#HomeTheatreIreland Evaluation Report

April 15, 2020

It arrived just before lockdown and we can’t wait any longer to unveil it ... at least digitally for now!

Our Home Theatre Ireland Evaluation Report is published and we look forward to circulating it when we reopen.

For now you can access the PDF Digitally HERE.

Here are some beautiful words from Veronica Coburn, Artistic Director of the project …

‘The drive to create art is the highest of callings precisely because our literal survival does not depend on it. If we did not shape ideas and feelings in words and clay and paint, we would not actually die as we would if we did not eat food or drink water. Our existence, however, would be far less interesting and rich. We would, without our creative impulses, exist as other animals do. We would be born, we would live and we would die, without commentary, or understanding, or joyful imagining’

‘Dublin 15 boasts a rich and multifaceted population containing a myriad of stories that deserve to be told. Origin stories, stories of hardship, stories of innocence, stories full of joy, stories that seek to explore and understand, a person, a community, a society, a world. In the telling of these stories, people and communities become visible, cultural synapses ignite, and the foundation of a creative society, valuing kindness, inclusivity, honesty, respect, and rigorous commentary, is laid. In a time when it is difficult to believe in our cultural and political leaders, the sincerity of this grass roots approach is immeasurable. Our cultural institutions then take on the responsibility of caring for people, how they live, and the holistic development of our communities.’

‘The beating heart of HOME THEATRE (Ireland) was performance night on Saturday October 6th. Ninety performances telling thirty stories to thousands of people in living rooms across Dublin 15 … At approximately nine thirty that night I followed Samir and Duke Special and stood in the cold night to watch a paper lantern float up into the sky. My heart was full. My soul sated. My belief in us as a community, a society, replenished. For me, art had come to pass in the rich collaboration between artist and host, each acting as catalyst, the host unlocking the artist and the artist framing the host.’ 

Veronica Coburn


THANK YOUS from Emer McGowan, Director Draiocht

I want to thank our 30 hosts, who live right across Dublin 15, from our youngest, aged 10 to those more advanced in years and everyone in between. Thank you for coming on this adventure with us, for opening up your homes and more importantly for sharing your lives, your hopes and dreams with us. I want to thank our 30 ambassadors who gave us their time, energy and support. I want to thank our 19 theatre makers, 11 playwrights, 11 performers and 6 directors who engaged with us and our hosts with respect and integrity while producing 30 exceptional new theatre pieces.

I would also like to pay tribute to our funders, the Arts Council and Fingal County Council. 
Kerry Michael (UK) and Marcus Faustini (Brazil), the originators of HOME THEATRE projects.
I would like to thank Draiocht's Board of Directors, HOME THEATRE (Ireland) Project and Production teams, Draiocht's dedicated staff, both part time and full time, who work quietly in the background to make all our programmes happen.

And I would like to pay special tribute to my close collaborator, Veronica Coburn.


11 Filmmakers captured all 30 shows which you can enjoy HERE.


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