Portfolio Preparation Guidance

Portfolio Preparation Guidance

With Artist Andrew Carson

Tue 5 Sep - Tue 13 Mar 2018 Draiocht Workshop Room

TUESDAYS   7PM-9PM  OCT 2017-MARCH 2018   
2017: 05 SEP (cancelled), 03 OCT, 07 NOV, 05 DEC
2018: 09 JAN, 06 FEB, 13 MAR


Are you in 5th or 6th year and planning on going to art college? Draíocht will facilitate Portfolio Preparation Guidance sessions with artist Andrew Carson on select Tuesdays from October 2017-March 2018. Bring along your portfolio every month for review and suggestions, drawing sessions and a suggested task to complete between sessions. All levels are welcome and these sessions are designed to be informal, drop in sessions. Sessions are free but space is limited, so please register at the Box Office in advance each month tel: 01-8852622.

Claiming Space - Red Bird Youth Collective

Claiming Space - Red Bird Youth Collective

Wed 6 Sep - Sat 7 Oct 2017 Ground Floor Gallery

Draíocht is delighted to present Claiming Space by Red Bird Youth Collective, a youth-led visual art group based in Galway Arts Centre. Working collaboratively with professional artists and architects, Red Bird make innovative projects, programmes youth events for their peers and contributes to youth policies and strategies in Galway Arts Centre. Claiming Space showcases Red Bird’s collaborative methodology, both with each other and with professional artists and architects and features work made since 2009. Over the years Red Bird has worked with artists such as Louise Manifold, Ruby Wallis and Dominic Thorpe and with architects Bláithín Quinn and Dominic Stevens. Although created by different Red Bird members and different professionals, all the artworks in this exhibition are rooted in exploring and challenging the world from a young person’s point of view, whilst claiming artistic and public space for young people.

The curated selection also represents different media and different ways to communicate ideas. The overall aims of Red Bird - to make work to a high standard, to engage their peers in the production of art and to participate in policy making for young people - are also visible in the exhibition. Red Bird aims to present youth arts alongside professional Irish arts practice, not to ghettoise it. A special publication with images of all Red Bird projects to date and commissioned essays accompanies this exhibition.

This exhibition is presented in tandem with SYNERGY in our First Floor Gallery, Curated by Sarah Beirne, Children & Youth Arts Officer, Draiocht.

Draiocht's Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Claiming Space received a touring grant from the Arts Council in 2016 and was exhibited at Galway Arts Centre, The Dock, Carrig-on-Shannon and Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge.

Curated by Maeve Mulrennan, Galway Arts Centre.



An exhibition of work representing Draíocht’s project history with young people in Dublin 15

Wed 6 Sep - Sat 7 Oct 2017 First Floor Gallery

First coined by the philosopher Aristotle, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, aptly defines the concept of Synergy; when working together accomplishes more than could have been apart. Each of the selected works in this exhibition and the projects from which they come are unique. Each its very own creative experience. There is diversity in content, medium and materials, with a range of artistic facilitators and creative practice, with distinctive themes, ideas, successes and occasionally disappointments. Project participants are drawn from Dublin 15 schools, families and youth groups. Alone, each project creatively and imaginatively engages our young people from babies to teenage years. As a whole, they represent a generation of young people across Dublin 15, their interests, thoughts, opinions and stories. They represent Draíocht’s core values: our on-going commitment to young people and the creation of opportunities to engage in high quality arts experiences.

Most significantly these projects allow younger members of our community to become cultural producers themselves: part of an artistic process that puts them at the very centre of Draíocht’s programming and projects. In their uniqueness there remains a similar process from conception to reality for each project. Each intends to challenge, to inspire, to be fun, to bring a sense of pride, learning and opportunity. They each begin with a sense of excitement and curiosity. When an artist and their young participants meet, they are unknown to each other and yet they will create something very special, not only making, creating and imagining art, they will also create relationships and understanding about themselves, their work and the world around them. This is SYNERGY; each of the parts fostered, supported and brought together by Draíocht, to create something greater, something special; to create magic.

This exhibition is presented in tandem with CLAIMING SPACE in our Ground Floor Gallery, Curated by Maeve Mulrennan, Galway Arts Centre.

