Meta Perceptual Helmets - Cleary Connolly and Neil McKenzie

Meta Perceptual Helmets - Cleary Connolly and Neil McKenzie

Fri 7 - Sat 8 Jul 2017 First Floor Gallery

If we have two eyes, they why is our vision so limited? Why do we have so little depth perception? Why don’t our two eyes offer us two different views of the world? Why don’t they allow us to look behind and in front at the same time, or sideways in both directions? Cleary Connolly’s meta-perceptual helmets ingeniously invite us to set aside our preconceptions and to experience things in ways quite different from the norm. Wearing the helmets, you become a hybrid creature yourself, part human, part machine, part animal, but also: part work of art. A work of art that challenges those who contemplate the helmet - from the inside or from the outside - to take a new perspective on the world.

Artists Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly have spent several years developing an extraordinary series of helmets, art that can help us to explore these and other mysteries of visual perception. The collection has been hand-crafted in aluminium by master coach-builder Neil McKenzie and will be on view in Draíocht for two days only.

The Meta-perceptual Helmets are part funded by the Arts Council.

Sessions are free and can be booked as follows with Box Office tel 01-8852622.
(Not designed for groups)

Draíocht@Night / 07 July / 7pm-10pm
Families & Children / Sat 08 July / 11AM & 12 NOON
Open to the Public / Sat 08 July / 2PM & 3PM

Further information: Sharon Murphy Draíocht Curator-in-Residence email:

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