Performance PLATFORM

Performance PLATFORM

Tue 3 Apr 2018 7PM Ground Floor Gallery // FREE

For one night only Draíocht, is delighted to present new site-specific work for the Gallery by artist and composer Robbie Blake, contemporary dancers Cian Coady and Mia DiChiaro, performance artist, Lisa Freeman, dance /video duo Landing Collective and D15 Youth Theatre. The evening includes an in-conversation with the curator, artists and Sara Muthi, Visual Arts Writer specialising in performance art.

Robbie Blake is an artist and composer working across many contexts of performance. Robbie is the artistic director of Tonnta, a music company and new-music vocal ensemble that champions new Irish music. With Tonnta, Robbie leads experimental collaborative projects with dance artists, visual artists and composers to create exceptional new music. For Performance PLATFORM Robbie will perform a new work solo.  

Cian Coady & Mia DiChiaro are contemporary dancers working together on a new work – Disrupting the Flow - made especially for Draíocht Gallery (2018). Performed within a matrix of floor line drawings, it explores ideas of time, temporality and present-ness. Dealing also with the ephemerality of performance, the visual markings act as a record and a memory of a once animated space. This piece explores a linear, yet warped flow of time and the yearning to escape time’s influence.

Landing Collective includes Aliina Lindroos and Moran Been-noon who are collaborators on an on-going project entitled Landing which focuses on ideas of ‘Belonging’ and ‘Foreign’. This new work for Performance PLATFORM is a new dance/video work in-progress which arises from their INCUBATE studio residency at Draíocht, 12 MAR-27 APR 2018.

Lisa Freeman is an Irish artist based in Berlin. Her practice is process-driven and research focused with the objective of gathering performative digital-based materials for video, performance and installation outcomes. This newly developed performance will be centered on a soundtrack and script, where a number of performers will engage in dialogue with each other and the audience. The narrative will aim to question the way that gender and politics intersect and bring into play modes of social exchange.

D15 Youth Theatre: Throughout this term, D15 Youth Theatre worked on investigating new ideas and horizons. Along with working with Theatre Artists in Residence, Collapsing Horse and film-maker Kilian Waters, D15YT engaged with Draíocht’s INCUBATE Artists to see and respond to contemporary art and are looking forward to performing on 03 April.

PLATFORM 2018 is an exhibition (21 FEB- 31 MAR) and a series of pop-up associated events showcasing the work of emerging and early career artists who use the Gallery as a playful, experimental and creative space. Using a wide range of visual media as well as sound, music, dance and food, PLATFORM provides an opportunity for the public to engage with artists, creatives and curators as they animate their ideas and practices.

Participating artists: Ella Bertilsson & Ulla Juske, Robbie Blake, Emma Brennan, Mark Buckeridge, Cian Coady & Mia DiChiaro, Gum Collective (Aaron Smyth, Alex de Roeck, Aimee Gallagher, Ciara O’Brien, Ciaran Gallen, Sadbh O’Brien, Sofya Mikhaylova, Stephen Lau), Sarah Farrell, Lisa Freeman with members of Dublin Youth Dance Company, Louis Haugh, Landing Collective (Aliina Lindroos & Moran Been-noon), Eve O’Callaghan.

Curated by Sharon Murphy