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April 14, 2020

It’s safe to say things have been abnormal lately. Only a month ago the term “corona virus” was associated with a few sick people half way across the world and every day that statistic grew and more shapes on the map had an impending red dot decorating their surface. The last time the D15 Youth Theatre met was roughly a month ago when we joked about shaking elbows and not hands, masking the pandemic barrelling towards us like a truck with improv games. For just two hours the statistics were out of mind, we were smiling from ear to ear and running around Draiocht giddy and invincible to what we didn’t know was coming. Since then school has been carried out through email, our theatre’s home in Blanchardstown has become a ghost town, the strangers we pass on the street must stand six feet away and our hands are raw from washing them.

On Tuesday, April seventh a handful of us had our inaugural video class. Our meeting was sprinkled with pixelated faces, muzzy audio, a cowboy hat and some smooth jazz. Instead of standing in our circle formation on the blue-green linoleum floor of our usual headquarters, we sat in our bedrooms scattered all around Dublin. We all caught up and talked about how our time was being spent in our isolation, the consensus was a lot of Netflix, Animal Crossing but school work? Not so much.

Most Tuesdays we can simply reach out and there is another person at our fingertips, and another person at theirs, and so on and so on, but now there are miles between us. We are all quickly learning that social isolation can become emotional isolation all too soon. I think we are all very lucky to have such a tight knit group. Our youth theatre isn’t just an extra-curricular, ask anyone from our group and they will tell you we are a family. Our group chat has been lively with regular check ups and brainteasers over the past month. We plan to make the most of this time and find the silver lining in this dystopian disaster.

It is times like these that we turn to arts the most. Our TV sets are on, Netflix and Disney+ memberships are higher than they have been in a while, we are reading new books and listening to music. The worlds population is creating and consuming art as if it is oxygen, sharing and spreading ideas, shedding light on the worlds problems while simultaneously acting as an escape. Art is a need not a luxury, it enlightens our souls and surrounds us in our everyday lives. The D15 Youth Theatre will continue to create in this adversity. The possibilities are endless for us. Then and now, we will write and perform and manifest in new and innovative ways because that is what art does; it adapts, overcomes and connects.

Kate, D15YT Member


GO QUARAN-TEAM! … 'D15 Youth Theatre had their first Zoom meeting on 7 April ... it was great to see some familiar faces! It’s so important that we keep our hobbies going and our creativity flowing. We'll continue our weekly meetings online, as we create, challenge and communicate from our homes. Our plans include writing monologues, acting and recording some individual pieces. Stay tuned for more!'
Emily Matthews D15 Youth Theatre Facilitator


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