Joanne McNally - Bite Me
  • Friends Special Price Event

Joanne McNally - Bite Me

Directed by Una McKevitt

Tue 24 Oct 2017 8PM Main Auditorium // €16 / €14 conc // Dur: 60 mins

This is the story of Joanne’s amaaaaaaazing diet.
She didn’t just lose weight though; she lost jobs, friends and fellas, but she didn’t care because she could wear bangles as belts and that’s all that mattered. Then one day, over her morning carrot, Joanne realized she’d lost her mind. Turns out it was pinned to a lost property board up in space, enjoying the view and its new found freedom. Trying to entice it back became the hardest, funniest, greatest and weirdest time of her life.

"The ability to recount tragedy and still have your audience in stitches … this is McNally’s forte." The Sunday Times