The Florida Project (2017)
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The Florida Project (2017)

Cinema at Draiocht

Wed 7 Feb 2018 7.30PM Main Auditorium // €7.50 / €6 conc

Six-year-old Moonie (Brooklynn Prince) lives with her mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) in a Florida motel. Along with her friends, Moonie spends the summer exploring the urban wilderness and getting into every sort of mischief. Halley, meanwhile, desperately tries to make ends meet. Kind but stern manager Bobby (Willem Dafoe) tries to keep his patience as rent goes unpaid and the hyperactive kids run wild. The Florida Project is a deeply sympathetic portrait of one small, neglected community. Few films about childhood have ever felt this authentic.

Cert: 15A / Language: English / Dur: 115 mins
In association with Access Cinema