Have the courage to be seen … A Review of Eternal Rising of the Sun

April 29, 2013

Have the courage to be seen … A Review of Eternal Rising of the Sun

‘Have the courage to be seen …’

Self confessed FEEDER and top soup chef at Betelnut Café at Draíocht, Will O’Reilly, shares his thought’s on ‘Eternal Rising of the Sun’, coming to Draíocht on 23 & 24 May, 8.15pm.


Gina Devine, the outspoken, shape-throwing heroine of HotFORTheatre’s ‘Eternal Rising of the Sun’, is unhappy. Tormented by an abusive father, struggling through a teenage pregnancy and inheriting an idiotic boyfriend, Gina finds solace at the back of a local contemporary dance class. Her struggle to keep up with teacher Anto’s instructions illustrates her steely determination, a determination that has kept her afloat in a difficult life so far and she spares us nothing as she imparts her disturbing tale with humour, strength and poignancy.

I was fortunate enough to make the acquaintance of Amy Conroy, the actor/writer behind this powerful piece of theatre, during its rehearsal stage at Draíocht, whenever she popped out to me for (a much needed, I’m guessing!) coffee. Her modesty and soft Kerry accent belied the incredibly resilient, and uniquely Dublin, character that she, alongside director Veronica Coburn, were creating on a daily basis over the summer of 2011. With my interest piqued after our conversations, I went along to one of its earliest performances at the Dublin Fringe Festival. Words failed me after the stage went dark at the end of Gina’s account and I soon realised that I wasn’t alone. A stunned audience momentarily silenced by Amy Conroy’s powerful performance and trying to process what they had all laid witness to, leapt to a rapturous ovation.

I won’t lie to you; this is an incredibly upsetting play, difficult to watch at times but impossible not to. Gina, however, is a natural born story teller and she laces her account with a wicked sense of humour and some neat dance moves to boot. There is redemption, albeit difficult to swallow and an awareness that comes to Gina through the title of this piece.

‘Eternal Rising of the Sun’ has stayed with me long after its curtain fell, and the fate of Gina (and all the ‘Gina’s out there) have niggled at the back of my head ever since. Gina’s story needs our ‘courage to be seen’ and I look forward to its return to Draíocht.

Will O’Reilly

THURSDAY 23 & FRIDAY 24 MAY 2013, 8.15PM 

Draíocht Studio // Tickets €18 / €14 conc 
Duration: 80 mins (no interval)




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Clown Choir Flash Mob

April 2, 2013

Clown Choir Flash Mob

Wow, what a day it was yesterday. Our 80 strong Hallelujah Clown Choir performed 3 Flash Mobs in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre.

Enjoy some video footage at the following links:

Video 1: here 

Video 2: here

Video 3: here


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Hallelujah! & April Fools Day

March 11, 2013

Hallelujah! & April Fools Day

Hallelujah! Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir
With Veronica Coburn – Theatre Artist in Residence 2012/2013

As part of Veronica Coburn's Residency in Draíocht, a year long programme of work, Hallelujah! Draíocht's Community Clown Choir commenced on Monday 18 February. Weekly meetings will develop both clown and choral skills and Hallelujah's! first performance will be on Easter Monday, appropriately April Fools Day, in The Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. Their second piece of work ‘The M50 Symphony - A Symphony for Human Voice & Car Horn’, will be performed in early July.

Veronica will also work with Draíocht's resident D15 Youth Theatre on a performance project for film entitled ‘Fifteen Portraits’. ‘Fifteen Portraits’ will be written and performed by the young people and will present a snapshot of life for a fifteen year old in Dublin 15. 

And in keeping with Draíocht's commitment to excellent theatre for young audiences Veronica will embark on developing a red nose version of Shakespeare's Macbeth to be called ‘Fools' Macbeth’ for 10-12 year olds.

