10 Reasons to See ‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’ this weekend ...

February 26, 2015

10 Reasons to See ‘The Girl Who Forgot to Sing Badly’ by Theatre Lovett, coming to Draíocht this weekend ...

Reason 1. 
Why not?

Reason 2. 
Your friend may get to see it, love it, rave about it, wave the fact that they’ve seen it and you haven’t in your face, go on and on and on about it ad nauseam. Just get in there first and head that whole chestnut off at the PASS.

Reason 3. 
Apparently, it’s brilliant.

Reason 4. 
Its truly uplifting.

Reason 5.
If you like boxes? Or indeed boxes within boxes? Or have a penchant for woodwork? And are impressed by design wizardry at it’s most wickedly “Now why couldn’t I have done that?” way. Then go see it.

Reason 6. 
The set-design is pretty cool.

Reason 7.
To sit back and be treated to a compendium of Sound, Lights, Set, Story and Performance that goes together like fingers in a yummy pie.

Reason 8
If you like invisible drum-kits.

Reason 9. 
If you and your granny or your friend or your dad or your younger sister or any of your family and any of your friends want to laugh your socks off at the same thing at the same time and at the same place and at the same funny man who’s sweating his socks off not three feet in front of you. Phew.

Reason 10. 
To see if a brave little girl called Peggy can muster up all that it takes to save all those people that are dear to her too.
Go for Peggy. Go for her parents. And go for the packing. That’s why.

Draiocht  Blanchardstown
FRI 27 FEB 2015  // 10AM & 12 NOON
SAT 28 FEB 2015 //  2PM & 4PM
Main Auditorium // €7 Adults / €5 children
Duration: 75 mins / Age 7+
Booking tel: 01-8852622 or Online
... here ...



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Underneath - An Audience Review

February 23, 2015

Audience Member Carmel Hogan had such a fantastic time at 'Underneath' last week, she wrote us this wonderful review! Too good not to share!
'Underneath' by Fishamble: The New Play Company is currently touring Ireland ... read more ... here ... 

"We saw an amazing production on Valentine’s night. It was our first visit to Draíocht, but it will definitely not be our last – the theatre is a great facility and a real hidden gem. Even though we’d never been there before, it’s obviously well reputed as there was a full house and from the conversations overheard in the foyer, for many of the audience a visit to Draíocht was a regular event.

UNDERNEATH, written and performed by Pat Kinevane, is a work of genius. The fact that he can play a woman and be totally believable is a testament to his talent in both writing and acting. The atmosphere moved from poignant to funny, from spine chilling to close to the bone contemporaneous humour in the blink of an eye. The story held us from start to finish. We empathised with her and laughed with her, we cried and waited for the next line over and again. Pat Kinevane had us riveted to the stage for the entire hour and forty minutes he was on. His stage presence is great and his ability to engage his audience was a delight. 

If this is the calibre we can expect from Pat Kinevane, we will be watching to see when he is coming again. And if this is the standard performed at Draíocht, we will definitely be visiting again and soon. 

Thank you for such a wonderfully pleasurable night." 

Carmel Hogan
Draíocht Audience Member
14 February 2015

Would you like to write a review for Draíocht? ... Pop us an email to marketing@draiocht.ie ... we'd be delighted to hear from you.


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Vacancy - Audience Development Assistant - JobBridge

February 13, 2015

Vacancy - Audience Development Assistant - JobBridge
Draíocht Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Ref. INTE-913356

The intern will gain practical experience in in Audience Development & Arts Marketing Practices. This is an opportunity for somebody with an interest in Arts Marketing and Arts Administration to work in a busy Arts Centre Marketing Department learning a variety of skills. The intern will receive formal/informal training in the following: Market Research, Data Cleansing and Audience Reactivation, Audience Mapping, Public Relations, ProVenue Databox Ticketing System & Reporting. The intern will learn directly from working with experienced professional staff. Full training and support will be given by the Marketing Department. On completion the intern will have attained skills in Audience Development, Arts Marketing Practices, Venue Ticketing and Customer Service.

Skills Requirements
A 3rd level graduate with a passion for and understanding of Marketing and the Arts would benefit most from this opportunity. The intern must have excellent teamwork, communication, time management and organisational skills; experience of dealing with the public; an understanding of customer service; experience of Microsoft Office; be self-motivated, enthusiastic and confident. Previous marketing and sales experience an advantage. Must be available for occasional evening and weekend work.

Please Note:
This is an Internship. An allowance of €50 per week will be paid in addition to your current Social Welfare payment.See eligibility criteria above.

Draíocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15

The Organisation will assign a mentor to support you during the Internship.

9 Months

Number of Positions: 1
Hours per week: 30 hrs
Experience Required: No Experience Required
Education Requirements:
Third Level - Third Level - Ideally Marketing and Communications Degree, but similar background. Mircosoft Office. 

