The Love Hungry Farmer
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The Love Hungry Farmer

Starring Des Keogh

Thu 24 Apr 2014 8PM Main Auditorium // €18 / €14 conc

Des Keogh, one of Ireland’s foremost actors and entertainers, tells the story of John Bosco McLane, a bachelor of ‘indeterminate’ age and according to his own assessment, ‘past his best’ and evidently still a virgin. McLane’s amorous adventures range from the hilarious to the pitiful.

Read a recent interview with Des Keogh in the Irish Examiner ... here ... 

"Keogh is a wonder. A master-storyteller ..." Associated Press

"Des Keogh is superb. A consummate actor wedded to a skilled raconteur, the wine he offers is vintage ..." The Irish Times

"Fiercely serious and bruisingly hilarious ..." New York Times

1959 Pink Thunderbird
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1959 Pink Thunderbird

OnQ Theatre Company Double Bill

Fri 2 - Sat 3 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €14 conc

Laundry and Bourbon
In "Laundry & Bourbon" we meet Elizabeth Caulder, a strong-willed, longsuffering Texan housewife who is trying to hold the fort while her husband, Roy, takes off for days at a time, indulging in drunken sprees and extramarital affairs. She is joined by her best friend, the outspoken yet brassy Hattie Dealing, and town gossip and country club member Amy Lee Fullernoy. Together, the three women throw about the kind of rumours that thrive in small towns, becoming ever more intoxicated and forthcoming about everyone's secrets--including their own.

Starring: Fiona Tuohy (as Elizabeth) / Lisa Neville (as Hattie) / Jean Ryan (as Amy Lee).

Lone Star
In "Lone Star", we meet Elizabeth's husband Roy, a Vietnam veteran who has had a difficult time adjusting to the changes that have taken place in his home town while he was at war. He now spends his nights behind Angel's Bar, reliving his glory days and staging mock battles with his younger brother, the sweet but slow-witted Ray. Their evening is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Cletis Fullernoy, who idolizes Roy but has come to give him some bad news. The fallout from Cletis' visit leads the two brothers into a confrontation, as long-hidden secrets are dredged up and Roy is forced to admit that things are never going to be the way they were.
Paul Cullen (as Roy) / Dermot Brady (as Ray) / Don Whelan (as Cletis)

Director: Carol Ryan / Lighting: Lisa Kearns

Bealtaine at Draíocht during May 2014

Bealtaine at Draíocht during May 2014

Celebrating Creativity As We Age

Wed 7 - Fri 23 May 2014

Thousands of older people all over the country take part in the Bealtaine Festival each year during the month of May. 2014 is its 19th year and Draíocht has a variety of Special Offers for our over 65s, all just €10. We hope you’ll join us!
A maximum of 2 tickets can be bought at these prices per person.
Not applicable to group bookings.
TEL BOX OFFICE 01 885 2622

07 MAY 8.15PM - MUSIC
Full price: €14 // Bealtaine: €10 // More here ... 

Full price: €14 // Bealtaine: €10 // More here ...

Course Fee €12 / Bealtaine: €10 (includes materials) // More here ...

Course Fee €12 / Bealtaine: €10 (includes materials) // More here ...

An Audience with Jimmy Magee
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An Audience with Jimmy Magee

Thu 8 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €14 / €12 conc / Bealtaine €10

One of the most iconic figures from RTE Television and Radio, Jimmy Magee recollects anecdotes and tales from over 50 years behind the microphone at World Cups, Olympic Games, The Tour De France, Champions League, World Title Fights, in fact virtually every major sports event of the last half a century. Hear how he christened Pele, nearly had a punch up with Nigel Benn and discovered Maradona. Have your questions at the ready for a lively Q&A.



