Secondary Cycle Art Exam Preparation

Secondary Cycle Art Exam Preparation

May-June 2018

Fri 27 Apr - Thu 7 Jun 2018


MAY-JUN 2018  DUR: 50 mins   FREE

This tour has been created to support pupils preparing for Art Exam Papers. The exhibition ‘MAKing Art: The DRAWing Exhibition’ offers a unique opportunity to engage with works from a national collection, as well as an array of portrait works. The tour also offers support to questions on visiting an exhibition or a gallery space. Facilitated by Draíocht artists, this tour gives students the opportunity to ask questions and explore Draíocht’s exhibitions, focusing on how we layout, install, display and light work. They will also have an opportunity to make notes, sketches and diagrams. Contact Sarah on 01-8098029 to arrange a tour that will help students answer possible questions around gallery installation and exhibitions. Max 30 students per class with accompanying teacher. These tours take place over the course of the ‘MAKing Art: The DRAWing Exhibition’.