24 Plays - 4 Nights - Home Theatre Ireland - Dublin Theatre Festival 2018 10-13 October

October 10, 2018

Home Theatre (Ireland) ... Our Place. Our Stories.
We did it ... On Saturday 6th October, here's what happened in Dublin 15 ... 90 Performances ... 30 Homes ... 47 Theatre Artists ... 30 Ambassadors ... 11 Filmmakers ... all in 1 Night ... And now one HUGE D15 Family ... Bonded through laughter & tears by this emotional roller coaster project!

NOW we bring the plays from YOUR homes to OUR home, to Draiocht's Main Stage for DTF18. It's going to be AMAZING! Thank you to every single person so far!


Wednesday Night - 10 OCT 2018 8PM 
Tickets: €18 / €16 conc / Multiple Nights: €15 / Groups 10+ €15

The World According To Richard
For Richard Dixon by Sonya Kelly
Performed by Philip Judge  
Directed by Conall Morrison
Richard Dixon is a man from Tyrrelstown who has seen the world. Then he got married, had triplets, got a dog and a turtle, and he saw the world all over again. In his very own living room.

Machine Learning
For Rucha Sohoni by Tom Swift
Performed by Emma Willis
Directed by Cathal Cleary
Sometimes Rucha is shy, sometimes she just can’t cope with being sociable. But when she downloads a digital replica of herself to stand in for those awkward social situations, it gets complicated. What happens when your temporary replacement wants to replace you for good?

We’re a Long Way from Home
For Jean Grey by Louise Lewis
Performed by Louise Lewis  
Directed by Annabelle Comyn
‘I should’ve kicked up but I wasn’t that way ye know.’ What does it take to change things, a daydream, a theatre show, a self-assertiveness course? Life isn’t always what it seems behind our own front doors. 

The Good Woman
For Adaku Ezeudo by Nancy Harris
Performed by Amanda Azams
Directed by Conall Morrison
The story of one woman's journey from Nigeria to Ireland. And the myriad of stories within stories that one story can contain.

Caroline’s Wedding
For Rose Emmet by Elaine Murphy
Performed by Elaine Murphy
Directed by Cathal Cleary
Caroline is finally getting married but the stress of planning the perfect day is taking it’s toll. Luckily her new neighbours in Mulhuddart are on hand to keep her calm. Can they convince her to let it go and let the day unfold? 

Linnets & Phibbles
For Oscar Hogan by Little John Nee
Performed by Little John Nee
Directed by Claire O’Reilly
‘Linnets and Phibbles’ was written as a gift to Oscar Hogan, a glimpse of my glimpse into his world, I hope it is a worthy celebration of the time we spent together, I have no idea how to describe it, Samuel Beckett meets Ivor Cutler meets Daniel Johnson in Legoland.


Thursday Night - 11 OCT 2018 8PM 
Tickets: €18 / €16 conc / Multiple Nights: €15 / Groups 10+ €15

Number 14
For Farouq Raheem by Natalya O’Flaherty
Performed by Natalya O’Flaherty
Directed by Louise Lowe
From young boy to young man, this piece uses the contemporary spoken word style to capture the glowing essence of 20 year old Farouq's rich and highly relevant life story. From his sporting passions to his experience of homelessness, Number 14 is a carefully crafted homage to its muse's unfathomable positivity in the face of hardship.

One Fish, Two Fish, Bella Fish, Killian
For Bella Estie by Finbarr Doyle
Performed by Megan McDonnell
Directed by Claire O’Reilly
Bella is 10. She's from ... well, she's from a lot of places. And she's going to tell you all about them. 

For Christy Muldoon by Paul Mercier
Performed by Eamonn Hunt
Directed by Conall Morrison
A play about home and belonging. A man struggles to hold onto the sense of the place that defines him and the memory that sustains him.

For Michelle O’Connor by John Morton
Performed by John Morton
Directed by Conall Morrison
Henry likes living in Carpenterstown. But he's worried that some wildlife might be taking over. He's got some survival tips for you.

For Pat Farrell by Shaun Dunne
Performed by Shaun Dunne & Pat Farrell
Directed by Claire O’Reilly
Manifestation, meditation and Iron Man.  Pat is on a journey. This is his true story.