Counter Culture
  • Friends Special Price Event

Counter Culture

Written and Performed by Katie O’Kelly

Sat 10 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €15 / €12 conc / Early Bird: €10 (Book by 06 April 2014)

Welcome to the world of fashion retail, a labyrinth of sequins, hangers, sales targets and bunions where ‘the customer is always right’. Four shop employees. One day on the shop floor. A day so jam-packed it is bursting at the seams and the workers feel as disposable as the clothes they sell. This is a whirlwind solo show by Stage UK Best Solo Performer nominee in the Edinburgh Fringe 2012. Come delve into the hidden world behind the super friendly smiles of our department stores. Laugh, weep and scream!

A Show in a Bag Production. Directed by Donal O'Kelly

Dur 60 mins (no interval)

Early Bird: €10 (Book by 06 April 2014)

"One of those performers with true stage presence." British Theatre Guide

"A kaleidoscopic story ... pitch-perfect O’Kelly." Irish Theatre Magazine

"Moves flawlessly from belly laughs to breaking the audience's hearts." Liberty

Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London
  • Friends Special Price Event

Mrs Roosevelt Flies to London

Written & Performed by Alison Skilbeck

Thu 15 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €14 conc

Following her critically acclaimed tour of ‘Are There More of You?’, Alison Skilbeck returns with her new solo show exploring the life of one of the most extraordinary women of the 20th century. In October 1942, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of the President, takes a dangerous trip to wartime London. In her last days, as the Cuban Missile Crisis pushes the world to the brink of catastrophe, Eleanor relives her journey and recalls her life, from unhappy child, to unconventional wife.

Directed by Lucy Skilbeck.

Includes a post show Q&A with Alison.


"You’ll leave the theatre feeling uplifted and inspired." ****

"​... incredibly well-composed and elegantly performed." The Stage

A Night in November
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A Night in November

Presented by Ramor Theatre

Sat 17 May 2014 8PM Main Auditorium // €18 / €14 conc

This hilarious show tells the tale of Kenneth McAllister's rebellious journey as he travels from Windsor Park in Belfast to Doran's Bar in New York to watch ‘Jack's Army’ in their quest to win the 1994 World Cup. Kenneth, a regular middle-class Northern Protestant recognises for the first time the pettiness and horror of bigotry as he joins his fellow Northern Ireland football supporters on the terraces of Windsor Park during the world-cup qualifier between the Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In the wake of this match he starts to re-evaluate his life and decides on a momentous change. This production of Marie Jones’ smash-hit one-man show, A Night in November features Padraic McIntyre playing the part of Kenneth. Padraic McIntyre is best known as Artistic Director of Livin Dred Theatre Company and as writer/director of The Night Joe Dolan’s Car Broke Down. 

"It has always been hard to resist the dark, knowing humour of Marie Jones' bittersweet A Night in November." Jane Coyle, Irish Theatre Magazine

"Emotional potency and touching observations ... poignant mix of funny and sad ... as relevant as ever." Culture Northern Ireland

Deathtrap by Ira Levin
  • Friends Special Price Event

Deathtrap by Ira Levin

CAS Productions

Fri 23 - Sat 24 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €14 conc

Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a ‘dry’ spell which has resulted in a string of failures. A possible break in his fortunes occurs when he receives a script from a college student - a thriller which Sidney recognizes immediately as a potential Broadway hit. The student agrees to a collaboration and then the plot begins to twist and turn with devilish cleverness keeping the audience enthralled until the final, startling moments of the play.

This ingeniously constructed play offers a rare and skillful blending of two priceless theatrical ingredients – gasp-inducing thrills and spontaneous laughter. This is both a compelling examination of jealousy, revenge and artistic rivalry and a drama of dazzling wit and humor. The longest running comedy thriller on Broadway.

Sidney Bruel - Tom Ronayne
Myra Bruel - Fiona Doyle 
Clifford - Stephen Gorman
Porter - Anthony Blake
Helga - Danielle Keaney

Directed by Conor Armstrong Sanfey


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Bigger Picture Projects

Thu 29 May 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €12 conc / Early Bird: €10 (Book by 06 April 2014)

A poignant and humorous account of a woman turned detective on a mission to reveal the truth.
‘From an early age I was told I was adopted. In fairness I think my parents had no choice but to tell me, what with me being redheaded with pale skin in a family with dark skin and dark hair – this made it pretty obvious that something wasn’t right. While I loved being able to say I was adopted when I was a child (it made me feel exotic), I also learned that it was a word that was used by adults with a dropped voice.  ‘Bad blood will out’ was a phrase that was often thrown about in conversation in relation to adopted children in 70’s Ireland.

