New Year, New Members!

January 30, 2013

New Year, New Members!

Since we’ve last updated, D15 Youth Theatre has acquired many new members. We are now well into another year and the group is just as excited as we were on day one.

 Over the past few weeks we’ve been introduced to may new faces, most of which were also attached to the heads of the new members, and while the group has been getting acquainted we’ve also been dancing, creating, space jumping and shouting at people on invisible ponies.


For those of you who are still not too sure of what we’re about, let me explain how I see our group:

These are the times we will talk to our kids and friends (and anyone who will listen) about when we’re older. That time Leanne was a cow for no adequately explored reason. That piece with masks when Daire’s scream stopped my heart. That time we did ‘The Time Warp’ and ‘We Go Together’ on constant repeat until we fell over each-other. That time when they were all in a pool and Heather laughed to the point of tears.


To paraphrase my favorite book of 2012: Right now these moments are not stories, this is happening, I‘m here. I can see it, this one moment when you know you’re not just a sad story, you are alive and you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder and you’re listening to that song on that drive with the people that you love the most in the world. In that moment, we are infinite.

I know there are people who forget what its like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen. But this time and these things will be so much more memorable and important than anything we could possibly learn from a textbook.

And on that note, with the plan of world domination well in motion, D15 Youth Theatre are set to dominate the mortal inhabitants of  Dublin, then, the world.

 Your future leader, Heather Fitzpatrick, Signing off.

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January 7, 2013


We are starting off the New Year with a fantastic project for local 5th and 6th classes. There is only one week to apply, so if you are interested please find further details and an application form below.


Dreamweavers- STORYHOOPS is a Draíocht Arts Education Project for 5th and 6th class students, created and facilitated by textile artist Gina Faustino. 


The project consists of a series of workshops carried out by Gina, with three classes in their school. The STORYHOOPS will be created using a hula-hoop, wool fiber, a variety of colourful fabrics, textures, and a meaningful/symbolic fabric/ribbon/yarn belonging to each participant. The wool fiber will be used to create hand-felted ropes which will be the backbone of the STORYHOOP. Each ’Dreamweaver’ will then weave their life story, or a story they would like to tell, in coloured fabric-(ie. each year of their life might be a different colour; an important event might be marked with a change of fabric, ribbon, a button, a stitch) Dreams and aspirations are woven intermittently or at the end. This project supports the arts curriculum’s Fabric and Fibers strand, as well as touching on storytelling and composition.


The Dreamweaver’s STORYHOOPS and written stories will then be collectively exhibited in a short term gallery installation in Draíocht’s first floor gallery space in late February 2013.

After exhibition, schools can chose to install the work as a permanent/semi-permanent abstract art work in their school, or each student can take their own piece home as a keepsake from the project.

5th and 6th classes in Dublin 15 primary schools are eligible to participate, but places are limited to 3 classes, so an application process is in place. One class from a school can participate.

The project will have the following elements:

  • 6 (1.5hr) visual arts sessions with Gina Faustino in the school class room (1 per week of project), beginning the week of Monday 22nd January 2013.
  • 1 Gallery installation and launch with invited families and guests

Dates and times for sessions will be confirmed with schools when their participation is confirmed this month. Please take into account that the class must be free to participate in all sessions of each element of the project, schedules will be made available in advance of the project’s start.


 This project will be managed and resourced by Draíocht. Schools will be asked to contribute €45 participation fee. All other costs will be met by Draíocht. (If this cost is an issue for your school please do get in touch with Sarah Beirne)

  • If you are interested in participating please download and complete the application form here and return it to Sarah in Draíocht by post or hand-alternately, feel free to fill answers into the body of an e-mail to
  • If you have any questions or would like to discuss this project in more detail, please contact Sarah on 01 8098029.
  • The closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday, 15th January 2013.  Successful schools will be informed by phone on Thursday 17th January 2013.

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#CreateAtHome - Printing Christmas Cards

December 17, 2012

December 2012

We printed some very beautiful Christmas Cards at our Family Day last Saturday, with the help of our artists Jenny, Deirdre, Gen and Andrew.

