Des Kenny Reviews Amharc Fhine Gall VIII Unknown Knowns

November 18, 2011

Friday 18 November 2011

Amharc Fhine Gall VIII
Unknown Knowns

Ailve McCormack, Lisa Shaughnessy, Andrew Carson & Sally-Anne Kelly

This show in Draíocht grants recent art graduates living in Co Fingal the opportunity to exhibit and promote their art with curatorial assistance.

Sally-Anne Kelly examines, through photography, the experience or existence of a second self, almost like a doppel-ganger, if you wish. These two selves seem to compete for dominance over each other. Both selves striving for supremacy instead of co-operation and this disturbing duality frames the characters in a psychological setting which remains unresolved. This anxious state increases our curiosity to delve and decipher the final outcome for these characters.

Andrew Carson’s art explores the belief systems found in the ancient Egyptian book of the dead. How they equipped themselves for the next life, as it were. On one wall we have black gauze like material which depicts a shadow, giving the shadow a ghostly 3D dimension. A door in the centre of the gallery acts as a portal to the unknown. A lit candle captured on an i-phone, never extinguishing, running 24/7 on the gallery wall. Candles throughout art history have depicted the terse nature of life. Andrews candle does not diminish but shines with an everlasting glow. This work explores in a profound manner our wishful desire to understand our future demise.

Lisa Shaughnessy uses a variety of materials to create strange protuberant bulbous forms on the walls and melted configurations on the gallery floor. They appear; as if they are gluttonous, esurient remnants of a fire, ghost like forms of another material past. They push into the gallery space as if unrestrained and it is as if, only the artist can grapple and restrain the materials before they vitiate the whole gallery.

Ailve McCormack is a young curator who selected the artists for this show. Fingal’s invitation to this young curator is rewarded admirably by her understanding of placement of art in a gallery space. She does this by choreographing our visual experience and sightline in the gallery space with the use of diagonals. Andrews work is spaced on one diagonal direction and Lisa and Sally-Anne traverse this diagonal. The artists do not occupy their own specific isolated space but are interwoven like dancers on a stage. Performing, pirouetting and interconnecting in the space for our visual delight.

Des Kenny

Desmond Kenny is an artist based in Hartstown, Dublin 15. He is a self taught painter, since he began making art in 1986 he has since exhibited widely in Ireland and abroad, solo shows include Draíocht in 2001, The Lab in 2006 and Pallas Contemporary Projects in 2008. His work is included in many collections including the Office of Public Works, SIPTU, and Fingal County Council. Kenny's practice also incorporates print making and he has been a member of Graphic Studio Dublin since 2004.

Des Kenny, Rosie Fay & President of Ireland Mary McAleese



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