. Using combinations of acrylics, ink, pastels, oil sticks and oil paint, the artist heightens the fervour across the painted ground and invokes the creative urgency of their production.

Kate O’Loughlin makes digital art for a virtual world. Data collected from the internet becomes the artist’s materials creating a visual context to explore and unearth subterranean pathways concealed from contemporary society. The prints contain a wide variety of recognisable symbols retaining alternative histories that the immediate visual experience fails to communicate. In both prints the brand logo Kappa appears denoting a certain branded lifestyle but Kappa, as a word, is also used on Twitch TV as a method of sarcasm and anti-globalisation rhetoric. A Greek urn and statue may hint at the Greek economic crises. The sandals in each print may refer to the incident in the Iraq war when President Bush had to dodge a sandal thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist at a press conference. Throwing sandals becomes a metaphor of defiance against the destructive acts of global super powers. The sandal may also pertain to the refugee crisis visited upon Greek shores. The artists titles of Slides do not advance any insights to the prints meaning, but leaves it open to the audience to disentangle the multitude of interpretations for themselves.

Evan Bech creates videos in rich psychedelic colours where purple Mohican figures distort and blend miraculously into a yellow background. These transformations appear logical as there are no limits or constraints imposed in this enchanted realm. Music reinforces the aimless unwinding storyline in the videos, capturing the viewer’s imagination with sight and sound. White bananas and exploding dynamite seem common place in a striped labyrinth that meanders purposively into an unending cartoon twilight zone. The videos have a hypnotic effect leaving the audience spellbound and when the video ends the retina feels momentarily caught on the iridescent wings of fantasy.

Group Show
FRI 7 JULY - SAT 26 AUGUST 2017 
First Floor Gallery, Draiocht Blanchardstown

Desmond Kenny is an artist based in Hartstown, Dublin 15. He is a self taught painter, since he began making art in 1986 he has since exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad, solo shows include Draíocht in 2001, The Lab in 2006 and Pallas Contemporary Projects in 2008. His work is included in many collections including the Office of Public Works, SIPTU, and Fingal County Council. Kenny's practice also incorporates print making and he has been a member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2004.

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