Free Family Day Fun with Pigs and hedgehogs and…

February 2, 2013

Free Family Day Fun with Pigs and hedgehogs and…

Last Saturday we had the first Family Day of the year and it was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!


Some lovely Draíocht workers had been collecting 2 litre plastic bottles since well before Christmas and we used every single one of the 80 odd bottles that had taken over in and around my desk. 


Now those bottles have relocated to homes all over Dublin 15 and beyond as piggy banks and tigers banks… and cats and dogs, there was even an octopus......


........not to mention the giraffe and crocodile!


If you missed our family day, but have a 2lt bottle and a willingness to save, why not make your own animal bank.  You’ll need a glue stick, some coloured paper, a scissors and some toilet roll tubes.


Give your bottle a bit of a rinse and let it dry. Cut a slot in the side of the plastic bottle- an older person with a blade can come in handy here, but a scissors can do the job. Glue paper around the middle of the bottle, covering the slot and about 2/3rds of the central area of the bottle. Feel the slot you had created earlier and cut away the paper that has covered it over. Now, start to cut out the other features for your animal, like ears, eyes, and nostrils from construction paper. When making ears, leave a little extra paper (or tabs) so you have something to stick to the bottle. You can attach all your features with double-sided tape or glue. Cut legs from the toilet roll tubes, making each one about 1.5inches, you can shape these to the contours of the bottle, collage or cover with paper and tape all four to the bottle. Make a hole in back to insert a pipe-cleaner or art straw tail. If its a pig, make the tail curly, with a bit of a twist. Now start to save your money! Simple!




If you would like further instructions on this, or any of our workshops, please free to contact me ( Or you can come along and ask us in person at the next family day on 9th March  2013- we will be making some fancccy hats for St. Patricks Day.


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