Susan Buttner - Kitchen Studio

June 26, 2020

Artist Susan Buttner started her residency in early March 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, and continued to work from home. Susan returns to Draíocht's Artist Studio on 30th June and will stay until the end of the year. She writes for us about her experience of working from home. 


Susan Buttner - Working at my kitchen table:
Within the covid19 lockdown parameters, with no access to my studio, I began working from my kitchen, with my family and dog around, clothes dryng and meals being cooked. I began exploring materials, reseacrhing ideas that are playful, vulnerable and disquieting. Through sculpture and painting, I attempted to create a dialogue between the exposition of things to hand,  (square cut oak, metal stands, radiator, cloths line wire, drawer liner, foam, ankle tape, birch plywood, acrylic paint, rubber fabric, spray paint, polyurethane foam, cardboard, bristle head, metal ruler, fur) engaging exploratory, improvised methodology as the antithesis of convention, and social dogma, using experimental methods to provide an alternate language for discovering and articulating bodily experiences of the imposed lockdown of covid19. The video records the process, combining static elements, pointing to their potential metamorphosis through bodily sensorial experiences. 

This project was made with support from Arts Council Ireland.

I am delighted that one of the sculptures from this series ‘dialogues I sculpt, eventually static, this thing a sort of self’ (homeschooling) was one of the Highly-Commended recipients for the Inaugural Janet Mullarney Prize at Highlanes Gallery.


Susan Buttner
dialogues I sculpt, eventually static, this thing a sort of self
video, 2020


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