Panti Bliss - High Heels in Low Places
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Panti Bliss - High Heels in Low Places


Sun 12 Mar 2017 8PM Main Auditorium // €20 / €18 conc Age 16+

Join national treasure, performance legend and accidental activist Panti in her hit comedy High Heels in Low Places following a sensational (and scandalous) national tour. Charting brushes with infamy, near misses with fame, and adventures in the seedy underbelly, the ‘High Queen of Ireland’ invites you in to her ultra-padded, hyper-real, stiletto-shaped world, as she swaps stories from the gutter and trades secrets of the stars. Come join Auntie Panti as she embraces you in her over-inflated bosom and promises that you can ask her anything.


"Hilarious. " Hotpress.

"Wickedly funny." The Independent

"Impeccable one-liners." The Herald