#CreateAtHome - Let’s Play Dressup

May 25, 2020

This week, we are inspired by our 'Superheros and Supervillains' theme to have some fun playing dressup, making masks and trying some facepainting.

It's time to raid the Halloween costumes, get some cardboard and make a mask or maybe try your hand at creating a shadow tube, for projecting some images onto your walls. 

Sarah sent us her very handy YouTube tutorial 'How to make a Ninja Mask out of a T-Shirt' which she's used to great effect many times!

She's pretty good at chopping up old green T-shirts too, for this Robin Hood theme.

Sarah's many talents also include facepainting, another brilliant form of disguise!

Another fun idea is to make your own mask. You can wear a princess dress as well if you like!

This Hippo Mask was a last minute life saver one day before school 'Mam, we've to wear a mask tomorrow'! ... 

There's also much fun to be had just using all your hats, scarfs, wellies and shoes to dress up. These 2 monkies also found some bubblewrap to complete their outfits. Anything goes with dressing up ... there are no rules, just fun!

And hats off to the creator of this wonderful homemade 'put your face in the hole' thingy ... quite the challenge!


And, we found yet MORE ideas for toilet roll tubes, to create your own 'Shadow Tubes' or 'Homemade Projectors'. Just add clingfilm and a torch and off you go! A super way to make use of all those stickers you have at home, especially if they are Superheros or Supervillains!



More: https://www.draiocht.ie/blog/category/youth_arts_createathome


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