Dur: 60 mins (no interval)

Early Bird: €10 (Book by 06 April 2014)

Read an article by Noelle Brown in ... here ... 

"A moving story … powerful piece of work." **** The Irish Times

"A gentle, sad, funny delight." Sunday Independent

Revenant by Stewart Roche
  • Friends Special Price Event

Revenant by Stewart Roche

Starring Simon Toal

Fri 6 Jun 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €14 conc

Carter has found the perfect location to shoot his zombie movie set during the famine - a country house on an island off the coast of Mayo. The only catch is he has it for just 3 days. So when his lead actor drops out the day before shooting starts, Carter is faced with a dilemma - pull the plug on his dream project or cast the mysterious Vardell, an actor with a dark unknown past. Visceral, blackly comic and genuinely scary.

  • Friends Special Price Event


Fishamble: The New Play Company

Fri 13 - Sat 14 Jun 2014 8PM Draíocht Stage // €16 / €12

This is a charming play about the relationship between May and Joe which develops throughout a year of swing dance classes. A play about dancing and music and love and not settling and feeling like an eejit and being brave and having doubts and trying your best and trying new things and thinking outside the box and seeing things clearly and living as well as you can and giving it a lash! 

Developed as part of Show in a Bag.
Written by Steve Blount, Peter Daly, Gavin Kostick and Janet Moran.
Winner of Bewley’s Little Gem Award.

Early Booking Advised - Limited Capacity.

"Funny, warm, and well produced, with a rousing finale that’s enough to make you kick up your own heels." ★★★★★ Irish Theatre Magazine

"There's a real sweetness to this comedy. Give it a whirl." ★★★★ Sunday Times

The Dubliners Dilemma
  • Friends Special Price Event

The Dubliners Dilemma

By Declan Gorman

Thu 26 Jun 2014 8.15PM Draíocht Studio // €16 / €12 conc

Described as ‘Vivid’ (Irish Times), ‘Remarkable’ (Metro Herald), ‘Ingenious’ (Mail on Sunday) and ‘a compelling performance’ (Irish Theatre Magazine) Declan Gorman’s one-man tram-hurtle through James Joyce’s ‘Dubliners’ is set in 1914. London publisher Grant Richards is determined to re-read Joyce’s controversial manuscript, eight years after rejecting it. Should he risk everything second time around and be the one to launch this volatile but brilliant genius on a world about to descend into the madness of war?

Dur: 50 mins (no interval) & 25 minute AV Presentation

Knee Deep
  • Friends Special Price Event

Knee Deep

Casus Circus, Australia

Thu 3 Jul 2014 7PM Main Auditorium // €18 / €14 conc / €10 children / Family of 4: €48

Casus is Australia's hottest new circus company featuring artists who have performed with CIRCA, Polytoxic, Legs on the Wall and Briefs Collective. Their debut work Knee Deep is an inventive blend of circus and modern media using traditional and contemporary circus techniques. It’s circus from the heart with astonishing skills and exquisite beauty from four performers at the top of their game.

This is a show about relationships in which the performers are constantly pulling each other up and pushing each other down. They try to stand tall by clambering on each other's shoulders, reaching the sky. But an egg dropped from a height into a bowl is a reminder that if they fall, these performers will smash too. Catastrophe - or at least scrambled eggs - is only a misjudged shift of weight or a mistimed balance away. There's nothing cracked about that or about this awe-inspiring show.

Duration 60 mins (no interval)

Early Bird: €12 (Book before 06 April 2014)

"Raw, modest and utterly astounding." **** Arts Hub, Melbourne Spiegeltent

"Utterly hypnotising." Zenobia Frost, Rave Magazine

"The crowd was in awe." Adelaide Now