#CreateAtHome - Family Tree

May 13, 2020

This week, for our Family theme, we took inspiration from pinterest to create a Family Tree and we got all the family involved. Not everyone likes paint on their hands so it seems, so a few jelly treats along the way and we all got on grand. We even had our beloved pet cat having a look to see what was going on, but we thought best not to put his paw print on, just in case the paint would irritate him!

We had so much fun with our Family Tree, that we continued on and made another painting with each of our handprints in different colours, to mark our time together in lockdown. Albie finished it off by stamping our family name.

Paula & Albie


First, draw a beautiful tree, big enough to fit your family.

Next, choose your paint colour. We chose Green, but yours could be any colour or a mix of colours! You can pour some paint onto a plate, or sponge it onto your hands, or paint it onto your hands.

Albie's hand.

Tillie's hand.

Noah's hand.

Finally, Mammy & Daddy's hands!


And here is our other design, one hand on top of the other, using lots of colours. We started at the top with the biggest hand and worked our way down to the littlest.

And Albie created our family name in stamps.


More: https://www.draiocht.ie/blog/category/youth_arts_createathome


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