Tyrellstown Family Day 28 August 2010

August 29, 2010

We had a super day yesterday at the Tyrellstown Family Day.
Nicola, Sarah, Niamh, Ian and Andrew headed off with the Draiocht Marquee and lots of red cushions and art materials, and set up a Family Day of Kite Making and Art from 3-6pm.
We had tons of kids through our tent enjoying the make-and-do.

Draiocht in Tyrellstown D15

Draiocht in Tyrellstown D15

Draiocht in Tyrellstown, D15

Draiocht in Tyrellstown, D15

Betelnut Café kindly gave us tea and coffee vouchers to give out to people, and Draiocht proudly sponsored the first prizes of the Tyrellstown Art Competition. 

On possibly the windiest day in August, our Marquee faired quite well and thanks so much to all the committee for helping us secure our pegs and stay firmly on the ground!

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Draiocht is for you ... A Message from the National Campaign for the Arts

August 17, 2010

This centre is for you. Without it, and all the ways it makes you feel, Ireland will become a poorer place. Its cost to the state is modest, but its worth is great. It’s also fragile, and cannot endure further cuts. As Budget 2011 approaches, let your elected representatives know just how valuable Draiocht is to you.

Visit http://www.ncfa.ie to find out what you can do.
A message from the National Campaign for the Arts.

National Campaign for the Arts

Draiocht is a proud participant in, and supporter of, the National Campaign for the Arts, which is working to inform our politicians and the public that the arts are central to Ireland's economy, reputation and daily life. If you value artists and creativity as much as we do, log onto www.ncfa.ie and take action to support the campaign.

We Love Draiocht

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Make Art Not Rubbish on YouTube

July 22, 2010

We've made a short video to summarise this great project which took place from January to April 2010.
Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLr_6jB3jD8&feature=channel

Make Art Not Rubbish ... A Secondary School art project o-ordinated and facilitated by Draíocht, sponsored by Vodafone Ireland, January to April 2010.
Well known artist and sculptor Cris Neumann facilitated the creation of 3D works by Coolmine and Hartstown Community School students in a project that was a fun reflection of Vodafone Ireland's Green Agenda Policy. This educational and environmentally innovative visual arts project explored the concepts of communication, mobility and technology and how these concepts can work in the reduction and recycling of waste.

The art works resulting from the project generated zero waste by being produced from Vodafone Ireland's recycled materials. This process worked to educate students about the importance of environmental awareness, while giving them an opportunity to improve their arts skills.
The project culminated in an exhibition in Draíocht's First Floor Gallery before travelling to Vodafone Ireland's HQ during their Recycling Awareness Week.

Make Art Not Rubbish

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Do older people abandon fashion, or does fashion abandon older people?

July 21, 2010

Hi, my name is Garvan Gallagher and I'm an artist currently working with Draíocht Arts Centre in Blanchardstown until next year, and I'm looking for participants who are retired and up for a bit of adventure.

The project I'm undertaking is a photographic one and has a serious message. It's to do with the idea of invisibility that retired people commonly talk about. I made a previous photographic project with retired people in my hometown in Donegal, and the subject was raised by most of them. City life would probably be no different. Some felt that since they are over 65 and retired, their status in society had been downgraded as such. Some of them commented on younger people not acknowledging them, often looking right past them.

Garvan Gallagher

My 15-month residency with Draíocht offers me the chance to extend that research and make a new body of work that looks at this idea of invisibility within the older generation in Ireland. For this project, my research begins at an important source of our collective obsession with youth – the fashion-advertising image. The advertising industry makes money from promoting youth. Historically, it has been in their interest to promote ageing as something ugly and avoidable. That may be something that will soon be confined to history, as our older population is increasing all the time as we live longer and healthier lives. The advertising industry predominately targets a younger audience with younger skinner beautiful models, with fashion also geared to that genre.

The question my project will ask therefore is, ‘do older people abandon fashion, or does fashion abandon older people?’. Are older people invisible also to the fashion industry? I want to use the idea of printed media, the glossy magazine, the Vogue's and various other fashion shoots celebrating youth and promoting glamour, as the inspiration for giving older people a stage to look as beautiful and glamorous as their youthful counterparts. I will attempt to re-create fashion shots with older people as opposed to what society would normally expect to see – that of a younger body.

The process would be a slow one; a person could get photographed many times in the space of a year, allowing them time to get used to the process and to me, and hopefully have a really good time doing it. I would like the result to be a very strong comment on what we as a society perceive to be 'beautiful'. The work will be exhibited in an exhibition at Draíocht in September 2011.

Please get in touch if you feel like getting involved. You can email me: <ggATSIGNgarvangallagher.com>, or just call into Draíocht and say hi, we'll have a cup of coffee and I'll answer any questions you have. Bring your friends and get them all involved. The more the merrier!

In the meantime, I've created a questionnaire for anyone over 50 to help me with my research:
Questionnaire: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WYPF7YM

If you are interested in taking part, please call in to Draíocht and we'll arrange a time for you to meet with Garvan, or phone us on 8852622.

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Amharc Fhine Gall VII

July 8, 2010

Draíocht and Fingal County Council are currently seeking submissions from Fingal visual art graduates for an exciting exhibition opportunity in 2010. This opportunity is being developed to recognise, nurture and showcase the range of talent of an emerging artist(s) from Fingal, working in any medium, seeking an exhibition in a recognised Irish gallery. This opportunity may take the form of a solo exhibition or participation in a group exhibition as part of Fingal County Council’s annual Amharc Fhine Gall (View of Fingal) exhibition to be held in Draíocht from November 2010 – January 2011. This year we will appoint an emerging, independent curator to select and present your work, a full colour catalogue will accompany the show.

Applicants must:

  • Be born, resident or be working from in the Fingal County area.
  • Have graduated between 2002 and 2010 from a recognised third level art college with a Diploma, BA or MFA. PhD applicants will also be considered as long as they fill the emerging artist criteria.
  • Be able to exhibit work from November – January 2011.
  • Be able to supply an up-to-date CV, artist’s statement and images before the closing date.

How to Apply:

Applicants should provide a typed covering letter along with an artist’s statement, and up-to-date CV. Artists should also supply at least 10 good quality images in the form of hard copy, slides or CD/ DVD which should be all clearly marked with the name, description, date, dimensions etc. Any other relevant supporting material can also be included.

Applications should be sent to:
Caroline Cowley, Public Arts Co-ordinator, The Arts Office, Fingal County Council, Swords, Co Dublin

T: 01 8708449

E: caroline.cowley@fingalcoco.ie

Deadline: 5 pm, 5 August 2010



Michelle Hall Boat Paper, wood, plasticine and string 146 x 125 x 25.5cm 2009. Part of The Happy Valley Project. From Amharc Fhine Gall 2009

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