#CreateAtHome - Paper Mache Book Cover

April 22, 2020

This week for our book cover theme, we decided to use up some more easter egg & cereal boxes and make our own books, using Paper Maché.

Instead of using valuable flour, I took a short cut and used a mixture of half pva glue to half water and gave it a good mix.
Using any scraps of paper (doesn't need to be newspaper) we did two coats of paper mache around the whole box, allowing time to dry between each coat.

Once it was fully dried, we painted it a lovely blue colour, to match the background colour of Albie's favourite book, 'The Going To Bed Book', and then stuck on Albie's hand-drawn design. A treasured memory for sure.

Paula Quinn, Children & Youth Arts Administrator & Albie


More: https://www.draiocht.ie/blog/category/youth_arts_createathome



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