Hello Blogging World :D by Leanne

March 20, 2012

Hello Blogging World :D by Leanne

So this week in the wonderful world of d15 youth theatre Ann and Eimear began to take us through our scripts.

Each group was given the chance to be creative with the scripts as we blocked more or less the first page of our scenes. It was really great to start putting actions to words. Everyone has different ideas of where the script should go and under our "mentors" the creative juices are flowing nicely.

The whole "creative" thing in our youth theatre is truely amazing. The ideas and concepts and jokes that come from a simple title or phrase is unbelievable. More often than not we surprise ourselves and laugh 'til we're sore.

D15 Youth Theatre has proven a great place to be unique and creative time and time again. I remember at my audition being shocked at how open everyone was. Every single person was creative and confident and,most surprisingly, genuinly nice people. Here everyone can be exactly who they are and I think that greatly contributes to , for want of a better word, awesomeness.

So to sum up for today:

    D15 Youth Theatre is amazing...deal with it : )


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