Dancing Sheep at Draiocht in June

May 15, 2012

Dancing Sheep at Draiocht in June

So Jo! 9 questions for Jo Hammett, Producer at Crying Out Loud, about 'Kindur - The Adventurous Life of Icelandic Sheep', coming to Draíocht as part of Spréacha 2012 this June ...

1. So Jo, tell me about PTO Company?

Erm, it’s TPO Company. TPO are an Italian children’s theatre company, their full name is Teatro di Piazza o d'Occasione and they call themselves TPO for short. Sometimes watching TPO’s work is more like watching a film or watching a dance piece or a painting then theatre and sometimes you have to stop watching and get up and have a go or be part of the performance from your seat.


2. So what does Kindur mean then?

Kindur is the Icelandic word for sheep and is the title of TPO’s new show. A few years ago they visited Iceland; to see the epic landscapes and to learn about the myths and legends of an ancient and majestic culture. The show you will see is about that journey, the images they saw, the sounds they heard and the elements they experienced. And it is lead by three graceful sheep.


3. Real sheep?

No! Touring with three real sheep would have been quite difficult. We have three dancers who take the roles of sheep and in addition virtual sheep.


4. Virtual Icelandic sheep?

Yep, TPO Company use motion capture sensors to help create the landscape of the Atlantic wilderness. Motion capture sensors are similar to the technology used inside the X-Box Kinect and Wii. There is a moment in the show when the dancers roll on the white dance mat and their movements are tracked by the sensors, which create beautiful colours so it looks like they are virtually painting with their arms and legs.



5. Cool.

Definitely. At the back of the theatre there are two large white screens, across which images of Iceland travel like a large moving image. And from time to time there is the occasional sheep.


6. That sounds fun. Is it fun?

Yep it’s fun, some of the audience are invited up on stage to play and if you’re not invited there are moments that you can interact from your seat.


7. How do ewe interact from your seat?

You (if you’re not an adult) are given a woolly heart to pin to your clothes. At times the heart will glow, which indicates that it’s time to get involved!


8. Wow! And Jo how do you fit into all this?

I work for a company called Crying Out Loud and we present and tour TPO Company. We’ve worked with them for ten years as we love their work.


9. And finally, what’s your favourite sheep joke?

What do you call a sheep with fangs? A Lamb-pire.


Now Booking at Draiocht:

Kindur - The Adventurous Life Of Icelandic Sheep
as part of Spréacha 2012


Main Auditorium Draiocht // Tickets €5 // Dur: 50 Mins

Booking Tel: 01-8852622
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