Draiocht's Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Curated by Sarah Beirne, Children & Youth Arts Officer, Draíocht

Come To Where I’m From: Dublin

Come To Where I’m From: Dublin

Dublin Theatre Festival 2017

Thu 5 Oct 2017 7.15PM Ground Floor Gallery // FREE // Dur: 15 mins

Since 2010 writers from across the British Isles have returned to their home-towns to pen plays about the places that shaped them. These plays are performed by the playwrights themselves, coming home to tell their tale. Now COME TO WHERE I'M FROM visits The Fair City to invite five of the city’s finest playwrights to join this celebrated project.
The 130 previously penned plays are available in audio form, for free, on the App Store. Click here to download.

Join us before ‘The Leaves of Heaven’, for this free pre-show reading by the selected Fingal playwright, Elaine Murphy, who will share with us her own unique perspective on her home town.

A Paines Plough and Dublin Theatre Festival production in association with Draiocht, Axis Ballymun, Civic Theatre and Pavilion Theatre.

This is a free but ticketed event. Please phone Box Office on 01-8852622.

In Partnership with


"Conjures an intimacy between us that burns as bright and as potent as striking a match." Exeunt

"A reminder of the enormous tug that place has on us all." The Guardian

I am Baba

I am Baba

Anna Newell

Tue 10 - Sat 14 Oct 2017 Draíocht Studio // FREE // Dur: 20-30 mins

Help us in the creation of a new theatre show – especially for babies! Anna Newell (www.annanewell.co.uk) is a theatre director who makes shows for babies. She works with composer David Goodall and shows that they have made together for babies have been seen off-Broadway and in South Africa as well as all over Ireland and the UK. They are making a new show called ‘I AM BABA’ for the four Dublin Local Authority areas this year and it may very well be the first ever baby show made in Dublin!
Whenever they make a baby show, they invite babies and their adult guest into rehearsals to be their creative consultants. We would love your involvement to make this happen!

Anna is now looking for some tiny experts to help the development of this piece at Draíocht! She needs babies aged 0-12 months (each of whom can bring one adult guest) to come along to an informal session.

There’s no charge to be involved but capacity is limited to 6 babies per session, so booking is essential through Box Office, tel 01-8852622.

30 Minute Development Sessions (Please note these sessions are being filmed & photographed for publicity purposes):
WED 11 OCT  11AM & 12PM
THU 12 OCT 11AM & 12PM
FRI 13 OCT  11AM                            

20 Minute Shows (No filming or photography):
SAT 14 OCT 10AM, 11AM, 12NOON


I AM BABA is commissioned under Exploring and Thinking: A Collaborative Framework for Early Childhood Arts in the Dublin region. Exploring and Thinking is an initiative generated in partnership by Fingal County Council, Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council. It is funded under the Arts Council’s Invitation to Collaboration which supports innovative and ambitious local authority collaborations. I AM BABA is presented by Anna Newell in association with the Civic Theatre, Tallaght.

  • I am Baba video
The Weight Of Water - Elaine Hoey

The Weight Of Water - Elaine Hoey

Thu 19 Oct - Sat 4 Nov 2017 Ground Floor Gallery

The Weight of Water is an extraordinary immersive animation that fuses virtual reality and gaming technology to address the ongoing global refugee crisis. For each viewer – one-at-a-time and for 8 minutes - that crisis is no longer an abstraction, an item on the news or a front-page photo. Instead it becomes a lived experience, collapsing the distance that normally protects us from the impact of such events and making us ‘witnesses’ rather than safely detached spectators. Wearing a virtual-reality headset, each viewer joins refugees on a boat and is both observer and fellow-traveler as they undertake a treacherous journey. Words, sound and images create a sensory field that enacts the perils of seeking asylum in Europe, offering us increased understanding of these traumatic and grim experiences.

Elaine Hoey creates interactive installations, appropriating gaming aesthetics and techniques, such as virtual reality, motion capture, 3d virtual avatars and environments. Her work explores the intersections between the media, technology and politics.

Hoey is an award-winning artist who recently completed a Masters in Fine Art at NCAD. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious RDS Taylor Art Award for her virtual reality installation The Weight of Water which, following The Visual Arts Awards Exhibition at the RDS was exhibited at Futures at the RHA; Design and Violence, a collaboration between the  Science Gallery, Dublin and MoMA, New York. Hoey has recently exhibited new virtual reality works Stranger Than Fiction Is Fact at NCAD and Blueprint for a Virtual Nomad at Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda.

