CoisCeim Duets at Draiocht in March

March 13, 2014

Experience an evening of unforgettable storytelling from CoisCeim Dance Theatre. The award-winning ‘Swimming With My Mother’ and ‘Missing’ are two extraordinary shows by David Bolger.

A joyful celebration of things we pass on and the things we inherit, ‘Swimming With My Mother’ is performed by David and his mother Madge. In this intimate dance, their life stories are told with humour to the sultry tones of Nat King Cole.

Can you imagine what it might feel like if a loved one went missing? The dance poem, ‘Missing’, is a reminder of the fragility and beauty of moments shared. Performed by the outstanding dancers Emma O’Kane and Tom Pritchard, ‘Missing’ sold out completely when it premiered at the Dublin Dance Festival last year.

Book Now for Coisceim's 'Swimming with my Mother' & 'Missing', coming to Draiocht on Tuesday 25 March, 8.15pm ... more info ... 

This is the programme note that David wrote for the premiere of MISSING in 2013:

A year and a half ago I started to research this new work, Missing. It took me a long time to navigate the subject matter. It’s so enormous, so varied, with so many difficult issues.

The more I research missing persons the more the subject matter moves me. I deeply feel for the families of the missing. The constant searching for loved ones, the non-closure, the “what ifs”. Imagine the pain of not being able to find a loved one, it must be unbearable. I believe this issue of missing people affects us all on a deep level. We might not be aware of the extent of its reach, but we all have crossed paths with it at some stage or another.

Each day on my way to the studio I pass a missing persons poster taped to a lamppost, and each day I watch as the image on the poster fades due to the weather. It makes me think of the importance of remembering the missing - that this person has loved ones whose lives have been completely changed forever by a disappearance.

My time researching with the dancers and the many organisations that help support loved ones of the missing has been a real eye opener. I have endeavoured to create a work that honours the memory of those missing, while being sensitive to those left behind– a dance poem than engages with a massive subject matter, while remaining human and resonating on a personal level. My hope is that this performance may trigger your own engagement with one of the most deeply affecting issues we face as a society today.

I dedicate this work to the missing and their families, mums, dads, sisters, brothers, relatives, and friends of the missing. I offer our dance to you in the hope that you find answers to the many questions left unresolved. 

David Bolger, May 2013


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