The Wonderful Tune

The Wonderful Tune

Ceol Connected

Wed 9 May 2018 10AM & 12PM Main Auditorium // €7 adults / €5 children / 2 teachers free per class of 20+ / Dur: 50 mins / Age: 6+

Join Ceol Connected on their new and exciting musical adventure. The Wonderful Tune is a captivating, moving, and otherworldly show for children aged 6 and above. This reimagining of an old fairytale weaves together traditional music, song, puppetry and animation to bring children on an unforgettable journey. Told through the eyes of Maggie Connor and her son Maurice ‘the king of all the pipers in Ireland’, The Wonderful Tune is a musical world of singing mermaids, dancing sea creatures and an enchanted tune which is sure to have everyone singing along!
Alongside Emma Fisher (puppeteer), The Wonderful Tune performers include some of Ireland’s finest traditional musicians: Thomas Johnston (uilleann pipes/whistles/vocals), Áine McGeeney (fiddle/vocals) and Seán McElwain (guitar/fiddle).
Supported by The Arts Council

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