If you want to make some printed Christmas cards like these at home, you can make a version of what we did with the help of a bit of recycling!
Just keep the polystyrene trays that fruit and vegetables sometimes come in and any wrapping, posters or sheet of paper that have a plastic feel to them that might come in your letter box.

Start by using a pen to draw into the Polystyrene, marking out whatever picture you would like to print. Then roll out some paint - we used printing ink and perspex, but acylic paint would do the job and you could spread it onto the plastic coated advertisment that came through your door. This is so the paint is nice and thin.

Best to get you hands on a roller, which you can get from most art supply shops - but a paintbrush will work too.

Next, roll the paint out on to the polystyrene picture (as shown above), thinly and evenly and then press it down onto some paper.

Give it a good rub, pull it off and hey presto, you have a print!

Another idea is to cut up the polystyrene (or thick cardboard would do), then arrange and glue your cut out shapes onto a square of carboard, in a design you like. Roll over your design with an inked up roller. The paint will attach only to the design, as it is raised away from the cardboard base. You have created a stamp. Place your inked stamp down onto a sheet of paper and once again, give it a good rub. When you take it off, only your design should remain.


You can print these stamps over and over again in as many coloures as you would like. 
Once the print has dried you can glue it on to some card and discover that you will never have to buy a Christmas card again!

We also improvised and made some Christmas decorations for our tree with the left over print templates.

Enjoy printing & stamping at home and have a lovely Christmas.



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October 8, 2012

The last week in September we where lucky enough to have a fantastic workshop with Niall Delahan of Wassa Wassa Workshops. 3rd to 6th class students from around Dublin 15 participated in these exciting, hands-on workshops that gave students a fantastic opportunity to explore their creativity through music. The students where introduced to traditional African drumming by Niall, who has travelled all over West Africa collecting all of these lovely drums and learning his craft.



Sitting in a circle, everyone got a chance to play different drums in his very impressive collection,  which included two different types of drums, inlcluding some DunDun's....



...and two base drums that one of two students with aparticaullty keen ear used to keep the beat...and to keep the rest of us in line!



We learned how rhythms are formed, a bit about the culture of drumming in different West African counties, how the drums were made and even how he posted them back to Ireland. There was of course lots of noise and fun too-and everyone got to do a solo. By the end of these workshops, most classes had completed an entire piece of music that they could play together as a large ensemble- not something you get to do every day…and certainly not usually after just one workshop!

Focus on workshops run throughout the year for Primary and Secondary cycle students in a range of arts activities to find out more contact or the box office on 01 8852622.

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September 6, 2012


Do you have an interest in Theatre and drama?

Do you like having fun?

Making new friends?

Would you like to try new things??

D15 Youth Theatre could be for you...........

D15 Youth Theatre is now going into its second year. We currently have 20 members aged between 13years-19years and now, we have room for a few more. So if you are intersted or would like to find out more, then come along to our group audition or you can also read more from our members on this blog.

The Audition will take place on Tuesday, 18th September @ Draíocht 7pm-9pm.


We will begin with a chat about the audition and what will be involved in participating in D15 Youth Theatre.  You will then take part in a group workshop.  This workshop will involve some group activities and some script work.  Don’t be nervous – being able to work as part of a group, take guidance and pick up new things is every bit as important as previous experience.


The Audition is NOT based on talent alone; participants are selected with regard to the following aim: 

We aim to establish a good gender mix, from a range of abilities and backgrounds and so, will select participants based on the following criteria: 

•Gender balance 

•Social/geographical mix 

•Inclusion of ages 13 years-18 years

•Interest and passion for theatre


If you are interested, you can drop into Draiocht, email or download an application form here and fill it in and then get it back to us by hand, by mail or by post.


We will let each participant know by letter if they have been selected by Tuesday 25th September 2012.  Should you be offered a place, the first term will run weekly from Tuesday 2nd October to Tuesday 11th of Dec 2012. There is a €10 membership fee for the term and a €2 weekly contribution. We have a number of access places available at no cost, should the price be a problem.  You can speak with me in confidence about this.


For further information join D15 Youth Theatre on facebook or contact me on 01 8098029 or if you have any further questions.


We look forward to seeing you at the auditions and wish you luck on the day!

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