Booking Essential through Box Office tel 01-8852622.

Draiocht's Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Curated by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Curator-in-Residence 2017

  • The Weight of Water Elaine Hoey video
Lost State - Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh

Lost State - Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh

Thu 19 Oct - Sat 4 Nov 2017 First Floor Gallery

Lost State, a mixed-media installation by Hugh McCabe and Suzanne Walsh, comprises of photography, voice, 3D animation and audio. The work centres around photographs of disused computer parts shot from the imagined point of view of future entities uncovering the technological detritus of our time. A soundtrack accompanying the photographs alludes to a speculative narrative about the circumstances of the discovery of these objects and their significance for those finding them. A short film using digital 3D modelling and rendering techniques simulates drone footage of the exploration of one of the discovered objects.

The photographs are all shot on a large format 4”x5” analogue film camera in order to make a connection with early photographic history and its use as a form of documentation and enquiry. The work aims to trouble the boundaries between various categories: the organic and the inorganic; the imagined future and the perceived past; the human and the technological; the analogue and the digital; the secular and the sacred.

Hugh McCabe is a Dublin-based lecturer, musician and artist. He is graduate of the MA ‘Art In the Contemporary World’ course at NCAD and teaches critical theory and 3D graphics at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown. Suzanne Walsh is an artist, writer and musician whose cross-disciplinary work moves between the literary, music and art worlds. Suzanne has an editorial practice, including the magazine Critical Bastards, and is currently a resident artist at Fire Station Artists’ Studios.
The artists wish to acknowledge Vincent O'Reilly for 3D modeling.

Draiocht's Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Curated by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Curator-in-Residence 2017.

Yvonne McGuinness - Amharc Fhine Gall 11th Edition

Yvonne McGuinness - Amharc Fhine Gall 11th Edition

Draíocht in collaboration with Fingal County Council Arts Office

Wed 22 Nov - Sat 3 Feb 2018 Ground Floor Gallery

Draíocht, in collaboration with Fingal County Council Arts Office, is delighted to announce a new commission from visual artist Yvonne McGuinness for the 11th edition of Amharc Fhine Gall. McGuinness’ practice encompasses performance, video, photography, sewing, writing, sculpture and context-specific installations. She has an interest in embodied experience of place and in re-imagining the everyday by devising projects that create dynamic moments of connection to place and community. Her work is immersive, collaborative and is often a catalyst to generate other narratives for its participants.

For this commission, McGuinness will work with a culturally diverse group of local young people, exploring themes of identity, place and their connection to it. This collaboration during the autumn months will result in a site-specific performance and film installation to be shown in Draíocht’s Ground Floor Gallery - itself a two-way mirror between ‘the art world’ and ‘the real world’

Amharc Fhine Gall (Fingal Gaze) is an annual exhibition funded by Fingal County Council’s Arts Office, in collaboration with Draíocht. The exhibition was initiated in 2004 to provide a platform for visual artists from or living in Fingal. Yvonne McGuinness grew up in Portmarnock, Co Fingal.

Draiocht's Galleries are open Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm. Admission is Free.

Curated by Sharon Murphy, Draíocht Curator-in-Residence 2017.

Family Day - Crazy Christmas Card Print

Family Day - Crazy Christmas Card Print

Sat 16 Dec 2017 12 NOON-3PM Draíocht Galleries // FREE

Create your reindeer and print him green, etch an elephant and add a red nose, stamp a tree with purple snow…our artists will be on hand to show you the techniques to print a Christmas Card and you can show our artist just how crazy your festive imagination can be!

Booking tel: 01-8852622

Family Day Notes:
Sessions Are Free, But Space Is Limited.
Max 50 per workshop
Session 1: 12pm-12.50pm
Session 2: 1pm-1.50pm
Session 3: 2pm-2.50pm
Dress for Mess/ Unless otherwise stated workshops are designed for children from 5-10 years, though younger and older siblings are welcome to take part/ Please be aware that Draíocht’s Family Days are not designed for groups/ All children must be accompanied by an adult… and all adults must be accompanied by a child!