Michael McLoughlin Artist in Residence 2017

January - December 2017

  • Michael McLoughlin Artist in Residence 2017
  • Michael McLoughlin Artist in Residence 2017
  • Michael McLoughlin Artist in Residence 2017

Michael McLoughlin is Draíocht’s Artist in Residence in 2017.  Michael has been working outside Draíocht’s building on a project called Mulhuddart Satellite and this year for Draíocht, Michael is working along-side people, groups and clubs all over Mulhuddart to create a new body of work for exhibition in 2018.

Between September and November, Michael will be back in the Artists’ Studio in Draíocht. During that time, and to coincide with Red Bird Youth Collective’s exhibition in September ‘Claiming Space’ and ‘HOMESPUN’ a Primary & Secondary School Project, Michael will host a number of workshops, talks and Open Studio days. Many of these will be with social groups and students from the area, but there are also some opportunities for you to join in here in Draíocht:

FRI 22 SEP Lunchtime Studio Talk 1PM-2PM (bring your sandwiches!)
FRI 13 OCT Open Studio 2PM-6PM
FRI 20 OCT Open Studio 2PM-6PM

You can also contact Michael through Draíocht: 01 8098027, or by email: info@mmcloughlin.org and he will be very happy to meet you for a chat and a cup of tea if these times don’t suit you.

Michael works in a wide variety of media including drawing, video, sculpture and sound and is interested in new ways of making and presenting work that reflects particular social contexts. His work explores the relationship between public spaces, institutions and the public they serve and seeks to create a common meeting ground between them. As part of his practice he records audio conversations between groups of people who are connected through clubs, associations or community activities. He describes this as ‘audio cartography’, a process of mapping the sonic space that conversations occupy, so they can be recreated for exhibition now and in the future. Michael’s residency at Draíocht will also be central to his practice-based doctoral studies in UCD School of Sociology focused on participation, ethics and relationship building in context based art practices.

You can find out more about the residency and contact Michael through Draíocht on 01-8098027, or by email at info@mcloughlin.org