Light Up - Draíocht Building Projection Commissions 2021

February 1, 2021

We are delighted to launch ‘Light Up’, an artist led, community engagement Project, presented by Draíocht, in partnership with Fingal County Council. It sees Draíocht commission artists to create a series of images that will be projected on to our building over the darker months of 2021. It is one of a suite of responses from us to the challenges and opportunities that different levels of lockdown have presented around access to art for all and how we can continue to  support and work collaboratively with artists. 

Our building is currently closed to the public but these commissioned projections will provide points of connection between Draíocht, artists and the community we serve. They are a conversation starter, a focus for people of all ages to take a moment to look at something that is beautiful, that can bring joy, that is unexpected. They will be colourful, highly impactful and will make our building a living artwork, changing every few weeks.

Our first projections are works by illustrator Alan Nolan called ‘We Can Be Heroes’. Responding to a brief to create a work that was for children, that had a sense of new beginnings and optimism, Alan responded with a concept around 'kids as heroes'. 

He said  "We rightly laud our frontline staff as heroes for their work, but kids have been equally brave and have lost a huge chunks of their childhood -- they have missed out on birthdays, parties, school friends and school ceremonies; many have even lost loved ones. Yet they bounce back like heroes. Kids deserve to be honoured as such and to know that the coming year will be better."

We couldn’t have put it better!

Watch out for the downloadable sheet and accompanying instructional video designed by Alan around the ‘Super Hero’ theme. These can be done at home and in the classroom.
What will be on our building next? You’ll just have to wait and see!

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Coming Soon ... The announcement of our new Zoom Poetry project for families called ‘Super POWer Poetry’. Details will be shared soon!


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