Christmas Craft Fair 2016 - Call for Crafters and Artists

March 23, 2016

Draíocht is excited to announce its Christmas Craft Fair again this November and is now looking for Applications from Crafters and Artists. Priority will be given to those living in Fingal, making handmade items. There are approximately 30 tables available from €50 per table (for the weekend). Deadline for completed application forms: Friday 03 June 2016.


Application Notes:
1. Those interested must complete and return an Application Form by Friday 03 June 2016 and include a selection of images of the work.
2. Not all those who apply may be allocated a Stall due to over subscription of available spaces. Draíocht retains the right to select on other criteria such as ensuring a range of goods and price points available to the public.
3. On being allocated a place, a Booking Form with the non refundable fee will be required by Friday 01 July 2016.

For further information and an application form, please call Draíocht’s Box Office, tel: 01-8852622 or email:

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Sharon Murphy will be working with Draiocht as Curator

March 21, 2016

Visual Arts in Draíocht


Draíocht is delighted to announce that Sharon Murphy will be working with us from March to December 2016 as Curator (part time). She will be working to refresh and refine our visual arts policy and programme. She will focus on connecting Draíocht’s context and priorities with artists and the public to develop a dynamic and engaging programme of exhibitions and projects in 2017. Her commitment to her own photographic practice as well as her extensive experience in arts provision for children and young people, in public art and in wider cultural strategy makes her a valuable addition to our team. Her appointment underlines our commitment to contemporary visual arts as part of a wider policy and strategy for Draíocht.

Sharon Murphy is an independent visual art curator and photographer based in Dublin. Previously she has worked in a range of key roles in arts, culture and education contexts including Director of Education, Abbey Theatre. Sharon has developed and managed a number of initiatives for artists including residencies, bursaries and exchanges and most recently she has commissioned public art under the Per Cent for Art scheme in a range of settings. She holds an MA in Modern Drama, a BA in Fine Art Photography and was the Irish recipient of the 2007/2008 Jerome Hynes Fellowship on the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme (UK).

You can contact Sharon on

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Collapsing Horse - Residency Continues at a Gallop

March 20, 2016


Collapsing Horse's residency continues at a gallop. Over mid-term we worked in Draíocht’s Studio with members of D15 Youth Theatre on an intensive week-long workshop introducing them to the Collapsing Horse working method. The main theme of the workshop was ‘Serious Playfulness’ a phrase we use all the time when making our work. We also brought in other facilitators to include other practices that feed into the theme: Cathal McGuire of Game Theory introduced ensemble work and ‘complicity’; Paul McDonnell from Macnas worked with the group on large scale puppetry and Maeve Stone of Pan Pan and Change of Address worked on sound design and music in creating work of a play.
You can read/see more ... HERE ...

Coming up in April we will be working with animator Jody Barker Rockett, AV designer Mick Cullinan, composer Dan Forde and scientist and communicator Niamh Shaw on our new piece 46 Billion Light Years From Home. Part puppet show, part installation piece, part animated film, part immersive experience, part ballet - this is a sensory and artistic introduction to Astronomy for 4-6 year olds, told from the perspective of a little boy who goes to the edge of the observable universe. We'll be using Draíocht’s Studio facilities to project animated images of space and begin early work on creating that journey.

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Early Bird - Book Before 08 April 2016

March 10, 2016



The Wind that Shakes the Barley
WED 20 APR  7.30PM
Full Price: €7.50 / Early Bird: €5

The Spirit of Irish Folk - Chris Kavanagh
Full Price: €18 / Early Bird: €14


CARE - WillFredd Theatre Company
THU 19 MAY  8PM 
Full Price: €18 // Early Bird: €14

Baker and Rose           
FRI 27 MAY  8PM 
Full Price: €18 // Early Bird: €15

Underneath by Pat Kinevane – Fishamble
Full Price: €18 // Early Bird: €15

Tickets must be paid in full before 08 April 2016 to avail of these Early Bird Offers.
A maximum of 6 tickets can be bought at these prices per person.
Not applicable to group bookings.
BOX OFFICE 01 885 2622 or Online ...

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Draiocht and 1916

March 9, 2016

Draíocht and 1916 – Our Programme during 2016 - January - December 2016


Me, Mollser - SOLD OUT
The Abbey Theatre on Tour, As part of Ireland 2016
WED 03 & THU 04 FEBRUARY 2016  
10.15AM & 12.15PM 
Draíocht Studio // e7 adults / e5 children / 2 teachers free per class / Age 10+ (5th & 6th class pupils & secondary students) / Dur: 60 mins

This performance will retell The Plough and the Stars by Sean O’Casey through the eyes of its youngest character, Mollser, a strong willed and passionate young 15 year old girl coping with consumption against the backdrop of the 1913 Lock-Out and the Easter Rising. Mollser is a proud Dub struggling to thrive in the overcrowded tenements but having lost none of her curiosity and idealism. She sees the adults in her world with a sharp eye and even has a sense of the ghosts who continue to haunt the building ...


