Collapsing Horse - Residency Continues at a Gallop

March 20, 2016


Collapsing Horse's residency continues at a gallop. Over mid-term we worked in Draíocht’s Studio with members of D15 Youth Theatre on an intensive week-long workshop introducing them to the Collapsing Horse working method. The main theme of the workshop was ‘Serious Playfulness’ a phrase we use all the time when making our work. We also brought in other facilitators to include other practices that feed into the theme: Cathal McGuire of Game Theory introduced ensemble work and ‘complicity’; Paul McDonnell from Macnas worked with the group on large scale puppetry and Maeve Stone of Pan Pan and Change of Address worked on sound design and music in creating work of a play.
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Coming up in April we will be working with animator Jody Barker Rockett, AV designer Mick Cullinan, composer Dan Forde and scientist and communicator Niamh Shaw on our new piece 46 Billion Light Years From Home. Part puppet show, part installation piece, part animated film, part immersive experience, part ballet - this is a sensory and artistic introduction to Astronomy for 4-6 year olds, told from the perspective of a little boy who goes to the edge of the observable universe. We'll be using Draíocht’s Studio facilities to project animated images of space and begin early work on creating that journey.


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