Collapsing Horse - Residency Continues at a Gallop

March 20, 2016


Collapsing Horse's residency continues at a gallop. Over mid-term we worked in Draíocht’s Studio with members of D15 Youth Theatre on an intensive week-long workshop introducing them to the Collapsing Horse working method. The main theme of the workshop was ‘Serious Playfulness’ a phrase we use all the time when making our work. We also brought in other facilitators to include other practices that feed into the theme: Cathal McGuire of Game Theory introduced ensemble work and ‘complicity’; Paul McDonnell from Macnas worked with the group on large scale puppetry and Maeve Stone of Pan Pan and Change of Address worked on sound design and music in creating work of a play.
You can read/see more ... HERE ...

Coming up in April we will be working with animator Jody Barker Rockett, AV designer Mick Cullinan, composer Dan Forde and scientist and communicator Niamh Shaw on our new piece 46 Billion Light Years From Home. Part puppet show, part installation piece, part animated film, part immersive experience, part ballet - this is a sensory and artistic introduction to Astronomy for 4-6 year olds, told from the perspective of a little boy who goes to the edge of the observable universe. We'll be using Draíocht’s Studio facilities to project animated images of space and begin early work on creating that journey.

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D15 Youth Theatre and Collapsing Horse Mid-Term Workshop Feb 2016

February 15, 2016

Mid-Term Workshop - 15-19 February 2016
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.15am – 5.00pm
Half-day Wednesday 10.15am – 1pm

Collapsing Horse - Human Child

Collapsing Horse are Draiocht's Theatre Artists in Residence for 2016 ... read more HERE ... 
They'll be working over the Mid-term with Draiocht's D15 Youth Theatre members ... read more HERE ... 

Collapsing Horse is a production company that’s serious about play. We make work that embraces the simple, spectacular and the magic of theatre. We’re really excited about when people come together they suspend their disbelief, they transform the imaginary into the very nearly real.

Collapsing Horse - Monster Clock

Watch a snippet of Collapsing Horse in Action ... 

For 5 days over mid-term, Draiocht's D15 Youth Theatre members will get a chance to work with Collapsing Horse, learn the principals of what makes a Collapsing Horse show, and learn skills including puppetry, music/sound design, “complicity” ensemble work, devising, design and large-scale spectacle puppetry.

The workshop will explore the tension between "Illusion" and "the thing you can't fake" in performance for theatre. The “Illusion” in theatre is that a cloth, with eyes painted on, is a sentient being. The illusion is that beds are ships, that actors are characters, that masks are faces, that cloth is the sky, and that the same cloth, when used a different way, is the sea, that journeys take moments and that stories have endings.

Collapsing Horse - Aeneid

There will be 3 specialist facilitators across the week who will introduce an extra skill that we can use towards our goals for the week.

Introduction to Collapsing Horse, puppetry and basic principles of ensemble work. In the afternoon Cathal McGuire, of Game Theory Theatre Company, will work on “complicity” – the game that actors play with the audience and each other.

Asking; what have we got for free? How do you use the space you’re in, the people you have and the people you’re working with to get material for your show? In the afternoon Paul McDonnell, from Macnas and tutor in IADT, will show us large scale puppetry and ask; what are the principles of bringing a puppet to life when the stage is as big as a street?

D15 Youth Theatre

Wednesday (half day)
Taking myth and fairytale and using them as a launch-pad for devising, asking ourselves; what’s in those early stories that’s of interest to us today?

Musician and Associate Director of Pan Pan Theatre, Maeve Stone, will give a workshop exploring music, song and sound design and how it can be used to create the illusion of the world of show.

In the afternoon we will give a short presentation of the work we’ve done over the week. 

D15 Youth Theatre

D15 Youth Theatre

D15 Youth Theatre

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Collapsing Horse - Draíocht’s New Theatre Artists in Residence 2015/2016

September 28, 2015

Our 3 year Hallelujah! Clown Choir Project with Veronica Coburn ends with a bang in October with their final production, Ship of Fools and we are delighted to be welcoming our new Theatre Artists in Residence to Draíocht, Collapsing Horse ...

‘We’re Collapsing Horse, we’re a young theatre company from Dublin and we’ll be the new Theatre Artists in Residence in Draíocht 2015/2016. From January 2016 we’ll be working with D15 Youth Theatre, sharing our skills in puppetry and using theatrical illusion to bring ordinary objects to life. We will also be utilizing Draíocht’s Studio and technical facilities to develop a new play called Conor, about a child who journeys up to the sky. We use projections, animated backgrounds and live puppetry to create the experience of seeing the scale of the universe for the first time. We’ve had a great relationship with Draíocht since they presented our first show, Monster/Clock in 2013. We were back again in March 2015 with our creepy fairytale Human Child. We’re thrilled to be supported by Draíocht, Fingal County Council and the Arts Council to be making new work while engaging with Draíocht’s young audience.’

To find out more about this Residency, email Emer McGowan, Director Draiocht,

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