600 Children Enjoy Lifeboat by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

March 31, 2015

Leigh Hussey had a wonderful time last week out in schools with Catherine Wheels Theatre Company’s ‘Lifeboat’ which toured Fingal schools as part of Draíocht’s Spréacha Festival, Fingal’s International Arts Programme for Children. We were thrilled to play to almost 600 children in 3 days.

Lifeboat is the extraordinary true story of Bess Walder and Beth Cummings. Set in World War II, it is a story of courage, a story of survival and a story of enduring friendship. On Friday 13 September 1940, a ship, The City of Benares, set sail from Liverpool for Canada. On board were 90 evacuees escaping the relentless bombing and dangers of war torn Britain. Four days into the crossing, the ship was torpedoed and sank. Only eleven of the evacuees survived. Two fifteen year old girls, Bess Walder and Beth Cummings, spent 19 terrifying hours in the water on an upturned lifeboat. They willed each other to survive. Lifeboat tells their story.

On Tuesday we were in St Francis Xavier’s Senior School, Wednesday we travelled to Malahide to St Oliver Plunkett’s and Thursday we finished off in Scoil Oilibheir. A big congratulations to the cast; Lois Makie who played Bess and Amy McGregor who played Beth and Stage manager Sian Mac Gregor who marked the end of a three month tour of ‘Lifeboat’ with us. Thank you to all at Catherine Wheels Theatre Company for all your hard work and bringing Bess and Beth’s incredible story to life.

It was great to spend time with all the classes to hear their thoughts on the show. If you saw the show and would like to share your thoughts please follow the link below to leave a comment.



Read more about Spréacha here ... 
Spréacha is presented by Draíocht in partnership with Fingal County Council.

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Free Rehearsal Space 2015

March 24, 2015

Free Rehearsal Space 2015

Draíocht is offering rehearsal space from 04 August - 04 September 2015 FREE of charge to professional artists/performance companies participating in the Dublin Fringe Festival 2015.

There will be 3 spaces available (Main Auditorium, Draíocht Studio and Rehearsal Room). Spaces can be viewed on our virtual tour facility here ...  

As interest may outweigh availability, please write to or e-mail: Emer McGowan, Director, Draíocht. The Blanchardstown Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Email: emer@draiocht.ie / Direct Line Tel: 01-809 8027.


With the following information (no more than 2 A4 sheets double spaced)

- Name of company and/or artists involved

- Concise details of the project to be rehearsed and if there is/are performance(s) scheduled

- Dates that the rehearsal space is required and if there is flexibility within those dates

- Which space you are interested in using

- How the piece is being funded

- Benefit of free rehearsal space to the success of the project


Closing date for receipt of information is 19 June 2015. Offers of space will be made by 10 July 2015.


Draíocht is generously funded by Fingal County Council with additional funding provided by the Arts Council.

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Early Bird - Book Before 07 April 2015

March 23, 2015



Full price: €18 // Early Bird: €12

Full price: €18 // Early Bird: €14

Full price: €18 // Early Bird: €14

Full price: €16 // Early Bird: €12

Full price: €20 // Early Bird: €16

Full price: €18 // Early Bird: €14

Tickets must be paid in full before 07 April to avail of these Early Bird Offers.
A maximum of 6 tickets can be bought at these prices per person.
Not applicable to group bookings.
BOX OFFICE 01 885 2622

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Dancing up a Storm with Create Dance at Draiocht

March 20, 2015

We've had an amazing year and a half with dancers Mark Rogers and Philippa Donnellan, who have been working with 2 groups of children with intellectual disabilities.
Our Junior dancers are aged 5-8 years and our Seniors are 9-12 years old.
Along with their parents and siblings, they've been dancing up a storm in Draiocht's innovative dance project, Create Dance, which started in December 2013

We've tried and succeeded in engaging all five senses, using a variety of methods. We've had some fun by using bubble wrap that pops, silk material that slides and music that bangs. Participants have watched, listened and felt, while dancing, laughing and creating.

The initial project ran from December 2013 to February 2014, made possible with the generous support of The Ireland Funds. The Project then continued through to now, when we had our final Dress Up Dance Class on Saturday 7th March 2015. We hope to continue our Create Dance Project next September.

If you would like to make a Donation to help us programme more Create Dance Workshops (which are free to the children & their families), please pop us a text.

Text ART to 50300 to donate €2 to Draíocht.
100% of your donation goes to Draíocht across most network operators. Some operators apply VAT which means that a minimum of €1.63 will go to Draíocht.
Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 0766805278.

Thank you so much for your generosity and enjoy some images below of our lovely dancers, along with Mark, Philippa and Leigh.

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Clown Through Mask - Professional Workshop with Veronica Coburn

March 16, 2015

Clown Through Mask - Professional Workshop with Veronica Coburn
4 WEEKS / 06 JULY – 01 AUGUST 2015 / 10AM – 3PM DAILY


Clown is the most beautiful art form. The red nose is a mask. All masks have an inherent character, a master that must be served. The red nose, the smallest mask in the world, articulates the character of the wearer. The clown.

The clown’s function is to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. The clown’s tool is the clown’s own humanity - the clown’s experience. The clown’s modus operandi is play - the clown’s innocence.

“If we ever faced all directions of ourselves at once we could only laugh at the beauty of our own ridiculousness.”  Richard Pochinko

Clown Through Mask was devised by Canadian Richard Pochinko (1946-1989), and draws from the Amerindian tradition of clown and modern European performance clown (Lecoq) to provide a comprehensive system of work that articulates:
A function for the modern performance clown
A definition of clown theatre

And provides:
The Building of a Personal Mythology to release the individual performer’s creativity
Exercises to allow students implement & practice new performance skills

Veronica Coburn is the author of Clown Through Mask – The Pioneering Work of Richard Pochinko as Practised by Sue Morrison. Written in collaboration with Sue Morrison, it is published by Intellect Press. She was a founder member of Barabbas - Ireland’s first dedicated physical theatre/clown company. As Draíocht’s Theatre Artist in Residence she runs Hallelujah! Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir. For Tiger Dublin Fringe 2014, Veronica wrote and directed Bernarda’s House, a poetic retelling of Lorca’s The House of Bernarda Alba for red nose, nominated for Best Production, Best Performer & Best Design.

About Veronica Coburn:
“The perfect facilitator: calm, clear, unbiased, and yet forthright and passionate.”
“..incredibly smart… emotionally as well as creatively astute. I felt totally safe in her hands from start to finish.”

The cost of the full 4 week workshop is an astonishingly reasonable €500.*
Applications by email emer@draiocht.ie stating name, contact details and reason for wanting to take part in the workshop. Further details phone 01-8098027.

*Supported by Artist in Residence Scheme

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