The Irish Language and 1916 - SOLD OUT
Teanga na Gaeilge agus 1916
TUE 15 MARCH  7-9PM  Draíocht Studio // Free Event - Pre Booking Essential - tel 01-8852622

Pobal Gaeilge 15 will be hosting a night to commemorate 1916. The integral role the Irish Language played in the events of the 1916 Rising will be presented by a panel of expert speakers and historians. There will be music on the night from Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. This event will be presented in Irish with simultaneous translation provided in English on the night.


THU 24 MARCH 8.15pm  Main Auditorium // €16 / €12 conc / Dur: 60 mins

Dublin, 24 April 1916. Dropping their costumes in the dressing room, two of lreland's leading actors abandon their matinee of Yeats’ Cathleen Ni Houlihan, the play which more than any other in the Abbey’s repertoire symbolised the link between the cultural revival and the Irish revolution. Instead, they take their revolvers and march to Dublin Castle. Inciting each other all the way, they fire the first shots of the rebellion changing the course of Irish history.This historical play (derived from real-life testimonies) chronicles the eventful first hour of the 1916 Easter Rebellion when two Abbey actors, Helena Molony and Sean Connolly take over Dublin Castle, leading to him being fatally shot in her arms on the roof of City Hall.

As featured on Trivago ...



Birth of a Nation - 1916 Ireland Film
Screening for Secondary Schools

WED 20 APR 2016 10.30AM-11.30AM Main Auditorium // €5 per students (teachers free)
See Ireland’s struggle for independence in this unique and original black and white film footage. Produced by Gerry MacCarthy for Senior Cycle Schools to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the film shows students how Ireland went from being part of the British Empire to becoming an Independent State. The film includes some of the only known footage of James Connolly, Roger Casement and Padraig Pearse, along with close up footage of Countess Markievicz, Cathal Brugha, Rory O'Connor, Erskine Childers and Harry Boland.


The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Film at Draiocht
WED 20 APR 2016 7.30PM Main Auditorium // €7.50 / €6 conc / Early Bird: €5 (Book before 08 April 2016)

In 1920, rural Ireland is the permanent battlefield of republican rebels against the British troops and their well-paid, local collaborator militia, a recipe for mutual cruelty. Winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, this thoughtful, powerful and moving political drama explores the turbulent events in early 1920s Ireland, during the War of Independence and the Civil War ...
Starring Cillian Murphy and Padraic Delaney


Laochra Gael
The 1916 Rising and its Heroes

THU 21 APR 2016 8PM Main Auditorium // €16
Laochra Gael is the story of the 1916 Rising and its heroes through music, poetry, story and song. The play chronicles the tapestry that formed the background to the Rising, the insurrection itself and the heroes both celebrated and forgotten. Directed by Michael Byrne (Mrs. Browns Boys), with music and songs by The Druids, Uileann Piper Tommy Keane and more ... 


Maloney’s Dream / Brionglóid Maloney      
Branar Téatar do Pháistí
THURS 28 & FRI 29 APRIL - 10AM & 12 NOON // SAT 30 APR - 2PM
Main Auditorium // €7 adults / €5 children / 2 teachers free per class / Age 8+ yrs / Dur: 60 mins

Maloney's Dream is a theatre show which is set against the background of Easter week 1916. Thaddeus Maloney has a dream to open a new hotel on Sackville St (now O’Connell Street) on the Easter Monday … little did he realise that his dream of a new beginning would collide with the birth of a nation … With a fantastically talented ensemble cast, this will be a treat of a show for all ages. It’s a bilingual show that is jam packed with live music, physical theatre and puppetry.


The Big Fellow by Declan Gorman - SOLD OUT
Based on Frank O’Connor’s Biography of Michael Collins

FRI 29 APRIL 2016 8.15PM 
Draíocht Studio // €10 / €8 conc

With original sound design by ex-Waterboys composer, Colin Blakey,The Big Fellow is a non-stop, edge-of-your-seat theatrical adventure, laced with humour and scenes of daring and intrigue. It presents the compelling story of Michael Collins: his rise from unknown volunteer in the GPO to military leader who brought down an empire only to meet his untimely death at the hands of former comrades. 


