Lost State - Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh

Lost State - Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh

Thu 19 Oct - Sat 4 Nov 2017 First Floor Gallery

Lost State, a mixed-media installation by Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh, comprises of photography, voice, 3D animation and audio. The work centres around photographs of disused computer parts shot from the imagined point of view of future entities uncovering the technological detritus of our time. A soundtrack accompanying the photographs alludes to a speculative narrative about the circumstances of the discovery of these objects and their significance for those finding them. A short film using digital 3D modelling and rendering techniques simulates drone footage of the exploration of one of the discovered objects.

The photographs are all shot on a large format 4”x5” analogue film camera in order to make a connection with early photographic history and its use as a form of documentation and enquiry. The work aims to trouble the boundaries between various categories: the organic and the inorganic; the imagined future and the perceived past; the human and the technological; the analogue and the digital; the secular and the sacred.

Hugh McCabe is a Dublin-based lecturer, musician and artist. He is graduate of the MA ‘Art In the Contemporary World’ course at NCAD and teaches critical theory and 3D graphics at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. Suzanne Walsh is an artist, writer and musician whose cross-disciplinary work moves between the literary, music and art worlds. Suzanne has an editorial practice, including the magazine Critical Bastards, and is currently a resident artist at Fire Station Artists’ Studios.
The artists wish to acknowledge Vincent O'Reilly for 3D modeling.

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Curated by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Curator-in-Residence 2017.