Draiocht is for you ... A Message from the National Campaign for the Arts

August 17, 2010

This centre is for you. Without it, and all the ways it makes you feel, Ireland will become a poorer place. Its cost to the state is modest, but its worth is great. It’s also fragile, and cannot endure further cuts. As Budget 2011 approaches, let your elected representatives know just how valuable Draiocht is to you.

Visit http://www.ncfa.ie to find out what you can do.
A message from the National Campaign for the Arts.

National Campaign for the Arts

Draiocht is a proud participant in, and supporter of, the National Campaign for the Arts, which is working to inform our politicians and the public that the arts are central to Ireland's economy, reputation and daily life. If you value artists and creativity as much as we do, log onto www.ncfa.ie and take action to support the campaign.

We Love Draiocht


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