More D15 Blog….. by Shauna

March 26, 2012

More D15 Blog….. by Shauna

So this week at Youth Theatre, we did more work with our scripts.

As a warm-up and to get us thinking and acting as our character, Eimear had us play a game where we take it in turns to say things our character has done during the week as our character would say them.

Then we split into our groups and ran our lines.....

I’m in a scene from the Shakespearian classic Romeo & Juliet with Conor, Heather and Katie and I’m lucky enough to be playing Juliet herself. Conor and Heather are playing Capulet & Lady Capulet, my parents, respectively and Katie is the Nurse.

Although the play is over 400 years old, this scene is very relatable to teens today. In this scene, I am hiding pain and love from my parents, and arguing with them about my future and what I want. Many teenagers nowadays have the same struggles and arguments with their parents, and so in the scene I find it easy to tap into my own experiences to portray Juliet and how she’s feeling.

We’re setting the scene in a modern teenage girl’s bedroom, an interesting angle and setting for the Shakespearian scene. I’m really looking forward to acting it in the showcase later in the year.


 This past year a lot has changed for me, I’ve had a lot of great new experiences and met some amazing people, and a lot of that is down to my involvement with the D15 Youth Theatre. I’ve never felt so comfortable around a group of people in my life. Everyone in the group is friends, we get on so well we even joke and say that we’re a family. Being so comfortable around my fellow group members allows me to express myself, blossom and be creative and this in turn helps me to develop as an actress and writer all the time. Having such a supportive and constructive creative environment available is fantastic, and does wonders for your confidence and self esteem.

When you show up to a workshop on a Tuesday night having had a crap day or week you know you’re going to leave with a smile on your face because the chemistry and energy in the group is amazing, it just lifts your spirits immediately when you step into the same room as them.


What we have in our group is really special, the dynamic is unbeatable and because we’re a newly established Youth Theatre there’s a certain excitement and buzz in the air as we can feel ourselves starting to take flight. The next couple of years will be exciting for us as we’ll have our first couple of shows together and we’ll all be able to say that we helped to build what will hopefully in a few years be a Youth Theatre big and bold enough to rival Dublin Youth Theatre from the ground up, and that really is special.

I’m truly honoured to be a part of the group, and I love everybody in it with all my heart.

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A very different colour wheel…

March 14, 2012

A very different colour wheel…

We’ve done lots of painting workshops……and still my grasp on the primary and secondary colours is questionable! I reckon I am not alone in that, so instead of filling in another colour wheel, we found another way of helping to develop awareness of colour and at the same time experience another art form- dance! With the ever fantastic facilitator and choreographer Mark Rogers we created a dance workshop based around the primary colours. We are lucky enough to have access to a studio, technicians, coloured lights and a sprung wooden floor for dance, but these workshops could be replicated in any PE or large hall, with just some coloured material, a CD player and some simple exercise techniques for building up a short movement piece. If you are interested in replicating some of the ideas in the workshop please drop me a mail ( and I can forward you a more comprehensive outline of the workshop.…


We used a couple of meters of lining material in the primary and secondary colours (we also used a few extra colours for group work-depends on the size of the group) for these workshops.


Mark works by encouraging the students to 'get their thinking caps on' to create or devise their own dance piece in groups and then each group performs in front of their follow students. The ‘audience’ discusses what they liked and what they thought the performers where trying to portray and why.


So, to get going, after introducing ourselves and warming up as one large group, we had a bit of chat about the primary colours, what are these colours? Why are they important, what do they do? The answers to these questions fed directly into the creation of their dance piece…


We talked about what kind of feelings or images the particular colours gave us…. what does RED make you think about, what does it remind you of? Fire! Strawberries! Stop signs! Anger! The group decided which element they wanted to use and then created an action/movement to represent each primary colours.

So Red= Stop = both hands out- stretched, with palms up.

Yellow=the Sun= both arms stretching out like the rays of the sun rising.

Blue= the Sea= swimming movement with arms.


We did exercises to help recognise the beat in a piece of music, to become more aware of our body’s movement to music....



....and experimented with how the material moves...



Some students really got into it....before the group were split into smaller groups...


Each of the smaller groups then got to work creating their own movement pieces for the secondary colours… and incorporating a sheet of colour into their movement piece. These group exercises gave the opportunity for plenty of discussion, a lesson in democracy, leadership...  


and experimentation! 


All the ideas and dance moves where put together and there was time for a quick practice before the house lights went down and each group performed their devised movement piece with the aid of coloured lights and music. They looked great and we had lot of positive feedback from participants and teachers, and I’m sure that all the students will now remember all the primary and secondary colours ... for a while, at least!


Next in the Focus On...Series we will concentrate on Landscapes and Urbanscapes. Find out more here.

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