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March 9, 2012



Here at d15 we're all a bit mad. We're all about theatre and we portray that as much as we can.

There's 23 of us here, ranging in ages 13 to 18. We all get on and we have become almost like a family.

At d15 you can be yourself, nobody judges you and you can let the worries of reality slip away. It acts as 
an escape for most members, a break from school work or annoying parents, we all know life can be a bit stressful every now and then, but no matter what mood I'm in I'm always looking forward to 7:00 Tuesdays!!

Last Tuesday we all received our scripts! We were all very exited because we have never worked with scripts before.

People grew very animated as we practiced our scripts using different techniques. The scripts range from popular girls 
to a nagging Italian housewife to dying ship-mates.

We are hoping to hold a showcase pretty soon, we need to keep in mind that some members have 
exams, so we will have to find a suitable time for it!

All stars have the ability to shine!



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