Sisters of Fortlawn Drive
For Sisters’ Mary & Anne by FeliSpeaks
Performed by FeliSpeaks
Directed by Liam Halligan
A homage to the work of two presentation sisters in their community and to the spiritual self that lives in all of us.


Friday Night - 12 OCT 2018 8PM 
Tickets: €18 / €16 conc / Multiple Nights: €15 / Groups 10+ €15

The Ballad of Betty Bolger
For Betty Bolger by Marc MacLochlainn
Performed by Ruth Lehane
Directed by Louise Lowe
The remarkable story of Betty’s childhood in Dublin. A childhood that was glorious at times but not without its hardships. We remember this time and the friendships she made with people who are still her best friends. 

Hungry for the win
For Milica Stankovic by Eva O’Connor
Performed by Eva O’Connor
Directed by Cathal Cleary
It's 4 am and Milica can't sleep. Tomorrow she'll play the biggest basketball match of her life. She excited, sick with nerves, and wearing her lucky socks. To pass the time she sends a voice note to the playwright who has been hassling her for info on her life. 

2 Squirrels
For Rachel Galvin by Sorcha Fox
Performed by Sorcha Fox
Directed by Cathal Cleary
A short play about one woman's journey from addiction to recovery. It's about starting again, struggle, big sisters, great strength and squirrels. 

We Are Humans First
For Jagan Muttumula by Gavin Kostick
Performed by Shadaan Falfeli
Directed by Conall Morrison
Jagan stood the entire time we talked. He on his side of the breakfast bar and I seated on the other. Now and then he referenced a picture on the wall or an ornament on a window-sill. I think we got on. I listened and asked questions and he answered them all. One exchange I didn't use. I asked him when was he happiest? He said, 'you mean when I was young, or any time?' I said 'any time'. He looked liked the question was odd. 'I'm always happy', he said wistfully.

‘It’ll never happen to me’
For Sarah Kehoe by Sharon Mannion
Performed by Sharon Mannion
Directed by Liam Halligan
A new mother and a troubled youth share their stories, in a comedic look at how we deal with mental health issues in Ireland. 

An Audition
For James O’Higgins Norman by Fionn Foley
Performed by Fionn Foley
Directed by Liam Halligan
The audition can be a gruelling experience. But what if the role you're auditioning for is something that will never fit you? What happens to those who fall outside the prescribed system? 


Saturday Night - 13 OCT 2018 8PM 
Tickets: €18 / €16 conc / Multiple Nights: €15 / Groups 10+ €15

For Maureen Penrose by Deirdre Kinahan
Performed by Mary O’Driscoll
Directed by Claire O’Reilly
After the sudden death of a dominating and deeply controlling husband, Rose finally thinks to open up her front door and finds a world of possibilities! A poignant and funny little play performed by the wonderful Mary O'Driscoll.

For Zaida Fernandez by Clare Barrett
Performed by Clare Barrett
Directed by Louise Lowe
Who knows what way any game will end?  But if you don’t take a seat at the table you’ll never know! Want to play? 

For Mark O’Reilly by Jody O’Neill
Performed by Jody O’Neill
Directed by Louise Lowe
Lizzie, a listener, is a creature of habit. She sticks to the same routine, day after day after day after month after month after year until … The Day That Everything Changes. But we’ll come back to that later …

Make America Great Again
For Donagh Corby by Colin Murphy
Performed by Gavin Fullam
Directed by Cathal Cleary
A would-be boxer finds an alternative ambition in sports writing. But his journey into journalism leads him into dark places and he contemplates going off to war. Join him for his farewell party.

To Us, From Us
For Natasha Estie by Jeda de Brí
Performed by Ali White
Directed by Claire O’Reilly
Natasha traces her roots all over the world from South Africa to Dublin 15. 

My Daughters, Our Mother
For Haleemat Inaoliji by Dylan Coburn Gray
Performed by Dylan Coburn Gray
Directed by Annabelle Comyn
My Daughters / Our Mother is about a family. It's about what they have in common, both with each other and with the rest of the world. It's about how language is like music, music DNA, DNA food, food a child.



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