Shakespeare On The Loose

Shakespeare On The Loose

Mount Sackville Secondary School

Wed 13 Sep 2017 3PM & 8PM Main Auditorium // €10 Matinee / €15/€12 conc Evening

This is a play inspired by Shakespeare’s female characters.
Ophelia, Juliet, Lady Macbeth, Cordelia, Goneril and Regan are all central characters in Shakespeare’s plays and often determine the ultimate outcome of the tragedies. A popular question among school students is why Shakespeare is still studied in schools around the world? Why has his work thrived for over 500 years? The answer is simple. His stories are still relevant today. That is the essence of this play as it imagines the plight of Shakespeare’s ladies in a modern day setting.

The very issues of ambition, vulnerability, romance, greed and jealousy are the bedrock of Shakespeare’s tragedies. This play discusses these emotions around the table of ‘Loose Women’ hosted by Gabby. ‘Loose Women’ is a daytime talk show where women come together to analyse problems and attempt to solve them.

With a cast of 27 Transition Year students, this play has been Written by Clodagh Havel and Directed by Niamh Dowling, both teachers from Mount Sackville Secondary School.