February 28, 2012

We hoped to get 20 people involved. But we got 60! Draíocht is delighted with the wonderful response to this community theatre project. Our Artist in Residence, theatre director Liam Halligan, is very excited about the possibilities that are arising from working with such a large, varied and smashing group of people. We are currently working through the second stage of the process. Stage 3 will take place in July. The objective is to build a group dynamic, to build confidence, to have fun, to collaborate, to share stories, to inspire each other and to create something that matters. The themes and content of the final piece are emerging … themes of faith, belonging, mistrust of our political, financial and religious institutions … what does the future hold? The project will culminate in a number of public performances in Draíocht taking place at the end of November 2012. Stay tuned for more info or email emer@draiocht.ie 

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September 28, 2011


Draíocht is offering a drama project which includes free acting classes for people resident in the Dublin 15 area.

How is this possible? 
Well, The Arts Council and Fingal County Council are funding a one year Theatre Artist in Residence programme in Draíocht for 2011/2012 and we are delighted that Liam Halligan will take up this position in November.

So who can participate? 
Anybody between the ages 16 and 116! In fact, we are looking for individuals who have no or very little acting experience. We need a good mix of age, background and gender so once you’re 16 or over, then we’d like to talk to you.

When does it start? 
Liam will meet with individuals and groups from November 2011 to February 2012 to explain the Project in detail. Various groups of 8/10 people each will be formed and the acting workshops will take place in Draíocht from March-May 2012. Times will be arranged to suit the participants.

Is there a next stage? 
Liam would like to create a piece of theatre based on issues that come up during the acting workshops. Approximately 15 people from the various groups will be invited to work with Liam for a further 6 workshops during the month of June. These will take place in the evening time. Liam will write a final script over the summer.   

What about performance? 
The final group of 15 will come back in September 2012 to rehearse and perform the play in Draíocht’s Studio Space in November 2012.

What will it cost?  
Nothing but time, commitment and a sense of adventure.

What do I do if I or my community group are interested in getting involved? 
Get in touch with Emer McGowan, Draíocht’s Director by phone 01 8098027 or by e-mail emer@draiocht.ie and let her know that you’d like to hear more.

We have an application form that we can send you.

Liam Halligan is an established actor, tutor, theatre director and theatre maker nominated as Best Director for two productions by the Irish Times Theatre Awards

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