Draíocht’s Artist in Your Classroom Initiative

Draíocht’s Artist in Your Classroom Initiative

Workshops In Your Classroom With Draíocht’s Artists

Mon 7 Jan - Fri 29 Mar 2019

This programme aims to provide a range of high-quality arts experiences for pupils and teachers, at Primary level, in their own classroom, using Draíocht’s professional artists. Your school can choose from the range of specially selected and purposefully created school workshops below. Workshops are tailored to your class’s age and abilities and artists will work with two separate classes each day.

Bringing The Stage Into Your Classroom
Age Range: Adaptable To All Age Ranges
Duration: Junior/Senior Inf: 4 Class Group Workshops of 45 mins
2nd Class Upwards: 2 Class Group Workshops of 1.5hrs
Artist: Eimear Morrissey
Using a theme of your choice as a starting point, Eimear Morrissey introduces pupils to the wonderful world of theatre through imaginative storytelling and fun collective group games. The workshop will explore different ways of engaging the imagination, of thinking creatively, seeing, listening, new ways of communicating and expression, as well as building confidence. Pupils will work together towards a common goal of creating a short improvised performance piece, giving them the opportunity to experience the creation of something from nothing.

Bringing Dance Into Your Classroom
Age Range: Infants to 1st class
Duration: 3 different class group workshops of 45 mins each
Artist: Mariam Ribon of Dublin Youth Dance Company
This Leaps & No Bounds workshop introduces your pupils to dance and movement in an imaginative and creative way. Pupils will learn to have fun responding to music, to enjoy swinging their arms, bobbing their head and expressing themselves through the freedom of movement and dance. The workshop focuses on kinaesthetic learning and uses movement as a method of reinforcing reading readiness, math, geography and science.

Bringing Print Into Your Classroom
Age Range: 3rd-6th Class
Duration: 2 Class Group Workshops Of 2 Hours
Artist: Deirdre O’Reilly
Deirdre will introduce your pupils to a number of different print making techniques, before they work together to plan, create and produce a series of limited edition original prints. Print making allows pupils to explore the endless possibilities of shape and colour, line and pattern and  offers opportunities to create individual and collaborative works of art. All materials will be provided. A must-do cross curricular creative workshop for your class.

Bringing Music and Song Into Your Classroom
Age Range: Adaptable to all age ranges
Duration:  3 Class Group Workshops of 60 mins each
Artist: Dónal Kearney
This music & singing workshop introduces pupils of all ages to the potential of making music with their own voice. The workshop focuses on building listening skills, encouraging creative play, and creating music using the voice and the instruments available in each school. Based on years of research in music education and practical choral training, Donal and his team at Fingal Academy of Music believe in the power of music engagement to transform lives.

Workshop Notes & Bookings:
Workshops can take place from 07 Jan - 29 Apr 2019 on a date of your choosing. Closing date for Bookings is 28 February 2019 through Draíocht’s Box Office tel: 01-8852622. The programme is offered on a first come first served basis and is restricted to schools within the Dublin 15 area. Cost per day €120. All materials are provided. Schools are welcome to make multiple bookings, subject to artist availability, but due to budgetary constraints, the above subsidised workshop rate is limited to two days per school.
For further details please contact Sarah on 01-809 8029 or email sarah@draiocht.ie

Explore More - Tours for Primary Classes

Explore More - Tours for Primary Classes

JAN – MAR 2019

Mon 7 Jan - Fri 29 Mar 2019 // FREE

Visit Draíocht’s two exhibitions this Season. From Jan-Feb Michael McLoughlin's Mulhuddart Satellite and from March onwards MAKing ART PAINTing. These tours will encourage pupils to examine and voice their opinion about the artist and their work and explore the rest of the building, including Draíocht’s two theatre spaces, backstage and dressing rooms.

Please get in touch with sarah@draiocht.ie. Tours will take approx 50mins, are free, but are subject to availability. Max 30 pupils with accompanying teacher.  

Focus On Workshops ... Visual Notebooks

Focus On Workshops ... Visual Notebooks

March 2019 / For Primary & Secondary Schools

Mon 25 - Thu 28 Mar 2019 Draiocht Workshop Room // Cost: €45 Per Class

This series of Focus On Workshops incorporates elements of the school curriculum. The emphasis will be on seeing and responding to art, with a focus on visual notebooks and sketchbooks, a core part of art practice. Artists use visual notebooks to remember things they have seen, heard or read, to tease out how they might make their work, to remind themselves of future or past projects, to play with ideas, textures and colours. During these workshops, pupils will get the opportunity to work alongside artists Bridget Flannery and Liz Rackard, both exhibiting artists this season in the exhibition Making Art: Painting.


MON 25 & THU 28 MAR Draíocht Workshop Room
10AM-11.30AM or 12.15PM-1.45PM
Age Range: 5th & 6th Class Pupils
Cost: €45 Per Class 
After a facilitated exploration of the exhibition MAKing Art: Painting, artist Liz Rackard will lead a workshop introducing creative journaling. Using a number of different techniques and a range of arts supplies, pupils begin with a blank book. Each pupil will leave with the beginnings of their visual journal in which they can continue to work on at home or school. Visual journaling emphasises not only thoughts and ideas, but colours, shapes, lines and textures.


TUE 26 & WED 27 MAR  Draíocht Workshop Room
Age Range: Junior Cert, TY And Leaving Cert Students
Cost: €45 Per Class 
Beginning with a facilitated tour of the exhibition MAKing Art: Painting, painter Bridget Flannery will introduce pupils to her range of visual notebooks and explore with pupils how these inform her work. Her visual notebooks are filled with colour samples, notes on her reading and listening, images that intrigue, alongside collages and drawings which help bring her painting projects to conclusions. This workshop aims to help students develop and experiment with ideas in making their art work. Each student will receive a blank notebook and will make it their own, filling it with images, words, lyrics, drawings and collages that reflect and echo their personal imagination.

Workshop Notes:
Limited to 1 class per school but other classes are welcome to be part of a waiting list. Cost per class €45. Please get in touch with Sarah Beirne (01) 8098029 if cost is an issue for your school. Max of 30 pupils per class.