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August 15, 2013


Samuel Beckett loved to Doodle, as did Thomas Jefferson and Sylvia Platt . Rumour has it that it can aid your memory! So if you are passing through Draíocht’s lobby with your child..or by yourself… why not stop for a doodle. You can also download a Draíocht Doodle Page here and doodle at home to your heart's content.  If you really love to doodle why not join us for a Monster Doodle Family Day.

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Free Family Day: Printing Christmas Cards

December 17, 2012

Free Family Day: Printing Christmas Cards

Unlike most years, we had a pretty quiet Family Day on the 8th of December... it could be because it coincided with probably one of the busiest Christmas shopping days of the year! But those that joined us in our first floor gallery printed some very beautiful cards with the help of our artists Jenny, Deirdre, Gen and Andrew.

If you want to make some printed Christmas cards like these at home, you can make a version of what we did with the help of a bit of recycling! Just keep the polystyrene trays that fruit and vegetables sometimes come in and any wrapping, posters or sheet of paper that have a plastic feel to them that might come in your letter box.

Start by using a pen to draw into the Polystyrene, marking out whatever picture you would like to print. Then roll out some paint- we used printing ink and perspex, but acylic paint would do the job and you could spread it onto the plastic coated advertisment that came through your door. This is so the paint is nice and thin...

Best to get you hands on a roller, which you can get from most art supply shops- but a paintbrush will work too.

Next, roll the paint out on to the polystyrene picture (as shown above), thinly and evenly and then press it down onto some paper.


Give it a good rub, pull it off and hey presto, you have a print!

Another idea is to cut up the polystyrene (or thick cardboard would do), then arrange and glue your cut out shapes onto a square of carboard, in a design you like. Roll over your design with an inked up roller. The paint will attach only to the design, as it is raised away from the cardboard base. You have created a stamp. Place your inked stamp down onto a sheet of paper and once again, give it a good rub. When you take it off, only your design should remain.



You can print these stamps over and over again in as many coloures as you would like. Once the print has dried you can glue it on to some card and discover that you will never have to buy a Christmas card again!


We also improvised & made some Christmas decorations for our tree with the left over print templates…

Any Questions, feel free to give drop me a mail (sarah@draiocht.ie) or drop into our next FREE family Day on Sat 26th of January 2013- We will be making piggy banks.

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Sun shine and Rain sticks!

March 29, 2012

Sun shine and Rain sticks!

The last Saturday’s Family Day did not have the turn out as big as usual, but we can’t complain, because everyone likes when the sun shines, we hope you were busy making sand sculptures at the beach, making stick collage in the park or just reading in the rare March sunshine.


We still had plenty of talented people here… they just made art in a more quiet environment then usual!

If you missed it, maybe you’d like to make it at home: So, here is a quick run down of what we did. If you would like more indepth instructions please contact me (sarah@draiocht.ie). We used toilet rolls (thanks to all the lovely arts workers in the office for that!), bird seed (because it has different size seeds but rice, chick peas or whatever will do), (masking) tape, glue (sticks) and a trick, with that ever versatile wonder, that is tin foil. 

I found the tin foil trick on this ridiculously inventive website instructables (warning: this website is addictive!). Lot of scraps of paper, feathers, markers or other odds and ends to decorate.


Tape about 4-5 toilet rolls together, to make one large stick:


Grab a length (about 1.5times the length of your stick) of tin foil and twist it to make it look like a length of rope, before coiling it around (you could used the leg of a chair if this is hard to do) to make it look like a spring. Make two tin foil coils like this.


 Then coil these two tin foil “springs” around each other. Push the double coil into the toilet rolls and tape them to each end of the tube.


Now, seal up one end of the stick with paper, before pouring a couple of hand fulls of seeds into the tube.

Seal up that end. Give it a shake- does it need more? Less? Try different seeds, there is no wrong noise, so have an experiment until you like the sound of your RainStick.


To finish decorate the outside of your Rain Stick by gluing on strips of different coloured paper- old wrapping paper and magazines will work really well.


Now turn it slowly up and down, letting the contents fall from one end to the other- does it sound like rain? Enjoy your rain sticks- if clouds form and start to look like this….


