Draiocht News Update - 26 June 2020

June 26, 2020

Welcome back to Draíocht!

"Monday 29th June is a big day for all of us at Draíocht. We reopen our much loved building, 105 days after closing it to the public on March 16th. We are opening it carefully and with consideration, adhering to Government guidelines and with all our signage and ppe in place. Over the next weeks and months, we will open our two Gallery Spaces (July 20th) and begin a programme of cinema screenings and live performances (September 9th)  for all of our audiences to enjoy.  We are delighted to be supporting  a number of artists over July and August through the provision of space and other supports, to enable them develop their incredible work for future presentation/engagement. We have always known the importance of Draíocht to our community, the role we play, the connections we make that can have real impact on people’s lives. The lockdown has given us the opportunity to value that even more and to hear from you about how much you want  to come back. As this is our last Ezine prior to our re-opening, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our funders, Fingal County Council and The Arts Council, Draíocht’s Board and Staff, and all the artists who have worked with us through the lockdown. And I want to thank you so much for engaging with us all the way through, for your feedback and support. It has kept us going. We are open and looking forward to seeing you. Come visit us (but in a socially distanced kinda way!)."

-Emer McGowan, Director

Opening hours from June 29th
Box Office Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
Betelnut Cafe Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm

Check out our website for our new Covid-19 guidelines HERE


#CruinniunanOg - It's Week 3

Cruinniú na nÓg
Presented by Draíocht in collaboration with Creative Fingal and Creative Ireland

With 35,000 Facebook views so far of our first 12 Videos, 18 Illustrated Activity Sheets, and 18 Commissioned Videos in total, we’re thrilled to reach Week 3 of our Creative Celebrations!

Thanks to the support of Creative Ireland and Fingal County Council, join us one last time this Saturday on our Facebook and YouTube Channels to enjoy another 6 free workshops, with artists Andrew Carson, Anne Cradden, Conor Donelan, Genevieve Harden, Emily Matthews and Jo Quinn.

Alan Nolan’s incredible Activity Sheets are available to download directly from our website HERE.

Try your hand at some Mindfulness with Jo Quinn!
Especially for ages 10+, but all ages welcome to try!


D15 Youth Theatre finishes up for the Summer

"We've survived a global Pandemic - we can do anything!" 
...Just some of the feedback from our Youth Theatre members, who finished up for the Summer last week with a final Zoom call.

"Moving to zoom was a strange transition but I have to thank our members for their resilience and drive to keep our wonderful Youth Theatre alive. We’ve had some laughs, some tears and some really bad wifi connections ... but we did it! Our zoom calls have come to an end but I cannot wait to get back into Draíocht and explore our new way of working. I know for sure that a powerful piece of theatre will bud from all this. The future is bright for D15YT and the stage is waiting for us!" 
-Emily Matthews, D15YT Facilitator

Read more from our members HERE

Why not try your hand at one of Emily’s Tongue Twisters:
Buh-Deh-Geh… Geh-Deh-Buh…



ARTIST RESIDENCIES RESUME - Susan Buttner is back!

Artist Susan Buttner returns to Draíocht's Studio next week and will stay until the end of the year.
She writes for us about her experience of working from home. Susan had just started her residency with us in early March, just before the Covid-19 lockdown and closure of Draíocht on 16 March.

Within the Covid 19 lockdown parameters, with no access to my studio, I began working from my kitchen, with my family and dog around, clothes drying and meals being cooked..."



We have been dancing up a storm for 10 weeks now, fully committed to continuing our weekly lessons digitally, for our Create Dance families.

You can read more about one of our all time favourite projects, Create Dance HERE.

We will see you all next term and leave you with this gorgeous feedback from one of our parents:  

“Please let Conor know we think he’s awesome. Conor is the equivalent to Elmo in our house. Please let him know we appreciate all his efforts, he is a superstar. And thank you Draíocht for still working and sending us emails. There has been a lot of feelings of abandonment for people with special needs (and parents). Thank you for not forgetting about us, we are grateful for you.”

The pleasure is all ours!



Mindful Activity Book

Jo Quinn from JogaYoga, and one of our Cruinniú na nÓg artists, has recently published her first mindful activity book! There are 12 pages of yoga poses to colour in and mindful exercises for the whole family.

'Sometimes when we're out for walks my kids just stop and sit down into their mindful body pose and tune into their senses' -Feedback from a parent about JogaYoga

Get yours here


Stagezone End of Year Video

Stagezone Theatre School has presented a show in Draíocht every year since 2002 and we have some amazing memories, from ‘Les Miserables’, ‘Oliver’, ‘Hot Mikado’, ‘Jungle Book’ and ‘The King and I’, to name but a few. In addition, Stagezone students present an annual end of year showcase. As they couldn't have their 2020 showcase last week in Draíocht, they’ve produced a video instead featuring some of their students, and we think they did a fantastic job working remotely.  Well done guys & we miss you all. ❤️


Many of our venue colleagues are reopening on Monday 29th June for the first time since March, just like us! We’d like to wish them all well! We hope to see you all soon!



These are tough times for arts venues all around the country. If you can support us at this time with a donation, no matter the amount, it would mean the world to us, or you can purchase a Gift Voucher for future use. We've been blown away by your generosity so far, so a huge thank you from all of us.

Do support our exhibiting Artists if you can by purchasing a print in our Online Gallery. You can secure a print with a 25% deposit or pay in full, so we can pay the artist promptly.

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Keep in Touch

From Monday our Box Office is open again 01-885 2622.

If you need something specific, the best way to contact any of our staff at the moment is by email. 

From our homes to your homes, when you need us, we will be there.
Tell us how we can help? Email marketing@draiocht.ie


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