On Sackville Street
Mount Sackville Secondary School

MON 12 - TUE 13 SEP 2016 8.15PM
Draíocht Studio // €10 // Dur 60 mins (no interval)

On Sackville Street is a play set in two classrooms during two different time frames - 1916 - 2016.  The classroom of 1916 lives through the actual events of the Easter Rising as they unfolded. Their great grandchildren are in the 2016 classroom contemplating the historical contribution of those who have gone before them. The two classrooms are overseen by the 7 Signatories of the Proclamation who act as a 4th Wall. The play is a tribute to all those men and women who sacrificed so much for Irish Freedom. Mount Sackville Secondary School of 2016 applauds them.
Written by Clodagh Havel and Directed by Niamh Dowling. 




THURSDAYS 11AM-12.30PM / 8 WEEKS / 04 FEB-25 MARCH 2016

This 8 week course will focus on the visual representation of the Rising, events preceding it, its immediate aftermath and subsequent key commemorations.
The range of visual representation to be explored will include badges, cartoons, crafts, emblems, film, flags, graffiti, illustration, medals, photography, postage stamps and television.
The politics and power of visual representation will be considered as will methods of visual analysis.




10AM-11.30AM OR 12PM-1.30PM
10AM-11.30AM OR 12PM-1.30PM

These innovative drawing and writing workshops look at creative ways to engage with original 1916 letters as primary source materials. The aim of “Letters of 1916” is to give an intimate sense of what it was like to live in Ireland during one of the most significant years in modern Irish history. By engaging with original primary documents, pupils will find a wide range of experiences and learn that the history of 1916 was complex and fascinating. Facilitated by artist Genevieve Harden, participants will explore a selection of letters, they will create and illustrate handwritten letters in response to the excitement and turmoil expressed through the thoughts and feelings and words of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events.




NOVEMBER 2015 – APRIL 2016

Poets and writers featured strongly amongst the leaders of the Rising, so it seems fitting that literature play a prominent part in Draíocht’s commemoration event for 2016.
Our commemoration project began with an epic tour of Dublin 15 Schools, both 6th and 1st year classes, by local historical fiction author Brian Gallagher, back in November 2015. Over 1 month, Brian visited 30 schools and talked to just shy of 2,500 pupils about what it’s like to be an author, how to research and write a book and read excerpts from his thrilling novel ‘Friend or Foe’, a thought provoking, fast-moving tale that captures the atmosphere of revolutionary Dublin and the misery and chaos of war.

From those 30 schools, three 6th classes were selected and using themes from Brian’s book and hints from his talk, they are now engaged in a ten week literature and visual arts project learning about the 1916 experience in an innovative and challenging way. Working with writer, illustrator and cartoonist Alan Nolan, classes experience a mix of hands-on workshops, tours and talks learning about story writing and cartooning, all building towards creating a full length cartoon book. The project also includes a 1916 Dublin City Tour and a visit from historians from Collins Barracks. By March 2016 the finished cartoon strips will be professionally edited and the project will culminate in an opening celebration and exhibition of the children’s work in Draíocht’s First Floor Gallery, running from April-May 2016. The work the children produce will also be published in a comic book, along with a short film documentary which will be screened at the exhibition opening.
This project has been made possible by additional generous funding by Fingal Arts Office.
MORE ... 



The Lucky Penny 1916 Literature Project Exhibition
D15 Primary School Artists With Illustrator/Author Alan Nolan & Writer Brian Gallagher
TUE 19 APR - SAT 19 NOV 2016 
First Floor Gallery

Gallery open Mon-Sat 10am-6pm - Free Admission

This exhibition is the result of a large scale innovative and fun filled arts and literature schools project which ran from November 2015-to April 2016, to commemorate 1916.

With initial inspiration from local author Brian Gallagher and his book ‘Friend or Foe’, reaching over 3000 Dublin 15 pupils, three 6th Classes were chosen to work with illustrator, writer and cartoonist, Alan Nolan. Inspired by a specific moment in ‘Friend or Foe’, pupils were introduced to the concept of how a coin could move across a revolutionary Dublin of 1916, making its way through the misery, chaos and upheaval of war. Pupils worked exhaustively, using themes and hints from Brian’s book, along with learning from tours to Collins Barracks and thorough research with their fantastic class teachers, to begin to shape and build characters and stories that, with the help of Alan would slowly develop into a full length cartoon, full of adventure and peril.
The resulting cartoon strips are now exhibited in large scale vinyl in our First Floor Gallery. The exhibition is accompanied by a full colour published comic book, along with a short film documentary which will be screened at the exhibition opening.
This project has been made possible with generous funding from Fingal County Council and Centenary Committee Funding.

WATCH ... A short documentary about this Project

READ ... Published Comic Book


For further information about any of these events, please contact Nicola Murphy, Marketing Press & PR Manager, Draiocht, tel: 01-8098021 /

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