For further information please email Emer McGowan, Director, Draíocht, e: emer@draiocht.ie


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December 3, 2012


Hallelujah! Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir
With Veronica Coburn – Theatre Artist in Residence 2012/2013

Weekly Rehearsals begin MON 18 FEB 2013 //  7-10 PM  //  SIGN UP NOW!
EMAIL:  emer@draiocht.ie 


Are you sociable? Do you like to sing? Do you like to laugh? Are you the type of person who is open to trying new things? If so, then WE WANT YOU!

A Clown Choir is a group of people who gather together to sing and laugh – to sing in celebration of what it is to be human and to laugh at the ridiculousness of the world we live in.

Hallelujah! will be a choir like no other. Weekly rehearsals will be one part play to two parts song. Performances will be one part concert to two parts clown theatre. Nobody will be asked to do anything that s/he is not comfortable with but for those who are interested in stepping into the spotlight then there will be ample opportunity for them to do so.

Hallelujah! ran a taster workshop on 03 November 2012 to give people an opportunity to see what it’s all about. 55 people ranging in age from 18 to 72 turned up on the day and had a great time. The day was a mixture of hard work and good fun. Everyone learned a little bit about how to be a clown and everyone learned the first section of Hallelujah!’s signature tune - Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Smile’.

Hallelujah! starts rehearsing in earnest on 18 Feb 2013. Rehearsals are every Monday night, Tuesday nights when the Monday is a Bank Holiday, with the choir working towards a year long performance programme that kicks off with ‘The M50 Symphony - A Symphony For Human Voice & Car Horn’ in July 2013. You don’t have to be a good singer to join Hallelujah! You don’t have to be a performer to join Hallelujah! You just have to be interested and willing. The ethos of Hallelujah! is accessibility, inclusivity and artistic excellence.

To register your interest and get further details please email emer@draiocht.ie or write to Emer McGowan, Director, Draíocht, The Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15.

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November 23, 2012

HALLELUJAH! is a community choir.  The group will be developed and built in Draíocht Arts Centre over 2013 and aspires to reaching a membership of 100.  The main performance programme will be innovative – The M50 Symphony, An Evening Rendition of 100 Green Bottles.  There will also be elements of red nose performance in the programme.  Hallelujah! is open to anyone regardless of ability.  There is no audition process for Hallelujah! The ethos of Hallelujah! is accessibility and artistic excellence.

We are seeking to identify a panel of 4 rehearsal directors to share the responsibility of a weekly choir rehearsals for Hallelujah! for 2013.  Rehearsal directors will be expected to work collaboratively with Debra Salem, the Musical Director to deliver creative and inspiring rehearsals.  Suitable candidates should be able to read and write music and have good keyboard skills or the ability to play an accompanying instrument (such as guitar).

Duties and Responsibilities

- Take responsibility for agreed blocks of rehearsals with Hallelujah! A Community Choir to bring particular arrangements developed for the group to performance level.
- Lead the group in warm-ups and any other suitable arrangements to build vocal and choral ability.
- Broaden the group’s knowledge of music through participation in the group.
- Ensure a high quality of artistic engagement.
- Develop and lead an inspiring programme with the support of Debra Salem, Musical Director, Veronica Coburn, Artistic/Clown Director and the team in Draíocht.

Experience/Skills Required

- At least 2 years experience of innovative practice delivering high quality music projects.
- Experience of working with arts professionals, teachers & other workers in the education and cultural sector, in a music capacity.
- Taken a music group from an initial meeting through to a concert performance.
- Ability to work alone or as part of a team.
- Good written and oral communication skills & ability to engage with people from a wide range of backgrounds.  Ability to communicate at all levels.
- Ability to read and write music.
- Music Degree or equivalent work experience.
- Ability to work flexibly.
- Ability to motivate others

Rehearsals will take place once a week in Draíocht from February 2013. 

If interested, please contact:
Emer McGowan, Director, Draíocht, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15
Tel: 00 353 1 8098027 / Email: emer@draiocht.ie

Closing Date: Monday 10th December, 2012, 5.30pm

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