Family Day: Draíocht Rocks Part 4

Family Day: Draíocht Rocks Part 4

Rock Art with Genevieve Harden

Sat 26 Sep 2020 ONLINE 11AM

Join artist Genevieve Harden, from her Studio in Greystones (on Draíocht’s Facebook & YouTube Channels at 11am), for Part 4 of this fun and interactive project, with another rock decorating workshop, as part of our Draíocht Rocks Project. Collect some large smooth stones or rocks from your garden, the park or the beach and give them a wash before decorating with Gen, using a variety of techniques.

These activities are suitable for children aged 5-10 years, though older and younger siblings are welcome to give it a try too.
Share your finished Draíocht Rocks images with us by emailing a picture to or share on social media with the hashtag #DraiochtRocks
Or why not place your finished Draíocht Rocks back in nature for others to find and enjoy!

MORE Draíocht Rocks

Making Art Printing - Virtual Tour for Families

Making Art Printing - Virtual Tour for Families

With Artist Bridget Flannery

Mon 12 Oct - Sat 16 Jan 2021


Now you can virtually step through our gallery, doors with our specially created child centred tour video of the exhibition MAKing Art: PRINTing.

Artist Bridget Flannery will walk us through the gallery, telling us the stories of how prints are made and helping us to explore this beautiful exhibition. Make sure to download the accompanying worksheet (coming soon), created by cartoonist Alan Nolan, helping you to further explore and enjoy the gallery from your own home, in your own time. It's full of tips, questions and ideas on how to talk about the works with your children in a fun and easy way.

Create Dance Project - Winter 2020

Create Dance Project - Winter 2020

OCT-DEC 2020

Sat 17 Oct - Sat 5 Dec 2020

After spending much of this year’s project in a virtual space, we are looking forward to returning to move and dance together, while also being apart! Create Dance is a fun, innovative dance project, where the dancers love to dance and move and also have an intellectual disability. Dancers and facilitators, Mark Rogers & Conor Donelan, work together with participants and their parents to explore dance and free movement, ending each workshop with the all-important solo dance.

Over the Autumn some of our dancers will begin to work with our 2020 Dance Artist in Residence Jess Rowell on a new piece of choreography. Create Dance will also be collaborating with Lámh  Signs Ireland to create another very special piece of choreography to showcase in early 2021. Due to government restrictions we are currently not accepting new dancers, however if you have a child with a love for dance and an intellectual disability please do get in touch and we can add you to our list for future workshops.

Please get in touch with Paula, / ph 01 8098029.
During term time, workshops are on Saturdays: Juniors (Age 6-12 yrs) 12.15PM-1.15PM and Seniors (Age 13-17 yrs) 1.30PM-2.30PM. Pre booking for this project is essential.

If you are interested in dance, check out some of Conors FREE dance videos and downloadable worksheets that you can try at home.

  • Create Dance Project - Spring 2020 video
Family Day: Magic Mono Print

Family Day: Magic Mono Print

With Margot Galvin

Sat 17 Oct 2020 11am / 12pm / 1pm / 2pm Draíocht Galleries & Workshop Room // FREE

Printing is a kind of magic. Come along with your family and hear about our current printing exhibition, how printing works and what techniques printers use. Meet the artist Margot Galvin, see and hear about her work, and with the help of our artists experience the instant cause and effect of printing. By using colours, inks, lines and shapes, create a small print to feel this messy magic yourself!

Book Now: 01-8852622


Sessions are free, last for 45 minutes each, and space is very limited.
In line with Government restrictions, a max of 3 family pods may participate per gallery session.

Dress for Mess! Unless otherwise stated workshops are designed for children from 5-10 years, though younger and older siblings are welcome to take part.
Please be aware that Draíocht’s Family Days are not designed for groups/ All children must be accompanied by an adult… and all adults must be accompanied by a child! 

In the interest of public safety, we will engage in social distancing and current Covid 19 guidelines measures will apply. Please follow mask wearing and hand washing guidance at all times. 

Please read our Current Visitor Guidelines HERE

The Happy Prince & The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince & The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

Bewley’s Café Theatre & The Wilde Garden Adventure

Sat 17 Oct 2020 12 NOON & 3PM / Age 5+ / Dur: 50 mins Main Auditorium // €7 / €5 conc

The Happy Prince is perhaps the best loved and most enduringly popular of all Oscar Wilde’s stories. It is the bittersweet tale of a gregarious swallow who befriends a melancholy statue while en route to Egypt. The bird helps the Prince to alleviate the suffering of his poor citizens and in doing so learns profound truths about the nature of love and suffering. This masterful piece of storytelling by Michael James Ford is accompanied by a haunting new score by Philip Dodd.

The Happy Prince is paired with a new production of The Selfish Giant, Wilde’s delightful exploration of selfishness, love and redemption. Michael James Ford co-stars with well-known actress Bairbre Ní Chaoimh, along with three enchanting puppet children, created by Martin Cahill.

This family double-bill will start with The Selfish Giant (15 mins), followed by The Happy Prince (35 mins).
Please read our Current Visitor Guidelines HERE.


"Bittersweet and delightfully witty ... Michael James Ford has an enchanting style of storytelling that leaves the audience hanging on his every word." Sunday Tribune

"Michael James Ford is mesmerising as he carries us through Wilde’s perfect mixture of magic, exoticism, mundane reality and insensitive, shortsighted pragmatism and vanity. " Irish Examiner

Midterm Workshop: Trick or Treat Monster Bags

Midterm Workshop: Trick or Treat Monster Bags

Screen Printing Workshop with Neil Dunne

Tue 27 Oct 2020 Draíocht Galleries & Workshop Room // €10

WORKSHOP 2: 12:45PM-1:45PM

Join artist Neil Dunne for this screen printing workshop that shows you the magic of print by helping you to design, create and print a hideously scary trick or treat bag that you can fill up with treats! Cotton bags & all materials will be provided.

This workshop is suitable for children aged 8-10 years.
A max of 6 places are available on each workshop.
In the interest of public safety, we will engage in social distancing and current Covid 19 guidelines measures will apply. Please follow mask wearing and hand washing guidance at all times.
Should the workshop be cancelled for reasons related to Covid19 restrictions, a full refund will be offered. Should you feel ill a full refund will be offered.  

Please read our Current Visitor Guidelines HERE

Book Now: 01-8852622

  • Midterm Workshop: Trick or Treat Monster Bags video
Y/Our Walls: An Art Sharing Project For Families And Schools

Y/Our Walls: An Art Sharing Project For Families And Schools

NOV - DEC 2020

Mon 2 Nov - Fri 18 Dec 2020

If you cannot come to visit Draíocht's Galleries, then we would like to bring our Galleries into your home or school instead! 

Art is one of our most meaningful forms of expression and we feel it's important that children experience a wide range of original art images and objects where and whenever possible. We want to make that possible with this art sharing project for families and schools in Dublin 15. We are offering your school or home, the opportunity to display some art work by a range of established artists with a range of arts practices, from photography, illustration and print; from artists Sharon Murphy, Des Kenny and Garvan Gallagher and others, to share and enjoy with your pupils, teachers & families.

A work of art can be a wonderful stimulus in the classroom or home, and is a natural starting point for children to observe closely, think critically and share their thoughts and reactions through their own words. 
If you are interested in hearing more, please contact with a contact name and number. 

This project is FREE and is open to a very limited number of families & schools in Dublin 15 only.
All families & schools will need to sign a lending contract.
All participants will be supported by Draíocht with an integrated project.
A refundable deposit of €50 will be required at the beginning of the project. This refundable deposit can be waived if cost is an issue and will be considered on a case by case basis.