 ......hide it and deny everything!

Next family day will be on Sat 19th May 2012 to celebrate National Drawing Day. We’ll create some magic by drawing some optical illusions.

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Walking Man comes to Draiocht for Easter Holidays

March 27, 2012

Join us next week during the Easter Holidays for the very lovely 'Walking Man' from Graffiti Theatre Company from Cork.

Walking Man tells the tale of a man who has spent his whole life in pursuit of success. He has always rushed headlong through life, determined to follow in his father’s footsteps to the best job on the top floor of the tallest building in the whole city. And when he has done all that, with Walking Woman and little Walking Baby at his side, something doesn’t feel quite right. Walking Man must go on an entirely new journey, which takes him far from his way back home ... more ... 

WED 4 APRIL   //  12 NOON & 2PM 
Draíocht Studio // All tickets €5 // Dur: 60 mins (no interval) // for ages 6-9 years

BOOKING: TEL: 01-8852622  OR ONLINE ... HERE
(there is a 1 euro charge per ticket extra for online booking)

relaxing during rehearsals ...

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Take a Child to the Theatre Today

March 14, 2012

20 March 2012

Every year ASSITEJ centres across all continents celebrate the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People on 20th March. For the next three years, the global association will be uniting theatres across the world in conveying one message: TAKE A CHILD TO THE THEATRE TODAY.

The main purpose of the World Day is to attract the attention of a wider public to the art of theatre for children and young people. The TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY campaign aims to engage with the theatre community, government departments, the private sector, and the general public to advocate for the value of theatre in the lives of children and young people. The TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY campaign goes to the heart of what ASSITEJ is all about, working to ensure that all children and young people have access to the arts.

Events during the World Day may be special performances, open rehearsals, lectures, exhibitions, articles in newspapers and magazines etc. Events are primarily organised by national ASSITEJ centres or by theatre companies or theatre organisations.

TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Ireland, the ASSITEJ Centre here, will use this year’s World Day to launch the campaign TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY which will run throughout the year and see companies and venues promote professional theatre experiences for all young citizens in Ireland. “Unless children are given the opportunity to fall in love with the theatre experience, we will have no theatre industry in the future,” Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ.

On the day members are encouraged to create events to celebrate theatre for young audiences throughout the country: Graffiti Theatre Company in Cork will present 2 performances of Walking Man by Jody O’Neill in its theatre in Blackpool / Púca Puppets will be celebrating World Day of Theatre for Children on the 22nd of March with a special performance of Tic Teac for the Rutland Street Preschool / Barnstorm is on national tour with A Murder of Crows by Mike Kenny in theatres throughout the country (they will be in Glór in Ennis on 20th March). We would also encourage theatres, arts centres and cultural institutions to open their doors to young citizens on the day and encourage participation in our cultural heritage (for some a first step!).

Each year a significant world leader/artist in theatre for young people is asked to write the message for the ASSITEJ World Day. This year, it is Suzanne Lebeau, celebrated and multiple award-winning French-Canadian playwright who is the author of over 20 plays (translated into 13 languages) and co-founder of Montreal's Le Carrousel Theatre Company. Supported by creative research that breaks through limits and boundaries, artistic directors Suzanne Lebeau and Gervais Gaudreault have used their passion to form a repertoire of original works that are considered to be milestones in the history of theatre for young audiences. Her significant contribution to children's theatre has earned her numerous awards and honours in Canada and abroad, including being named a Knight of the Ordre de la Pléiade.

ASSITEJ International is a world network of Theatre for Children and Young People. It was created to facilitate the development of this vibrant sector to the highest artistic level. The World Day happens every year on 20th March and is a celebration of the diversity of our work in this field.'
Further information: Philip Hardy, TYA Ireland (Chair), Tel: 056-7751266 / e: philip@tya-ireland.org

Draiocht has a number of events programmed for Families and Schools during March to June, including Free Family Art Days, shows for families 'Under a Different Light' from Italy, 'Walking Man' from Graffiti, 'Kindur' from Italy and many more events. Find out more at these links or email sarah@draiocht.ie :

For a list of Draiocht's Family Events go here
For School and Youth Arts Events go here

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