How to Apply
Applicants should click on the link below to download the application form. Complete and send (along with a C.V.) by email to: interns@fingal.ie or Post to: Fingal County Council, Human Resources Department, County Hall, Main Street, Swords, Co Dublin


Fingal County Council
Human Resources Department
Fingal County Council
Main Street
Swords, Co. Dublin

Phone: 01-8905456
Email: interns@fingal.ie

View on JobBridge website ... here ... 

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Hallelujah! Clown Choir Continues into 2015

January 21, 2015

With Veronica Coburn – Theatre Artist in Residence 2014/2015

Hallelujah! began in 2012 as part of Veronica Coburn’s Artist in Residency in Draíocht for 2012/2013. A Clown Choir is a group of people who gather together to sing and laugh – to sing in celebration of what it is to be human and to laugh at the ridiculousness of the world we live in. You don’t have to be a good singer or a performer to join Hallelujah! You just have to be interested and willing - the ethos is one of accessibility, inclusiveness and artistic excellence.

In 2013 Hallelujah! performed their signature tune, Smile written by Charlie Chaplin, in a variety of places . The choir also worked on a performance piece about road rage entitled The M50 Symphony, an original work for human voice and car horn. And to finish the year the choir performed their Clown Nativity on Draíocht’s Main Stage

2014 saw the Choir focus on building a musical and red nose repertoire including a selection of songs and short clown sketches. We performed at a number of events throughout 2014 including in City Hall as part of Culture Night and we recorded our show, Clown Nativity, for local Radio to be broadcast on Phoenix FM.

2015 will see Hallelujah! develop a new show for performance on Draíocht’s Main Stage in the Autumn. The piece will be created through the workshop process and written by Veronica Coburn inspired by the participants own experiences. The red nosed performers will explore themes of personal ambition, fate and courage or lack thereof.

We are currently welcoming new members to Hallelujah!
If you are sociable, like to sing, like to laugh and are open to trying new things then WE WANT YOU!
Deadline for joining is the end of February 2015.
Cost for 1 year, February-December: €100 (payable in instalments).
For further information about joining please contact Emer McGowan on emer@draiocht.ie

For Hallelujah! Veronica Coburn is Artistic & Clown Director. Choir Director is Debra Salem. Rehearsal Director is Louise Foxe.
Veronica Coburn’s 2014/2015 Residency is supported by The Arts Council’s Theatre Artist in Residence Scheme with additional support from Fingal County Council.

WATCH ... The choir singing in Draiocht Dec 2014

WATCH ... A typical Clown Choir Warm Up Exercise! Fun!!

WATCH ... The choir singing in Farmleigh, Phoenix Park Dec 2014

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Valentine’s Day by Maxine Jones

January 9, 2015



As Christmas cards make way for Valentine’s cards, the emphasis moves from having the ideal family to having an ideal partner.

This, more than ever, is the era of the individual. It is also an era where loneliness is endemic. Families are dispersed across the globe, separated by education, aspirations, perceptions. In the affluent West, the old village ties have long broken down. Neighbours are now mostly strangers.

The panacea to all this, the straw grasped at in the ocean of solitude? – a partner. A boyfriend or girlfriend who will make all the difference, who will recognise your worth - ‘We two shall be one.’

It’s a lot of pressure. All your emotional eggs in one basket. Culminating on February 14th in the purchase of a Valentine Card.

The restaurants are already considering their Valentine Specials, the rom-coms are ready for release.

But Valentine’s Day, like Christmas Day, perpetuates a fantasy, with as much validity as an emoticon. But we do it. And feel shame at being alone at Christmas or having no one to address a Valentine card to.

Branching out from our pockets of isolation, are the tentacles of the worldwide web, through which an increasing number of people are meeting their Valentines.

I’m of a generation that shudders at this thought, seeing it as reeking of desperation. Being so blatant about your expectations at the very point of contact seems to kill any of the thrill of the chase - those tentative first interactions tinged with tantalizing possibility.

My sons’ generation sees no such stigma and regularly uses Tinder. I’ve noticed in the comedy clubs where I ply my stand-up trade that when the MC asks couples in the audience how they met  the answer is often ‘online’, with no attempt to evade this answer.

There is much more stigma attached to being on your own. When I attended comedy clubs more as an audience member than a performer I was picked on a couple of times by the MC for being on my own – mortifying.

The ‘natural’ way of meeting people, once you have left school and college behind, is the workplace. But shared workplaces are increasingly a thing of the past, with everyone doing their own thing in front of their own screen.

Social media cannot replicate the water cooler. Facebook and Twitter instead put us in a weird world where we share intimate thoughts and pictures with people we don’t know and where we are bombarded with enticements to buy into things – even if it’s just someone else’s ego.

And here comes my enticement to buy – even this blog entry cannot buck the trend.

On this Valentine’s Day, I shall be performing my stand-up show ‘Invisible Woman’ at Draiocht in Blanchardstown. And I won’t be asking who you came with and how you met!

Invisible Woman, Draiocht Blanchardstown, Sat 14 Feb, 8.15pm, Tickets: €12/€10

Booking: 01-885 2622  or online ... here ... 


WATCH ... a snippet of Maxine in action ... 

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