#CreateAtHome - Print & Stamp with Recyclables With Deirdre O’Reilly

April 23, 2020

Artist Deirdre O'Reilly has created this wonderful workshop to help you explore different print making techniques. Printing allows children to explore the endless possibilities of shape and colour, line and pattern. Deirdre has chosen recyclable materials, found at home, that you can re-use to create original artworks. Once you’ve tried out all your textures now you can play around with using them multiple times to create your print. Below you’ll find some examples.
Happy Printing!


Water based printing ink works best, I did try a mix of poster paint and pva glue / acrylic medium and that also worked, but not as good as the printing ink.
A flat surface to roll your ink or brush your ink.
Inking roller or Paint brush.
Textured plastics/cards from recycling bin, look for as many different types. Leaves can also be used.
1. Set up your table, cover with newspaper 
2. Make some test prints to see what the different texture look like printed up. Some will work better than others . 
3. Roll your ink on a flat surface or paint directly on to the card / plastic. 
4. Lay the inked up texture on paper . Place another sheet of paper on top ( this will keep your page clean) press down hard over the complete surface. You can use your fist in a circular motion, a clean roller or even try a rolling pin.
5. Lift back the top sheet of paper
6. Carefully pull the texture back from your page.

Let's go!


Underside of a plastic box

Underside of a roast chicken container

Bottom of a plastic bottle and a plastic tray for cheese

Foam protector for a wine bottle

Fern leaf

Cardboard toilet roll insert. Card works really well with paint.

Fern & Bubble Wrap Pineapple

Rocket to the Moon


Draíocht's Family Art programme is ideal for ages 5-10 years, but younger and older siblings are welcome to try it out too.
Printing is fun, and is also messy, so make sure to DRESS FOR MESS!


More: https://www.draiocht.ie/blog/category/youth_arts_createathome


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