Meeting Room & Auditorium Hire

Draíocht is a non religious, non political organisation and does not facilitate meetings of a religious or social & political nature.

To book one of Draíocht's spaces for an evening performance or weekly performances etc, please contact:
Emer McGowan, Director, tel: 01 809 8027 or email

Performance Hire Rates as at 1st September 2018
The rates below are for the hire of the theatre, together with all technical equipment as normally installed and heating and lighting. Draíocht will supply one in-house technician as support for your production. Draíocht’s Technical Staff should not form part of your staffing requirements and are intended to provide support only. Should you require lighting, sound or any other technical operators, please note that they carry an extra charge. 

See Technical Specifications for performance-based hires.

To book one of Draíocht's spaces for a corporate event, like a meeting, conference or class etc, please contact: 
Marketing Dept on tel: 01 809 8021 or 01 809 8024 and we will be happy to help advise you, or email
Prices on Application.

Available Spaces:

Main Auditorium

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Large auditorium with tiered seating and large stage.

Auditorium: 15m x 15m
Stage (performance area): 14.95m x 12m

Auditorium: 286 seated / 500 unseated


Meeting Room (downstairs)

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Large, bright airy room with hard lino floor, black out blinds, natural light.
Dimensions: 9m x 10.5m
Capacity: 84 (seated)

Studio (seated side)

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Small auditorium with tiered seating.
Dimensions: 13m x 11m
Capacity: 92 seated

Studio (performance side)

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Large room with Junkers shock absorbent floor suitable for dance with mirrors along one side of room
Dimensions: 13m x 11m
Capacity: 72


- Photocopying & fax facilities are provided at a cost of 25c per A4 page, 50c per A3 page b/w or colour.
- Operators for Sound, Lighting or AV equipment can be provided at additional cost to the Hirer.

Confirming the Booking
- The booking is secured with Credit Card details. The room hire fee is due 2 days in advance of the booking date, therefore we recommend if paying by Bank Transfer/Cheque that payment is made 7 days in advance of the hire date.

Cancellation Fees
- Up to two weeks prior to the event: 25% of room hire
- Between 2 weeks and 48 hours prior to the event: 50% of room hire
- 48 hours or less: 100% of room hire

Terms and Conditions of Room Hire for Meetings

  • Draíocht is a non-religious, non-political organisation and does not facilitate meetings of a religious or socio political nature.
  • All reservations are provisional until confirmation is received - the booking form is filled in, including credit/laser details (see payment details below), signed, received and acknowledged.
  • All hirers are responsible for people attending their event. Please ensure you have a formal registration procedure.
  • The hirer must provide such responsible supervision as may be necessary for the safe conduct of their attendees to and from the room.
  • Any signage/displays to be used in the main foyer must be agreed in advance with Draíocht Ltd.
  • The reservation will be made for a specific length of time and your event must finish at the agreed time. Should your event continue after this time, additional charges will be made.
  • The maximum capacity of each room hired must not be exceeded and extra people will be turned away for health & safety reasons.
  • All fire regulations and security regulations of Draíocht Ltd must be observed at all times. The hirer must familiarise himself with emergency exits from the building and procedures to be followed in case of a fire. The hirer is responsible for the evacuation of their attendees in case of fire. Access to all exits must be unobstructed at all times.
  • Draíocht is a non-smoking building. This must be observed at all times.
  • Any accidents occurring within the building must be reported immediately to a member of Draíocht Ltd staff.
  • Draíocht Ltd reserves the right to cancel a booking or allocate an alternative room, without incurring any liability. In the event of a cancellation or change to the original booking, every effort will be taken to ensure your requirements are met.
  • The Hirer shall be responsible for and shall indemnify Draíocht Ltd for all accidents, damages and losses that may occur from any cause whatsoever in connections with the hiring, including accident or injury that shall result in death or not, and shall indemnify Draíocht Ltd in respect from and against any action at law or in equity that may be taken against Draíocht Ltd in respect thereof.
  • Draíocht Ltd accepts no responsibility for equipment, accidents, injuries, damages and losses that may occur from any cause in connection with the hiring. Draíocht Ltd advises the hirer to insure against such risks.
  • The Building is open at 10.00am. If you would like to gain access to the building before this time, this should be arranged at least 7 working days before the event.
  • Telephone calls, use of fax machine and photocopying facilities are not included in the room hire charges and will be itemised on your invoice. (Photocopying; 25c per A4 page, 50c per A3 page b/w or colour)
  • An additional charge will be levied for any exceptional cleaning or removal of rubbish left by the Hirer.
  • Equipment: Projector, Portable Screen, TV, Video/DVD, Amp: there will be no additional charge for the use of these.  There is a charge of €5 for flip chart requirements.
  • If technical assistance or additional requests are required, at least seven days notice must be given. If less than seven days notice is given, requirements may be difficult to accommodate. Technical assistance will incur an extra charge.
  • Food & drink are not permitted inside the main theatre or studio space.
  • Where the space is being rented to an organisation using Draíocht facilities for events that include children (under 18 years of age) they must read and adhere to Draíochts Child Protection policy.
  • Where the space is being rented to an organization, company crew members must be garda vetted if their work consists mainly of the person having access to or contact with children (under 18 years of age) or vulnerable persons.
  • External companies using Draíocht facilities for events that include children (under 18 years of age) must have a Designated Liaison Person.
  • External companies using Draíocht facilities for events that include children (under 18 years of age) cannot have cast/crew members with unresolved child protection issues or any child protection issues of concern.
  • Leaders/teachers/group leaders are required to remain in the room where an arts activity is taking place with their class.


Available Equipment:

Chairs, Tables, 1 Flip Chart/Pad/Pens, TV & DVD/Video, Playback Sound Equipment, Extension Cables, Projection equipment ie Lecturn and Portable PA

Disabled Visitors:

All spaces are fully accessible with adapted toilets for people with disabilities. The main auditorium is fitted with A.F.I.L. hearing assistance system. Level access parking spaces are available at the front of the building

Getting Here:

Draíocht is located opposite the blue entrance of the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. By car we are located on the Navan Road/N3 just off the M50. Extensive free parking is available adjacent to the theatre. By bus take the number 39 from Hawkins Quay.

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