D15 Youth Theatre finishes up for the Summer ...

June 26, 2020

D15 Youth Theatre finishes up for the Summer and we asked Emily and our young members to reflect on how lockdown was for them. We were so delighted to be able to continue our weekly sessions every Tuesday night on Zoom. Have a lovely Summer and we'll see you guys Next Term!

"Moving to zoom was a strange transition but I have to thank our members for their resilience and drive to keep our wonderful Youth Theatre alive. We’ve had some laughs, some tears and some really bad wifi connections ... but we did it! Our zoom calls have come to an end but I cannot wait to get back into Draíocht and explore our new way of working. I know for sure that a powerful piece of theatre will bud from all this. The future is bright for D15YT and the stage is waiting for us!" 
Emily Matthews, D15YT Facilitator

A few words from our members ...

"We are surviving a global pandemic and are still smiling through it. We will be in the history books and that's something to be proud of."

"Lockdown was hard, it was really hard actually but all of D15YT, my parents and boyfriend, you guys made it that little bit easier and things will continue to get better."

"Even though the restrictions are preventing us from meeting up with our friends in the real world, we've all found ways to keep in contact.”

“I love that we work as a team and we're all very inclusive."

 "What kept me going through the Lockdown and not seeing anybody was this Youth Theatre, having a laugh and keeping up my spirits, something to look forward to every week."

"We've survived a global Pandemic we can do anything!"

See you guys Next Term!
Have a lovely Summer!
Emily, Paula & all the Team at Draíocht





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