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October 3, 2018

Draíocht’s 47 Theatre Artists met their 30 Home Hosts for the first time on Monday 24th September, together with their 30 Ambassadors.
After spending time together here in Draíocht, then in the hosts' homes, in their lives, each theatre maker has written a piece of theatre inspired by their host.

Now we have our 30 New Plays!

On the 6th of October, these 30 brand new pieces of theatre, Written, Performed & Directed by professional theatre artists, inspired by 30 Dublin 15 Stories, will be performed simultaneously all across Dublin 15 in 30 Homes, 3 times each, on the one night ... 90 Performances to over 1000 people.

A selection of 24 of the plays then transfers to Draíocht’s Main Stage as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2018, 10-13 Oct (see below).

1.   Weave
For Mary O’Doherty by Robbie Blake
Performed by Robbie Blake
Directed by Louise Lowe

2.   This Mortal Coil
For Bernie Kennefick by Roisín Ingle
Performed by Lauren Larkin
Directed by Annabelle Comyn

3.   Wild Horses
For Michal Masar by Neil Watkins
Performed by Neil Watkins
Directed by Liam Halligan

4.   FOMO
For Alec McGinnell by Bryan Burroughs
Performed by Bryan Burroughs
Directed by Liam Halligan

5.   Samir
For Samir Oucherfi by Duke Special
Performed by Duke Special
Directed by Annabelle Comyn

6.   Meeting Meena
For Meena Purushothaman by Fiona McGeown
Performed by Fiona McGeown
Directed by Annabelle Comyn

7. The World According To Richard
For Richard Dixon by Sonya Kelly
Performed by Philip Judge  
Directed by Conall Morrison

8. Machine Learning
For Rucha Sohoni by Tom Swift
Performed by Emma Willis
Directed by Cathal Cleary

9. We’re a Long Way from Home
For Jean Grey by Louise Lewis
Performed by Louise Lewis  
Directed by Annabelle Comyn

10. The Good Woman
For Adaku Ezeudo by Nancy Harris
Performed by Amanda Azams
Directed by Conall Morrison

11. Caroline’s Wedding
For Rose Emmet by Elaine Murphy
Performed by Elaine Murphy
Directed by Cathal Cleary

12. Linnets & Phibbles
For Oscar Hogan by Little John Nee
Performed by Little John Nee
Directed by Claire O’Reilly

13. Number 14 e
For Farouq Raheem by Natalya O’Flaherty
Performed by Natalya O’Flaherty
Directed by Louise Lowe

14. One Fish, Two Fish, Bella Fish, Killian
For Bella Estie by Finbarr Doyle
Performed by Megan McDonnell
Directed by Claire O’Reilly

15. ‘Strangertown’
For Christy Muldoon by Paul Mercier
Performed by Eamonn Hunt
Directed by Conall Morrison

16. Grizzly
For Michelle O’Connor by John Morton
Performed by John Morton
Directed by Conall Morrison

17. PAT
For Pat Farrell by Shaun Dunne
Performed by Shaun Dunne & Pat Farrell
Directed by Claire O’Reilly

18. Sisters of Fortlawn Drive
For Sisters’ Mary & Anne by FeliSpeaks
Performed by Felicia Olusanya
Directed by Liam Halligan

19. The Ballad of Betty Bolger
For Betty Bolger by Marc MacLochlainn
Performed by Ruth Lehane
Directed by Louise Lowe

20. Hungry for the win
For Milica Stankovic by Eva O’Connor
Performed by Eva O’Connor
Directed by Cathal Cleary

21. 2 Squirrels
For Rachel Galvin by Sorcha Fox
Performed by Sorcha Fox
Directed by Cathal Cleary

22. We Are Humans First
For Jagan Muttumula by Gavin Kostick
Performed by Shadaan Felfeli
Directed by Conall Morrison

23. ‘It’ll never happen to me’
For Sarah Kehoe by Sharon Mannion
Performed by Sharon Mannion
Directed by Liam Halligan

24. An Audition
For James O’Higgins Norman by Fionn Foley
Performed by Fionn Foley
Directed by Liam Halligan

25. YES
For Maureen Penrose by Deirdre Kinahan
Performed by Mary O’Driscoll
Directed by Claire O’Reilly

26. Chance
For Zaida Fernandez by Clare Barrett
Performed by Clare Barrett
Directed by Louise Lowe

27. Yellow
For Mark O’Reilly by Jody O’Neill
Performed by Jody O’Neill
Directed by Louise Lowe

28. Make America Great Again
For Donagh Corby by Colin Murphy
Performed by Gavin Fullam
Directed by Cathal Cleary

29. To Us, From Us
For Natasha Estie by Jeda de Brí
Performed by Ali White
Directed by Claire O’Reilly

30. My Daughters, Our Mother
For Haleemat Inaoliji by Dylan Coburn Gray
Performed by Dylan Coburn Gray
Directed by Annabelle Comyn

Theatre Artists Include: 
Amanda Azams, Clare Barrett, Robbie Blake, Bryan Burroughs, Cathal Cleary, Annabelle Comyn, Dylan Coburn Gray, Jeda De Bri, Finbar Doyle, Shaun Dunne, Shadaan Felfeli, Fionn Foley, Sorcha Fox, Gavin Fullam, Liam Halligan, Nancy Harris, Eamonn Hunt, Roisin Ingle, Philip Judge, Sonya Kelly, Deirdre Kinahan, Gavin Kostick, Lauren Larkin, Ruth Lehane, Louise Lewis, Louise Lowe, Marc Mac Lochlainn, Sharon Mannion, Megan McDonnell, Fiona McGeown, Paul Mercier, Conall Morrison, John Morton, Colin Murphy, Elaine Murphy, Little John Nee, Eva O'Connor, Mary O'Driscoll, Natalya O'Flaherty, FeliSpeaks, Jody O'Neill, Claire O'Reilly, Duke Special, Tom Swift, Neil Watkins, Ali White, Emma Willis.

Artistic Director: Veronica Coburn
Video Projections: Kilian Waters
Sound Design & Composer: Sinead Diskin
Lighting Design: Mark Galione

A selection of 24 of the plays then transfers to Draíocht’s Main Stage as part of Dublin Theatre Festival 2018, 10-13 Oct.
Open for Booking through Box Office 01-8852622 or Online at the links below.

Wednesday Night 10 Oct 2018 8pm

Thursday Night 11 Oct 2018 8pm

Friday Night 12 Oct 2018 8pm

Saturday Night 13 Oct 2018 8pm

Talking Theatre:
Oct 11 & 12 post-show discussions with Veronica Coburn, Kerry Kyriacos Michael and participating artists.

Home Theatre (Ireland) plays are all 20 minutes duration.
Suitable for ages 13+. May contain strong language

Home Theatre (Ireland) is supported by an Arts Council Open Call Award. Additional funding has been provided by Creative Fingal, Fingal County Council’s Creative Ireland programme.
Based on an original idea by Marcus Vinicius Faustini (Brazil) & Kerry Kyriacos Michael (UK) .


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