Our Place Our Stories -  6 Artist Partners Announced

April 10, 2019


OUR PLACE, OUR STORIES is a project which facilitates a collaboration between 6 leading artists and 6 key communities of interest in Dublin 15, under the artistic directorship of Veronica Coburn (Home Theatre Ireland; Hallelujah!, Draíocht’s Community Clown Choir).
We are thrilled to announce our 6 artist partners: Shaun Dunne, FeliSpeaks, Dylan Coburn Gray, Colm Keegan, Junk Ensemble and Jody O’Neill. (pictured above)

Supported as part of the Creative Ireland Programme’s National Creativity Fund, with additional funding being provided by Fingal County Council, this project will take place in 2019, culminating on Culture Night, Friday 20 September 2019. With the emphasis for participants on articulation rather than performance, each outcome will be recorded with live performances facilitated if the group decides that. The Culture Night programme will include a screening of the Project documentary and the recorded participant performances. It will also include live performance of new 10 minute works created by each artist in response to their group. 

Each group will work through a variety of performing art forms and each will focus on a different community of place or interest. Because of the young demographic of Dublin 15 and Draíocht's subsequent commitment to this age group, two groups will be made up of young people (14yrs +). Each group will explore what stories they need and want to tell and how those stories can be told to ensure they achieve their full potential when they meet their audiences in their communities and in Draíocht.

OUR PLACE, OUR STORIES, is about facilitating people in an exploration of themes that are relevant to them, to recognise their uniqueness, their shared experiences and to see their community in a way they wouldn’t have done before.

Further information: emer@draiocht.ie


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