#CreateAtHome - Origami Cat & Sugar Paper Lion

May 6, 2020

Inspired by Animals this week, Albie and Paula spent a lovely afternoon following a couple of Pinterest tutorials and chose to create an Origami Cat and a Sugar Paper Lion.


Origami Cat 

First we did some cat origami.
This was a very easy guide to follow but might be a little tricky for small hands. The end result is super cute though and you can make as many as you like, in different colours and also try different expressions and whisker designs. There are lots of great animal origami guides on Pinterest to try, so give it a go and pick your favourite animal.



Sugar Paper Lion

Then we decided we would draw a baby lion, which Albie painted and had lots of fun sticking on his mane with brown sugar paper, giving it a fabulous 3D effect. This was a great guide to follow and Albie loved improvising with the sugar paper mane. If you don't have coloured paper at home, just colour in your own with markers or colouring pencils and that will work just as well. Enjoy!



More: https://www.draiocht.ie/blog/category/youth_arts_createathome


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