Penguins – Almost Sold Out
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Penguins – Almost Sold Out

Cahoots NI, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Prime Theatre

Thu 29 Mar 2018 3PM & 5PM Draíocht Studio // €7 Adults / €5 children Age 3-5 yrs / Dur: 50 mins

When being different brings the most wonderful of surprises …
Roy and Silo are two male Chinstrap penguins. Just like the other penguin pairs at Central Park Zoo, they walk, play, swim and dance together. When the duo decide to try and hatch a rock in place of an egg, they find themselves on an adventure that could mean raising a chick for real!
Penguins is a unique and engaging show for children about friendship, fun, identity and the ever-changing meaning of family.
This delightful new theatre and dance production is inspired by a true story reported in the New York Times that touched hearts worldwide. The creative team includes award-winning children’s Director Paul Bosco Mc Eneaney and international Choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra.