A very different colour wheel…

March 14, 2012

A very different colour wheel…

We’ve done lots of painting workshops……and still my grasp on the primary and secondary colours is questionable! I reckon I am not alone in that, so instead of filling in another colour wheel, we found another way of helping to develop awareness of colour and at the same time experience another art form- dance! With the ever fantastic facilitator and choreographer Mark Rogers we created a dance workshop based around the primary colours. We are lucky enough to have access to a studio, technicians, coloured lights and a sprung wooden floor for dance, but these workshops could be replicated in any PE or large hall, with just some coloured material, a CD player and some simple exercise techniques for building up a short movement piece. If you are interested in replicating some of the ideas in the workshop please drop me a mail (sarah@draiocht.ie) and I can forward you a more comprehensive outline of the workshop.…


We used a couple of meters of lining material in the primary and secondary colours (we also used a few extra colours for group work-depends on the size of the group) for these workshops.


Mark works by encouraging the students to 'get their thinking caps on' to create or devise their own dance piece in groups and then each group performs in front of their follow students. The ‘audience’ discusses what they liked and what they thought the performers where trying to portray and why.


So, to get going, after introducing ourselves and warming up as one large group, we had a bit of chat about the primary colours, what are these colours? Why are they important, what do they do? The answers to these questions fed directly into the creation of their dance piece…


We talked about what kind of feelings or images the particular colours gave us…. what does RED make you think about, what does it remind you of? Fire! Strawberries! Stop signs! Anger! The group decided which element they wanted to use and then created an action/movement to represent each primary colours.

So Red= Stop = both hands out- stretched, with palms up.

Yellow=the Sun= both arms stretching out like the rays of the sun rising.

Blue= the Sea= swimming movement with arms.


We did exercises to help recognise the beat in a piece of music, to become more aware of our body’s movement to music....



....and experimented with how the material moves...



Some students really got into it....before the group were split into smaller groups...


Each of the smaller groups then got to work creating their own movement pieces for the secondary colours… and incorporating a sheet of colour into their movement piece. These group exercises gave the opportunity for plenty of discussion, a lesson in democracy, leadership...  


and experimentation! 


All the ideas and dance moves where put together and there was time for a quick practice before the house lights went down and each group performed their devised movement piece with the aid of coloured lights and music. They looked great and we had lot of positive feedback from participants and teachers, and I’m sure that all the students will now remember all the primary and secondary colours ... for a while, at least!


Next in the Focus On...Series we will concentrate on Landscapes and Urbanscapes. Find out more here.

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Take a Child to the Theatre Today

March 14, 2012

20 March 2012

Every year ASSITEJ centres across all continents celebrate the World Day of Theatre for Children and Young People on 20th March. For the next three years, the global association will be uniting theatres across the world in conveying one message: TAKE A CHILD TO THE THEATRE TODAY.

The main purpose of the World Day is to attract the attention of a wider public to the art of theatre for children and young people. The TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY campaign aims to engage with the theatre community, government departments, the private sector, and the general public to advocate for the value of theatre in the lives of children and young people. The TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY campaign goes to the heart of what ASSITEJ is all about, working to ensure that all children and young people have access to the arts.

Events during the World Day may be special performances, open rehearsals, lectures, exhibitions, articles in newspapers and magazines etc. Events are primarily organised by national ASSITEJ centres or by theatre companies or theatre organisations.

TYA (Theatre for Young Audiences) Ireland, the ASSITEJ Centre here, will use this year’s World Day to launch the campaign TAKE A CHILD TO THEATRE TODAY which will run throughout the year and see companies and venues promote professional theatre experiences for all young citizens in Ireland. “Unless children are given the opportunity to fall in love with the theatre experience, we will have no theatre industry in the future,” Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ.

On the day members are encouraged to create events to celebrate theatre for young audiences throughout the country: Graffiti Theatre Company in Cork will present 2 performances of Walking Man by Jody O’Neill in its theatre in Blackpool / Púca Puppets will be celebrating World Day of Theatre for Children on the 22nd of March with a special performance of Tic Teac for the Rutland Street Preschool / Barnstorm is on national tour with A Murder of Crows by Mike Kenny in theatres throughout the country (they will be in Glór in Ennis on 20th March). We would also encourage theatres, arts centres and cultural institutions to open their doors to young citizens on the day and encourage participation in our cultural heritage (for some a first step!).

Each year a significant world leader/artist in theatre for young people is asked to write the message for the ASSITEJ World Day. This year, it is Suzanne Lebeau, celebrated and multiple award-winning French-Canadian playwright who is the author of over 20 plays (translated into 13 languages) and co-founder of Montreal's Le Carrousel Theatre Company. Supported by creative research that breaks through limits and boundaries, artistic directors Suzanne Lebeau and Gervais Gaudreault have used their passion to form a repertoire of original works that are considered to be milestones in the history of theatre for young audiences. Her significant contribution to children's theatre has earned her numerous awards and honours in Canada and abroad, including being named a Knight of the Ordre de la Pléiade.

ASSITEJ International is a world network of Theatre for Children and Young People. It was created to facilitate the development of this vibrant sector to the highest artistic level. The World Day happens every year on 20th March and is a celebration of the diversity of our work in this field.'
Further information: Philip Hardy, TYA Ireland (Chair), Tel: 056-7751266 / e: philip@tya-ireland.org

Draiocht has a number of events programmed for Families and Schools during March to June, including Free Family Art Days, shows for families 'Under a Different Light' from Italy, 'Walking Man' from Graffiti, 'Kindur' from Italy and many more events. Find out more at these links or email sarah@draiocht.ie :

For a list of Draiocht's Family Events go here
For School and Youth Arts Events go here

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Welcome to d15’s Youth Theatre blog by Izzie Philips!!

March 9, 2012



Here at d15 we're all a bit mad. We're all about theatre and we portray that as much as we can.

There's 23 of us here, ranging in ages 13 to 18. We all get on and we have become almost like a family.

At d15 you can be yourself, nobody judges you and you can let the worries of reality slip away. It acts as 
an escape for most members, a break from school work or annoying parents, we all know life can be a bit stressful every now and then, but no matter what mood I'm in I'm always looking forward to 7:00 Tuesdays!!

Last Tuesday we all received our scripts! We were all very exited because we have never worked with scripts before.

People grew very animated as we practiced our scripts using different techniques. The scripts range from popular girls 
to a nagging Italian housewife to dying ship-mates.

We are hoping to hold a showcase pretty soon, we need to keep in mind that some members have 
exams, so we will have to find a suitable time for it!

All stars have the ability to shine!


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Some D15 Youth Theatre Blogging…

March 6, 2012

Some D15 Youth Theatre Blogging…

After my recent foray into the world of blogging (one blog so far!), I thought we could start a blog about our Youth Theatre- so everyone can see how fabulous they are! It’ll work as a record of what we’ve done and where we are going, while letting anyone who is interested in Youth Theatre know a bit about the mysterious inner workings of a Youth Theatre. To kick it off here’s a bit about the group. 

Now in our second term of our first year, we currently have 23 young people aged between 13-18years. We meet every Tuesday evening, for sessions with Mark Rogers, Ann Ryan and Eimear Morrissey. So far we have worked on everything from improvisation to Stanislavski technique to dance, we have seen a number of productions: The brilliantly imaginative “Six Characters in Search Of a Author” in The Project Theatre performed by DYT (Dublin Youth Theatre), we have experienced Opera in the shape of “The Magic Flute” by Opera Theatre Company, and been introduced to Physical Theatre by Cois Ceim’s “Touch Me”. We were lucky enough to have a great follow up workshop with Philippa Donnellan from Cois Ceim.


With Philippa from CoisCeim

Coming up we have a date to see “Wheelchair on my Face” by Fishamble: The New Play Company and have just begun working towards a showcase for the end of April.

working on Scripts

Knowing how creative our Youth Theatre happens to be, it seems that the most qualified to write, review and record the Youth Theatre- is the Youth Theatre. So from next week they’ll do just that, one or two participants will take on reviewing what we are doing each Tuesday, as well as telling us a bit about themselves, what they think about theatre, what they thought of the plays we have seen or a technique they have learned… anything theatre-y really.


We are lucky to have a few bloggers in the groups, so after a bit of blog delegation, first up we’ll have Izzy Philips with a review of last week, followed by a short opinion piece….so lets see how we get on…

Sarah (sarah@draiocht.ie)

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Family Day: NOT making valentine cards!

February 11, 2012

Family Day: NOT making valentine cards!

We had 69 children and their families join us to NOT make Valentine cards for this Family Day. While everyone else was busy creating cards for those they love, we created works of art like an artist we love. After the great work that was produced during our Giacometti family Day, we decided to concentrate on another famous artist and his Starry Night and Sunflowers....


 Family Day

As we work in the gallery space, we usually use dry materials, so we attempted to recreate Van Gogh's painting techniques and brush strokes using some lovely quality oil pastels, instead of oil paint. 

Our trusty team of artists prepared plenty of coloured paper, putting masking tape around the edge of the paper- this is a great technique for giving an art work a clean finish and border...

The whole page was then covered in lots of bright oil pastels...


  ....before being completely covered over again using black or dark oil pastels. Some of the top layer of black oil pastel was then scratched off using small strokes with a safety match (or paperclip). This action mimicked Van Gogh's brush strokes and revealed the colour underneath and produce some beautiful pieces of art work.

We also had some great direct reproductions of Van Gogh's work, again using small movements, creating texture and movement as this great artist did.


Next family day will run on Sat 24th of March 2012, we'll be making Rain Sticks, So I am busy collecting toilet rolls from everyone here in Draíocht at the moment. I reckon I have collected about 200 so far.....

 ...just about another 200 to go. So, if you are at a loose end come on in and try your hand at turning a toilet roll into a musical instrument. We hope to be very successful at creating some great sounds and hopefully not so successful at creating any great rains!

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